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George Adams

I kept the driver face straight and then setup with radius and Ulna I get a perfect power fade. This is exciting for me because I had a hard time fading with any control

Shawn Clement

Thats exciting George! Power fades are great “bread and butter” shots and are the backbone of scoring!

Mark Cohn

This video and “Lead Hand Release” video are gold! Do you recommend trying both lead hand and trail hand release analogies and then using one or the other, or do you recommend ultimately trying to blend both together? Is there any advantage to blending the two in terms of distance or ball contact? Or is it better to just find the one, lead or trail, that resonates the best with the individual as either will lead to a good result?


Ps. Stay low and flatten the curve!

Shawn, This was an awesome video lesson for me! I took this lesson to the range and ball flight was straight with improved distance however I noticed that I am kinda hitting more down on the ball and not really slicing thru the dandelion stem. I have heard it said one should hit down on the ball so now wondering if this is ok or should I now try to focus more on cutting the stem next time on the range? BTW: Since taking your class in Tampa this January 2020 where you changed me to a strong carpenter grip and coupling that with your on-line lessons I feel that I am finally making very good progress. Thanks! “Steve the Carpenter”.

Sandy Chan

Hi Shawn,

Thanks for the video! How do you avoid the hands being ‘flippy’ through impact?
Maybe it’s my “make-sure-i-hit-ball-square” mindset doing the processing – but if I release it that much – won’t it be prone to timing issues?


andy vasily

Hey Shawn, thanks for recommending these videos. One thing that struck me was when you held the club straight out at the camera and it looked like the face was shut (7min 27 sec point). You then set it down behind the ball and got your shoulders and arms into a loaded position which then squared the face (looked like your right shoulder dropped lower than left). Are your shoulders slightly closed in this position which then promotes your natural draw. I just worked on the same thing in the house (didn’t hit any balls of course being in the house!) but it did feel like a very solid set up but my shoulders felt quite closed. However, it felt pretty solid. What are your thoughts?

Sandy Chan

Hi Shawn,

Thanks for the video! How do you avoid being ‘flippy’ through impact?


Shawn your videos are great — so clear and so helpful! I found this one terrific but I was confused about the section about the closed face. Do you really close the face that much as you take your grip? Sorry if this is obvious to others. Thanks for wonderful teaching! Chrid

There was another video where you showed the proper trail hand release. You were swinging the club one handed to show the proper release with the trail side arm. Can’t find that video. It showed me how much power I have taken out of my swing from being told I needed to be lead side dominant. I want to see it again to get that right trail hand snap. Thank you

Hi Shawn, just wanted to leave a comment about how happy my son was today. So he just finished his jr golf tournaments for the summer. This year he had to start from the ladies tees and play 9 holes . He started out in the 60s. I’ve given him some tips I’ve learned from watching Alex Fortey and he dropped to the low 50s. Today he played your setup , braced , club closed and tilted.
We played 9 holes and he shot a 47. I can’t tell you how happy he was watching his strokes drop. Thanks for all you do!

Asad Ali

Dear Shawn, I get a little confused while swinging. Should I focus on the task (cutting grass or going through the door frame) or being a witness to the club releasing me? When I focus on either, the other thing slips away. Is there a trick to solving this problem? Thanks

Asad Ali

Dear Shawn, someone advised that on my back swing, my lead knee should not rotate in beyond the ball. It should basically stay straight or at max turn upto the ball. This helps me some with contact, but wanted to check with you of that is something I should be thinking about.

Tyrone Williams

Thanks for sharing your wisdom! Does the face of the hammer represent the face of the club or the sole?

Tyrone Williams

…or leading edge?

Asad Ali

Shawn, does the same principle of swing apply to the driver and hybrids? I have benefitted from the concept of ‘being a witness to the club releasing me’ in my irons. It makes the swing automatic and I am able to engage my unconscious mind. Great video.

Really enjoying the various concepts… getting me on track. I notice however my follow thru is still inclined to move left and around, not so much up as Shawn exhibits. Might this be the tendency to use body first rather than free swinging arm “unit”.

Rob Scrivener

Shawn – you are without peer… you just cured my slice!!!

As I have started to address the ball I have steadfastly tired to keep the club face pointing at the target at address as I adopt my stance… and was wondering why I was slicing.

You really do ROCK!!!! Thanks mate.

Regards Rob

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