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Shawn Clement, one of the top 20 youtube teachers and the only one recognized for teaching without body part or positions, drives the ball over 300 yards both right-handed and left-handed and breaks par from either side, and is also the only one who ever qualified and played world-ranked events with 1/2 left and 1/2 right-handed clubs in the same bag! He is the ultimate expert on golf instruction!

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Eckhart Diestel

Hi Shawn,
as I never held a Canadian grass cutter in my hands, my club does not seem to have a “cutting” sole. For now, I am scraping wood. Allow me to say: It is amazing how much joy you bring to people.

When you throw the club “at the left edge of the wet paint sign” your club head on its trajectory hits that spot. When you do the throw with a ball in the way, the ball on its trajectory hits that same spot – even though I would expect it to hit the net higher due to the loft of the club face.
Do you feel a difference in the “throw”, without ball versus with ball ?
I.o.w., do you feel to “throw” on a lower trajectory in the second scenario with ball ?

Best regards

Hi Shawn, would you say the hammer represent short irons swing with the more up and down?
If so, is there another tool to use for practicing the driver swing that is more flat?

Shawn Clement

See the “throwing series” which is perfect for all length of clubs! 😀👍

hi Shawn, the arms in my backswing have never gone further than the point where you throw your club in this clip. Maybe i m too stiff or something else. I can make it further , with the arms parallel to the target line but then i have to bow my arms , it feels uncomfortable so my question is if it is important to get this position at the top . I m 62 years old , but still eager to learn the things that are important. Second question: What is the advantage of this position. Note: I finish my backswing concerning the turn, as you always keep on telling . Thx. Ernst

Shawn Clement

Hi Ernst! The key to the backswing is to have enough to be able to WHIP EASILY through the ball and towards the target! See the latest off season training and I believe it is in the # 4 or 5 where we do backswing focus where we do VERY SLOW-VERY RELEAXED-VERY BIG TURN-VERY WIDE ARMS and stop at the top. Then ask yourself, will it be easy to throw the club to the target with a whipping action from there?

Garrett Owoc

Hey Shawn! Just joined your premium site after following your YouTube for a while. I struggle with an upper body dominant swing that is generally more ‘at’ the ball than ‘through’ it. Your concepts of throwing the club, momentum towards target, etc make a ton of sense conceptually, but I’m having some mental difficulty getting my body to trust it and still not go right at the ball. My practice swings usually look different (ie better) than with a ball. Do you have any suggestions or drills for helping make this connection? Thanks!

Shawn Clement

Hey Garrett! Yes, please get to the “throwing the club” video and the “throwing series”-then you go to “predict contact” and “the goldie-locks series” and this will open things up for you.
to get deeper into it, see “pre-motor cortex series” and “target confirmation series” and then jump into our first “off season training series”
This will get you to the next level big time; then get back to me with any questions or concerns! 👍😀

Garrett Owoc

Thanks Shawn, appreciate the quick reply. I’ll give these a watch!

Hi Shawn,

I use to do a «throwing the club» session before doing a practice session as a warming up.
I have a question about what the trajectory : when I throw it, it doesn’t go up to the target on a curve. The release of the club is in direction of the target, but downwards, so that it gets to the ground at about 5 to 10 meters from me. I wonder if it could show that there is something that I’m not doing the right way. Maybe not focusing enough to the target ?
Another question : if the throwing of the club is naturally a bit on the left could it be related to a natural fade ball flight ?


When I throw the club, I feel like I am continuing ‘around the circle’ with the handle, pass the ball and up. Sort of like your battering ram drill, but the motion continues up in order to get release towards the throwing target. Does that make sense? It’s slightly different than the scraping the ground hockey motion, so I’m a bit confused.

Shawn, thanks for the great videos. I was trying the throwing the club drill for the first time and found myself stepping through the throw with my right leg (I am right handed) . I think it was Gary Player who did this as a pro. Is this something you would recommend?

Hi Shawn,

When Throwing a club with a low trajectory, say waist high, I can do it flawlessly. I can vary the velocity, change the target, throw to the right for a draw, and in general release it consistently. When I I try to throw the club on a higher trajectory, say over 8-10 ft, I throw it wayyy too high and severely to the left (I’m right-handed)…I feel like I am target focused, but the other day, I threw a club up into a tree and got it stuck! (I can only imagine the look on the tree trimmers face when they get up there) Any advice on a likely culprit would be awesome!

Thank you in advance!

When when you throw the club do you feel more emphasis on the front foot like best downswing weight shift and how do you mesh ” throwing ” with the feeling of heavy momentum

Thanks Shawn! Yes I do believe I have a solid intermediate point, but I must say it is the thing that becomes the most elusive for me when my game begins to struggle. I have a hard time keeping focus and even picking an intermediate point sometimes. that being said, I think it’s likely strain level because I am thinking a bit more about the higher trajectory than I do about the waist high. I would say that’s probably exactly why pull a fair amount of shots too…gotta ingrain to RIBS it!

Thank you as always! This unstoppable momentum terminology has really locked it in for me recently, so keep it up!


Shawn – really been working on this drill this Summer. I’ve noticed when I flip release (right hand under left), the club goes left of target – looks hooked. When I feel like I’m pushing the right hand for a better release (right hand over left hand), club goes to target. I also end at a better finish with both hands.

“Throwing the club “is definitely the best for me at antimanipulation.Today I hit 70 out of 75 balls without manipulation using this analogy.Definitely a light bulb 💡 moment for me .Stopped me from any thoughts of body parts.Walked away from the driving range feeling like I hadn’t used any energy as it was also totally stress free. Thanks

Hi Shawn, Can I just say, a massive thank you to you and Savannah. Everything finally clicked into place to and it’s all down to your fantastic content and your amazing teaching ability. I saw a video of you and your daughter and she said she preferred the feeling of throwing a frisbee, well I used that today and who’d have known that I was a lead hand dominant player. Massive strike and direction improvement. So thank you again, and please pass on my gratitude to Savannah.

Matt from Plymouth in the UK

Shawn irons are great. Fairway woods and driver fifty percent great. When the big hook comes it feels like my fight hand is is doing a fast release at the ball but that my club arm unit is still going to the target. The ball goes straight out and then exits stage left. I believe because they are woods I am trying too hard sometimes. Is there something I can concentrate on in the task to slow the swing and delay the release?

Thanks Shawn. I have avoided the fade swing since your teachings fixed my swing. For thirty years I was an expert fader, I mean slicer. I never wanted to go back to that, so I have been hesitant to try or work on a fade. Even in a right to left wind I will setup for a draw if I have enough room. I will try to add it to the next practice session.

Jeff Keener

Shawn, I came across this video today. It is highly representative of your teachings…just a different approach. I’d be interested to hear your comments on it (about the instructor and his methods, not necessarily about the author of the video per se).

Thanks as always!

Jeff Keener

Oops, here’s the link!

Jeff Keener

Thanks Shawn!

Hi Shawn
I love your tempo and your ease. It’s a great example for me !
But I’m embarrassed with the head club. When you throwing the club, we can see, in slow motion, that the head club is 15cm upward the ground and I cannot understand that without manipulating.

Thomas Parisi


Good morning.

I am having some difficulty with the driver. The trajectory is too high. However, I am NOT crowning the ball just going too high. I use a 10 degree loft driver and my distance is still about 230-240 even with the high trajectory. I am making solid contact too. I have not taken a video of my swing to submit, which I plan on doing next week. Until then do you have any suggestions – I have watched the Driver series a few times but still in need of your expertise for sure.

Thanks in advance,


Thomas Parisi

BTW – it is a 10.5 degree driver – not adjustable – it is an old Cobra. My wife my not like the fitting suggestion but you need to do what you need to do 🙂 – you cant believe how you have transformed my game. Playing only for 2 years and since seeing your first video – “Throwing the clubs” which I found by accident looking at comical videos about on course temper tantrums. In that time my 56 degree went from my 50 yard club to my 100 yard club, my 7 iron is now at almost 160 yards and my 3 hybrid is a solid 175-180! It appears that I have a natural fade and now with the infamous “intermediate point” I am practicing how to use it effectively!

Cant thank you enough!!!

Philip Johnson

When lining up your target in the distance through your intermediate point do you find it easier/more accurate to focus on throwing over the right edge of the intermediate point (for a draw) or the target in the distance (let’s say a tree that’s behind the middle of the green drawing it back to a left pin ). I ask because of our faulty side vision and curious if that effects our ability of throwing accurately when we set up for a shot focused out in the distance .



I’m struggling between the analogies of the football throw and pin the ball against the door frame when it comes to anti-manipulation. How are these two drills accomplished without a form of manipulation.

Thanks in advance,


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