Garage Door Drill

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Shawn, I have been trying to eliminate my “too inside takeaway” but in trying to correct it I always felt like the club felt too heavy and I would have to sway to get it to go in the right direction (because the opposite of being too inside was making me push the entire unit away from me). I stumbled upon this video and saw a picture that gives me hope to make the correct backswing move where the club head remains outside the hands. It is the view where the camera is pointing straight at your garage door while you are halfway back but almost fully turned in the backswing. It never occurred to me that while you talk about this being a wide take away it is much closer to your body and more inside the target line than I had ever pictured it. Is the key just to stay on the inside of the trail foot as you toss and turn back?

Shawn Clement

Correct! You should be able to perform this feet together! See “hammer drill” “lead hand release” (the backswing portion of it) then see “how to match backswing to ball direction” “feet together back to feet apart” “uphill shot” and “perpetual motion drill series”

So this video has been my self-imposed focus, especially on the downswing…. smash the windows on the garage door. It really me to use the kinetic chain and not engaging the ACU too soon. Works great for my irons and fairway woods. However, in today’s round this same thought with driver is causing me to clip the ground before hitting the ball. Could I possibly be overcooking the garage door thing. Maybe just slightly crack the windows? Shrug. Thoughts?

Thanks, Shawn. That hammer throw is helpful. Then, I read through the comments where someone had a similar issue, and you suggested the ball above the feet video. So it would seem that there an adjustment to the downswing based the club…. as you demonstrated with the long hitting stick. So, is fair to picture the swinging to the target as a straight line (actually arc) from three points…. top of the wing, tip of the tee, target? Spending time with Goldilocks as my downswing may be driving in a plane is closer to my irons, which would steeper.

This drill/video has really put it all together for me. Love this…. I have been overthinking everything. But now…. 2 thoughts…. backswing to the top…. downswing…. slam the garage door and break the windows…. to the target. Thanks for this great analogy.


This is genius…That is all

Shawn, I like this video, especially the pulling down of the door. Also, “letting the club release you to the target”. All sounds good, but for someone who had forever, ‘manipulated the club in the downswing, it is not so easy! Do the arms in the downswing truly ‘just fall” due to gravity? I am having difficulty in not tensing up to initiate the downswing, which ends up manipulating the club and I have a tendency to pull the ball to the left.

I know that you are to allow the arms to swing freely, I get that, but how is the best way to not feel like you need to tense up and force the arms down? When I reach to pull the garage door down, I naturally tense up to initiate that action. One of your videos on YouTube showed you thrusting the club up and when it hit its peak, it was like you paused and then let the arms fall freely, like assisting a child on a swing set and you pushed them at that point. I understand all of that, but what can I do to stop this tension in the transition and release to the target?

One last tip that you shared, I am anxious to try was the focus on the grass between the sole of the club and the ball during the back swing and then cut the dandelion stem. Hoping that by changing my focus on that may release this tension in the transition. Any comment would be helpful.

Hi Shawn. Should i keep a flat wrist throughout the backswing? Seems to restrict my wrist cock but it’s flat at the top. Thanks. Ralph G

Thanks. What about the weighted club idea?

Hi Shawn. I saw your video on youtube about lifting the right heal after hitting the ball. Could lifting it before, be causing me to shank?

Also is practicing with a weighted club a good idea?

Thanks. Ralph G.

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