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Should the lead elbow bend at top of backswing or should we try to keep it as straight as possible?


As always, you know I’m a fan of your stuff but I have noticed something about grip pressure versus wrist hinge and I am not sure I’ve ever heard you bring this up. I use a strong grip as you know and I hold the club firm. So during practice swings my firm grip is fine, feels good, all synced up. ACU on plane, everything moving but………..

When I move in to the ball, with my brain target oriented, inter point picked, ect,. I believe in my mind I’m gripping the club with the same firmness but I have found I’m over doing it. When I over do the pressure, it!basically tenses all muscles from triceps, biceps, forearms and hand. The tris/bi’s I don’t mind but the forearm down cause a major malfunction. Too much grip pressure will lock your wrists up. It will lead to an improper hinge on the way back which obviously is going to ruin the shot.

This is something I am assuming. If you grip the club too firm, you lock your wrists down due to tensing the muscles that run though that area and although they may hinge it is far from in sync and fluid and a full hinge.

So the questions are:

Does too firm bind the wrist hinge?

If it doesn could you address it in a video or point me to a video?

Seems if you don’t have a video on that exact topic and it is a real malfunction, many many many will benefit from the explanation.

I love Hogan’s ACU when it comes to the arms. Forearms and forward side of the elbow facing the sky (elbows pointing at hips), doing this with a strong grip is easy considering I literally rotate the face square at address and this puts my arms in the Hogan recommended position. To me it takes any slack out of the AÇÚ and allows for an opportunity to limit a flaw.

Bravo! The empirical information you are broadcasting out is so enlightening to us duffers chasing the correct way to swing a golf club. -Dave

I literally just signed up for the premium channel trying to figure out where to begin. I’ve just started playing golf again (haven’t played since I was 20; am 30 now) and noticed soreness in my lead hand (left; right handed clubs). I think I might have the same trouble as Ray with loosening of the grip, causing injury, and further having me skull/top my irons to prevent said soreness/injury.

With that being said, within the first 30 minutes of being a premium member, I already can appreciate these golf lesson videos because I can definitely see myself in your students’ shoes!


Great lesson, I could tell his backswing was longer when he hit the ball than it was during his smooth practice swing. I tend to do the same thing and never thought about grip pressure keeping me from over-doing my backswing

Grip Pressure was too tight enough and the club move tend to get loose at the top of the backswing. I have worked on the left hand only swing feeling the natural hinge at the top and finish

Was not tight enough is was I meant to say. There is not an edit button 🙂

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