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Thomas Kihr

Before upgrading to premium i have to tell you, that this video (even i‘ve not finished the whole video) is the one where it made click in my head! Especially the drill with the heavy rope showed me and made me understand that you have to handle arms and club as if they were really really heavy, and all over sudden i got loaded, i felt that there is energy in my arms, legs and body and that it enables me to throw the club i direction to the target without even thinking about the ball!

There’s so many good nuggets here Shawn. The beginning part about clearing the body so the arms don’t fold when chipping has been so helpful for my chipping and my full swing. I also have the problem of feeling the weight of the ACU and using my legs to clear and start the backswing when at address.

Great Video Shawn. This was probably one of the most helpful so far. (as I work my way up the list) Was amazing to see the difference between swings when Venky would concentrate on “throwing” the club vs “hitting” the ball. The bunker lesson was good also. What degree wedge are you using for bunkers, does it matter? I know you mentioned the grind and the bounce. Would you use different degrees at any times or same wedge? Even the flop shot, same or different for distance, or just use more momentum. I have been using my sand wedge (54) for all, taking different backswing lengths or opening the face more. Your swing seems much easier, lot less thinking. 🙂 Let gravity do the work. Throw the sand for bunkers, what about chip shots, what are your thoughts, Goldilocks, or could you think, cut and throw the dandelion to target?

Hi Shawn. I’ve been using your methods to increasingly greater success striking irons but have struggled undoing my “old” way of thinking with regard to woods, especially driver. My rhythm and backswing felt off and I would often misfit or lack power. After visualizing the rope drill you did with Venky my driver swing suddenly feels freed up, with tons more power and ease. I can now release to the target and I’m pounding it! Thanks

I am interested in October in San Antonio and or Dallas, can I get some more specific information if there is still availability. I am in Toledo, Ohio and would have to arrange flights

I am new to the sight, have been using rotary swing, top speed golf and my local golftec, too many positions and thoughts. This makes so much more sense. I love the feel of the the heavy rope drill. So times, however, I find myself lowering in the backswing which makes stepping in the forward swing difficult. I would appreciate your insight. I would also like to know how to send you video and if there are any 3 day or weekend clinics I could attend or how you schedule lessons

This was well worth the viewing. I saw myself so much in Venky! Trying to hit the ball. Which drill should be used to get the handle to go before the club hits the ball? One of my biggest issues!

Philip Johnson

If we video taped ourselves throwing the club then throwing to a target above the ball then throwing to a target while the golf ball is in the way should the all look the same on video ?

Philip Johnson

Should have been a little bit more specific but should the backswing and wrist hinge look the same .

One of my favorite videos! Where can I get a hat like yours Shawn?

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