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Hi Mr. Clement,

I enjoyed watching this lesson with Hal. I have found this very helpful. This past summer I found myself manipulating the club and found that I top shots and my shots go more to the right. I live in Minnesota and have access to indoor golf domes to practice. I have noticed in the last couple of weeks that the spray pattern has narrowed since I have focused on your teaching methods. Also, I have been practicing with my irons and find I have better outcome with the short irons than the long irons and just wondering if this is typical for a high handicap player like myself. I have been practicing throwing the club (not actually throwing it in the dome) to get the feel of having my energy be on the other side of the ball. Also have been working on feet together drill and one foot drill which has been helpful. Should a person focus on a couple of drills first and feeling really comfortable before moving on to additional drills? Thanks, Pat Baker

G’day Shawn. New to Premium and I really appreciate your practical straight forward instruction helping amateurs to improve their golf. Everything is making sense, in most cases, however I would like some clarification on one point. I’m a lefty and have the over the top swing. I’ve watched heaps of YT vids on how to fix, change, manipulate etc this condition. I find those proposed changes end up causing me physical problems (back, shoulders in particular). I noticed from this video that the “blur” you refer to when planning to cut the stem also considered the path the swing should take to the intermediate point in preparing to throw the club. So my brain is now telling me all I need to do is configure this “blur” in the direction I want to throw the club in order to rectify the over the top condition I have. Hope that all makes sense.

Will this help me get rid of my slice, particularly with longer clubs or is their something else I can work on to have either a neutral or slightly in to out swing. Cheers mate.

I appreciate very much to see this lesson. You mentioned a lot of mistakes I do myself. A question to the setup of Mr. Hall: It seems to me that he has very little body-tilt to the right and his head is perpendicular to the ground and not turned 15 degrees to the right and 15 degrees to the ground as you advocate it. Didn’t you correct it because it is not so important as the other points are.

Thank you very much

Andrea Mohr, Switzerland

Randy Mahony

I love watching these lessons. Nobody breaks down the intricate details like you. I was hitting a little heavy, I watched the lesson and realize I wasn’t throwing enough now all is well, until the next thing, ha ha ha. Winter rust. Good to know you’re there.

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