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James Keefe

Hello Shawn,
I am wondering what I should be seeing with the club face at address, Inwas always taught to have the club face square . Sometimes your club face looks open to the intended path and sometimes it looks closed, it also seems square at times…not sure if it’s the camera angle or you setting up differently with the club face at address to perform a fade or a draw….
New to the sight and love the content and instructions….I only wish I found you a bout 3 years ago! Unstoppable momentum is the best thing I’ve seen on any site!

Shawn Clement

Hi James! So glad you are enjoying the content! The camera and the point of view from face on is very different from what you see when standing over the ball. What you want to do is gage that dynamically with the “Predict contact” video and “the goldie locks series” as well as the “fade fine tuning” and draw fine tuning” videos!

Marcus Junevicus

Hi Shawn , when you take a practice swing above the ball to see the blur of the club how do you lower the stance to the right height. Do you bend over from the hips or do you bend the knees to lower the body? Thanks for any advice.

hi shawn, although i know i have to throw or butt catapult with my legs and hips I regularly keep on doing this also with my arms, with bad results. Is there a drill or a method to keep the arm club unit passive when i am at the top of the backswing.? thx ,ernst

Shawn Clement

Hi Ernst! Yes! Check out the “pumping up the volume” video; there is no way to use the arms in this manner!

Trying to understand what drives the distance for my new driver as I have same/similar ballspeed and launch angle as you but ends up 50y shorter 😀 Is it the spinn left to check or is it also things like smashfactor and swing speed I need to check? Using a Ping G410 from last year with a 60g stiff shaft and 9degrees reduced -1 degree and flat setting.

Shawn Clement

Hi Fredrik! It is definitely the flatter swing and the lack of use of your legs to create the G-forces necessary to create more Smash factor. See the latest series we did on off season training!

Thanks, working my way thru the consistency series and the off season ones 💪🤘

hi Shawn, you teach us the throw and the butt catapult, the football and the battering ram. Do I see it correct if i see the throw as the structure and the other 3 as parts of it ? So, after a training butt catapult ,do I have to go back to focus on the throw ? thx Ernst and for all your advises in 2020

Hello Shawn! Just found you and love the imagery in the video lessons and your enthusiasm is infectious! I’m on a mission now to become really good.

Anyway, you talk about wanting to curve your shots and the need to open and/or close the face as appropriate. But what is the right way to open or close the face? It looks like you are adjusting the position of the hands at address to accomplish this? And is there a difference between opening the face for a fade with an iron, and opening up the face for a lob shot with a wedge?

And just to be 100% clear, you are recommending shaping shots with two adjustments, the combination of ball position and open/closed club face, correct? No adjustment by making an open or closed stance?

Shawn Clement

Alright; the best videos to go confirm the questions you have are the “fade fine tuning” and “draw fine tuning”
fade: aim and swing in the direction you want to start the ball-ball position forward of centre-face “less closed” than draw by a couple degrees
draw:aim at the end target, play ball back of centre and swing in the direction you want to start the ball with a face closed enough that the ball will curve back to target;
-see also “goldie locks series” and “predict contact” videos

Thanks Shawn.

But I think my “real” question about the proper way to open or close the face was superseded by my second question. So let me ask this, is it fair to say that opening and closing the face is accomplished by rotating the club open/or closed before taking your grip?

Never mind – I think I found what I needed in the Goldilocks Clubface video. So cool!

Shawn Clement

Correct! 😀👍💪

David Kerr

Hi Shawn, so I am focusing on intermediate point, my arc and blur but I still hit everything left (with irons a straight pull 15 yards to left of target). It’s like my brain is wired (or my release is wired) to just hit it left when I throw the club 🙂 Any advice on how to get face aligned right?

David Kerr

straight flight going left, thanks.

David Kerr

Played again today, I worked to really focus on throwing out to the right to try and promote a draw… I got a lot of hooks (as well as on my fade shots they are going straight left). That ball just wants to go left!

Shawn Clement

Good! All you need to do is goldie locks the grip until you see the results you want! See “goldie locks series” videos!

Hi Shawn. Been struggling with consistency. Went through throwing the club drills, but something was missing. Then I watched the catapult video. Wow!

Things that the “catapult” task created in my swing:

  • more of a hip turn/butt to the target awareness;
  • a wider, consistent back swing as I allowed my arms to swing freely and away from my body;
  • an ability to stay behind the ball, without thinking of my head position;
  • a “ball on a string” feeling (which I understood intellectually, but did not “feel”.)

In short, by “losing control” (i.e. not manipulating) of the club, I let gravity take over. Slowly over the last weeks, I shortened my turn, kept my arms slightly closer to my body and moved my head on top of the ball, as I let my mind default to the ball.

Great analogy man!!!!

In part 5, I noticed that your wrist position at the top is quite cupped. Is this something you are intentionally trying to do for the draw?

Hi Shawn – you were on my bag today! Shot even on the F9. Things started going South, e.g., thin shots, weak pushes. Voice in my head said, “through the door frame.” I hit a brilliant 7-iron on 13th hole, and finished +2, my personal best. Thanks!

Shawn, you used to have videos on youtube where you would lift your lead foot off the ground a bit on the back swing. Do you still advocate that?I find it to be very natural, but I’m wondering if thats leading to some consistency issues on my end. It seems like sav and Mu do not do that move either.

Still confused about the set up for this. Do you align first with the feet parallel to the target line or the line to the right edge of the shaft? Same with the face of the club, do you align the face to the target and if so how do you do that with a face that you close for a draw and a face that you open for a fade? Do you do this when you first set up and then what about the braced stance? doesn’t everything change again? I have looked at your beginner series and other videos and still not sure how to set up. Please cover this for me and not refer to other videos, because I have looked and can’t find a simple explanation. I think this could be covered better in the beginner series.

Yup that was the video that I have been trying to find. Where I first saw you close the face with a neutral grip and causes you to get the club square by the tilt. It also caused the shaft lean that I was looking for. So now using this and Goldilocks for ball position should make it happen. Thanks

Hi Shawn

Love you approach and knowledge. One thing that struck me. I am a barrel chested 6 foot 2 guy, making room for my elbow through the ball has always been a challenge as it is a constant fight for me to keep my elbow away from my body in the back swing particularly when I am using the longer clubs. Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated


Dario D'Andrea

Hi Shawn!

I have run into an issue with my iron consistency and it really is the last barrier preventing me from dropping my scores significantly. I seem to be hitting fat again. I don’t think I am releasing at the ball because I know how that feels, and I definitely feel my kinetic chain engaging in the swing, I think it may be a mix of my strain level and possibly my setup.

With my woods and hybrids, I’ve evolved to point now where I never miss contact wise. I set up to the ball with my picture and intermediate point, and before I swing I just know, yup from this position and setup I can just whip the crap out of that ball towards my target. I have no issues plugging into the shot with my woods or hybrids.

With my irons, I just can’t seem to find that same comfort zone and confidence. I can’t seem to say, yup, I can whip through from here. I think my side vision could be playing tricks on me in terms of ball position with my irons. I will keep working at it with goldilocks but was wondering if there was a series on premium that you can recommend for me.

Dario D'Andrea

Hi Shawn! Please disregard this comment, nothing PMD and a doorframe can’t fix! 😀

Dario D'Andrea

I will definitely give it a try tomorrow morning. I have played with that nugget in the past, thank you for reminding me of it! 😀

Dario D'Andrea

Little update for you Shawn, my confidence is really growing now with the irons! Sunday I shot an 86 with a horrible putting day and had a personal best back 9 of 41. This morning I played a quick 9 before work this morning and followed it up with my best 9 hole score ever, 39 with a string of 7 pars in a row. I can’t believe this is the golf I’m playing now and can’t wait to get out there again! Thank you so much for providing us with a system that allows us to find ourselves time and time again! Woohoo!

Dominic Macedonia

Shawn you frequently refer to the weight of the arm club unit. I often don’t feel that weight. Are there drills we can do to appreciate that feeling?

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