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Shawn Clement, one of the top 20 youtube teachers and the only one recognized for teaching without body part or positions, drives the ball over 300 yards both right-handed and left-handed and breaks par from either side, and is also the only one who ever qualified and played world-ranked events with 1/2 left and 1/2 right-handed clubs in the same bag! He is the ultimate expert on golf instruction!

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Sébastien EBALARD

Hello Shawn,
Trying to cut the stem or a bamboo in both direction i have been experiencing a kind of a new image. In fact i imagine that a bunch of bamboo sticks are lying down in front of me forming like a curtain lying on the floor, and when i am trying to cut to see what.s behind this curtain then my club tends to touch the ground in both direction better. I don.t know if my image is good or should i go back on imagining a stem standing up instead of lying down?

Shawn Clement

Very cool! I like it! 😀👍

My new KC Grass Whip today and can’t wait to try it out!

I can say unequivocally that the Mehlhorn grass whip is the best golf training aid I’ve ever used.

Your instruction that if you shave the grass in both directions with this instrument you know you are on plane was a game changer for me.

Two things I have struggled with off and on. 1) Being on the right plane. 2) Knowing exactly how to hinge and unhinge the club during the swing. The grass whip, when swung properly, gives you tremendous feedback on both.

That helped me lock in a feeling I’ve certainly had before and hit good shots with, but for the first time I feel confident I know this is the right feel and I can duplicate readily in my swing.

Since this revelation, many, many confident, well-struck shots.

BTW, I had previously used a real grass whip but it is not the same. The extra length of the blade and weight at the end exaggerates the proper feeling and gives you unmistakable feedback.

Highly recommend this tool.

Shawn Clement

Right on Dan! You could not have described the feel and benefits to the swing any better!!
congrats on your secured acquired action! 👍💪🤛👌

Charlie Zahari

Hey Shawn starting my homework after your video analysis. Couple questions. I wan to purchase the grass whip but there are some options on grip and I’m worried I’m going to get the wrong one. There are 4 different grip options…I’m 6’2″ and prefer larger grips in general. What do you suggest…I want to hurry up and buy it!

2nd thing. You talk about the importance of closing the face because of the way that the club dynamically moves thru the dandelion stem. I’m trying to understand how that should look at address. We never see anyone step up to the ball with a club fact that is so closed it looks like it’s going to go straight left…I need to understand that…I get the club needs to be closed but how is it that it looks “normal” at address?

Charlie Zahari

Ok…Just followed step 2 in the homework on the consistency series. Now I understand the closed club at address. Maybe I’ll finish all the home work before making my comments…I still need the grip suggestion thought.

Received my KC Golf grasswhip yesterday and unwrapped – went to back yard and actually cut some stems off of actual dandelions. Very good visuals! Just a few swings and truly felt how everything releases through with the weight of the “arm club unit” – now waiting for it to stop raining so I can go cut through some tees and progress through the drills. Definitely can tell this is going to be one very useful tool!!! With a nice Wisdom in Golf logo’d medallion on it as well!!!!!

Jukka Kymalainen

Grasswhip training is always fun! 🙂 Why you want do that sword drill differently than grasswhip? I mean with sword you have superstrong grip and wrist release/rolling is well AFTER impact. With grasswhip grip is neutral or slightly stronger and you have to square/ roll BEFORE impact. Otherwise blade would be wide open and you would cut with heel.

Jukka Kymalainen

Okay, just deeper release point. I wathed your video about Joaquin and that is deep! Though maybe not the most strain free way off cutting grass but power for sure 😉

Hi Shawn!

Two questions:

1. The club face opening as hands lead is eye opening. Am I supposed to “shroud” the ball at address/ close rele club face? I always thought it should be square at address (?). Is this related to the notion that other instructors share of having the logo of your golf glove face the target line at impact? Basically, learning to manipulate the left hand ? Should my “feel” in my hands be left hand focused?

2. My worst clubs are my woods. By far. How do I apply the grass whip lesson to a ball sitting higher on a tee, Mike with driver? Do I try to cut the upper part of tee below ball? Confused on this….

Thank you Shawn!

Hi Shawn,

Why is the club face not deliberately closed (like the whip) to square it at impact.


I’ve been watching your videos for over a year now with great success
, but, still experience some days of inconsistent ball striking. I have heard you utter the phrase “every instrument known to mankind is done handle 1st” a hundred times but as you talked about closing the face of the grass whip it resonated with me that I am still releasing early despite the fact that I am target oriented. I went to the range after work and employed all of your principles but made sure my hand lead my throw to the target and my contact was like never before, crisp and precise. I thought I was leading with my hands but my hit instinct must have still been present. I can’t believe I didn’t realize this before. Is there anything wrong with this line of thinking?

Really interesting.
Just had a few swings thinking about the sole of the club instead of the leading edge.

It makes staying behind the ball at impact seem natural instead of getting ahead of the ball with the upper body (my common fault).

Brain seems to just say “stay back behind the ball”. Makes sense I suppose because with the club head coming down you’d have to really flip the hands, and very unnaturally so, to offer the sole to the ground if the upper body is ahead.

Hhow do i buy one.?

Jon R

I’m still on the grass whip. I gave the concept a try in thick rough swinging a wedge. However, I changed the task from hitting a ball to just cutting grass and varied the focus on depth. (half cut or along the ground) I also tasked myself to cut a large area thereby creating an ‘all day’ mindset. The first set of swings seemed to cut okay but required more effort than I thought it would. After many more swings, I noticed on the back swing that my left hand started to push down on the handle while using my right hand as a fulcrum. It felt like I was making the club weightless and giving it into a toss. Once weightless and the back swing momentum slowed, the whole unit just wanted to fall through the cut. This entire ‘weightless’ maneuver was not contrived, it happened naturally. Kind of like the body saying “Hey clown, if you are going to do this all day, we need a better way.” A self preservation thing. I just want to make sure that I am on the right path before I try to ingrain this move into my swing. Your help is always appreciated.


I received my grass whip. I have no problem cutting the grass, cutting through tees and under balls . Appears to my eye that the toe is touching the ground and not the entire whip.

Linda Soulages

Ok.Does it need to be more upright bring in the toe up.Or I have a friend who is a club builder and he could adjust it

Linda Soulages


As I was quite alone at the golf course this evening, I played a 9 hole round where I did one or two swings with the grass whip prior to each full shot. I will do it again for sure! When I managed to feel the same weight shift with the golf club as I did with the grass whip, I hit excellent shots with heavy momentum! Oh yeah! For some reason I keep my balance much better with the grass whip, that with the golf clubs.. Maybe because there is no ball to hit? lol 🙂


Well yes the ball interrupts my focus very often. Will try to ingrain that grass cutting feel/focus more.

Thank you, Shawn. Toe passing the heel through impact? Is that not flipping? How would I get a square and consistent impact?

Got it, Shawn, thanks.
One more question. Do I activate hand action through the hitting area, or hands are passive and allowing the clubhead to do swing freely? I am trying to get some extra distance.

Jon R

“The brain sees continuity”. That is the secret sauce. Also, there is something about that extra long ‘blade’ that you see with your eye and mind’s eye. It seems to drive how you subconsciously orient your hands, arms and body in the back swing. The brain knows that the task is to cut grass but it has to take into account that long leading edge. This is a strong visual. Nice. I need a grass whip.

I am a new subscriber and have many questions… Sorry.
Shawn, do you actually recommend to buy this grass cutter? Can I not just use an iron and will do the same thing? What is the difference?

John Carroll

As always this was a great video☺☺☺☺☺☺ Now everyone go to the pro shop page and buy yourself a grass whip. This is the best training aid I have ever worked with and I have been teaching for over forty years.

Kenneth Robie

Shawn, just an offshoot question for you here. How much shorter do figure the ball carries with the ball bellow the feet on a substantial slope due to balance and range of motion issues??

Linda Soulages

Shawn awesome video thank you so much for posting it. I ordered my grass whip and I’m going to receive it tomorrow. I ordered from your website and I have to say the person that you’re referring us to is absolutely fantastic super good customer service . Could not have been nicer. I’ll send you an email on my progress with the grass whip again thank you.
Linda Soulages

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