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Eckhart Diestel

Hi Shawn,
you mention Mu’s new set of clubs. What makes you think about possibly shaft too light, grip too small ?

Shawn Clement

For Mu, he is getting the Riffle 6.5 which is the heaviest and Jumbo grips for his “meat hook hands” 😝
fitting is important; we do “goldie Locks” with shaft flex and shaft weight for our students and the results are super! Same for grip size. Goldie Locks is your best friend in everything!


Hi Shawn
Where can I go to get explanation of the intermediate point in the setup and swing.
A new member is asking me.

mike mccracken

Shawn this was an excellent audio. Really helped blend some of the videos into one place. Particularly liked the Sav and Mu comments about the two tees. I also liked your comments on staying with the task as you have told me numerous times but hearing that you had the same issues really helped bring it home that it isn’t easy and just takes some practice. What I have found is I am pretty good at the range of just focusing on the task and then I get on the course and the distractions of the hole etc start to play with my mind. Really important to just do the task, the results will speak for themselves!

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