Fairway Bunkers

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Okay, had to dig up info from club champion. Fitting was 2 and 1/2 years ago. Ping G400LS 10 degree with Mitsubishi C6 blue 70 stiff shaft. Club speed 98/ ball speed 138/ 1.47 smash factor/ 1.0 angle of attack/ 2786 spin rate/ 14.6 launch angle. These numbers are from when I just started following you. 44″ driver.


So l played yesterday and one of the things I like to do is replay the round in my head, see where I had trouble, and watch videos that correspond. My course is in the midst of re-doing all of our bunkers and the fairway bunkers now have very soft, deep sand. This video will help as I never would have thought to hit an intentional thin shot. The other caveat is that I wouldn’t be in the fairway bunkers if my driver distance transferred from my irons. I hit my irons longer than most ( 9 iron 145/ 7 iron 175/5 iron 200), but, my driver distance stalls at 270. My clubs are ping as well as the driver all fit at club champion.

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