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Shawn Clement, one of the top 20 youtube teachers and the only one recognized for teaching without body part or positions, drives the ball over 300 yards both right handed and left handed and breaks par from either side and is also the only one who ever qualified and played world ranked events with 1/2 left and 1/2 right handed clubs in the same bag! He is the ultimate expert on golf instruction!

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Hi Shawn, feeling more and more confident in the irons with my natural draw and 170y. My driver gives around 150 mph ball speed but don’t get over 260y. Any specific videos or other measurements I should check next time on TopTracer? Have a Ping driver from last year 9,5

Shawn Clement

Hi Fredrik! Sounds to me like you probably have too much spin on the ball and are not catching enough on the upswing; what kind of flight are you getting? Fade or draw? Where is the ball starting in relation to the target and what direction is the curvature?

Normally a low/mid draw but sometimes a too strong draw/hook but I think that is mainly when I lose my target/task and focus on the ball.
As I have the eagle sub I will make a video for you review and see how we can improve the distance 🙂
Thanks for bunch of great videos that taken me thru the Christmas break in these COVID-times!

Shawn Clement

Perfect! Send it in!
and you are welcome; let’s make 2021 the best ever!

Ok. Sent it directly to your email yesterday for review 🙂

Hi Shawn, maybe I missed this in the video, do you have any tips re hitting in the middle of the club face?

Got it, thanks bud! I will check those out this week.

Great video, very clear!

Mohanjit Singh

Hi Shawn. Hope all is well. Haven’t played golf in a long time now. But keep watching your videos and try to remain in shape.
If I have not missed it anywhere, what would you recommend for woods and hybrids vis-a-vis the 2 tee drill?

William Crowe

Hey Shawn! I experimented with Sav’s strong grip! I literally nutted all the short irons with complete control of the face! Once I got to the 7 iron thru the driver it was Duck Hook City even though it felt like I was releasing towards the target! Any suggestions why? I would love to keep that strong grip throughout the set!! Thanks Buddy

Thomas Kihr

Same here, just came back from the course. Especially driver was an issue today. Normally i tend (probably like most of the beginners) to slice with the driver. Today i followed what i have learned here (grip strong, face closed, align a bit to the right, release right of intermediate, etc.) and all over sudden, 90% of my shots got left of center line – some even a bit hooky 😀 (some of the iron shots went left as well)

Did i get it right? Leave everything as it is, but adjust clubface to be not too closed?
Best regards from a wonderful day out on the course.

Shawn, I am new to the premium channel. Which video should I look at to learn about that football release? Thanks for all you do

Mu’s grip is much less strong than several weeks ago. I recall a very strong grip in a previous video. Can you discuss the changes? Was it once the perpetual motion light bulb clicked and the motion got better, the grip changes?

After about 3 months of viewing free videos on YouTube I’ve taken the plunge to premium membership. Does anyone have any recommendations on the best order to watch some of the premium videos? Or should I just pick areas that are concerning to me?

I love your videos. I’ve been playing for 20+ years and I’ve always been between a scratch and 5 handicap, but I think my ball striking and distance can still get better. I’ve also always struggled with thinking too much and thinking about mechanics and positions too much. Since I’ve been working on my game after watching the free videos on YouTube I’m getting my distance back (185 avg. 7 iron carry on the launch monitor), but I feel my effort is really high to get this. I also have a tendency for my backswing to be short if I don’t focus on it (no flexibility issues though).

Look forward to hearing from anyone.

Neal Ward

Shawn was there a link to Rich Masters you were going to leave?

Sandy Chan

Great driving by Mu! My hats off to the guy!

Aside from his speed, his AOA is +7 – so 300yards drive is just something he pulls out of his pocket.

I’m lucky to hit my drives at 280 (my AOA is a woeful negative 8) and I’ve playing for 15y!!

Congrats Mu! All the best and more power to you.

Sandy Chan

Hi Shawn! Thanks for the tip. May I ask why a tennis ball in particular?

Sandy Chan

Hahaha. OK! Great tip! Will try out this morning. Thanks!!

Jeremy Moody

I noticed, great video by the way showing all 3 of you, that Mu seems to hit “ into” his lead leg. His power is obvious and timing usually right on. Must be with that distance and ball flight. Shawn you however have that squat on the downswing loading the lead leg and a super obvious football lag. I must admit I think I would have difficulty trying to swing without the squat/ load…lag sequence. Is the difference self preservation because Mu is so strong he must brace for the follow through? Sav also seems to rotate more than exhibiting a definite action of getting the ground even though I know she must be doing so. Thoughts? Also on the course PMD beside the ball then bring the machine as you say? Thanks again.J.

Jeremy Moody

I love the subtle squat move. Like a forehand frisbee throw. I think it gives balance and stability to allow time for the football move and a proper throw to the target…

Not getting new info on eagle or premium also can’t acce

Well Savy is the pound per pound long drive champion. In just a few weeks Mu has moved from an aggressive tilt and super closed face with the driver. Although the face is open its results in a fade which is playable. Mu congrats on your progress!

Shawn, in practicing are you recommending that we use perpetual motion next to the Tee, then proceed to move in an actually clip the Tee without the use of a ball? When you showed me the two tee drill, I swept the tees then substituted a ball .

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