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mike mccracken

Professor from Hong Kong is awesome. Thank you for sharing! Validates your approach and why we are seeing such great results! You are a pioneer!


Trying to understand the 2 tees. Are they standing upright or laying down? Also since good players and ball strikers are reducing the loft by as much as 20% how do you get that much deloft, getting hands ahead of the club face, moving the body out of the way or something else?


where can i find the 2 tee drill, I have searched 2 tee drill and can’t find it ? Thanks


Had to tell you, just finished a practice session using the 2 tee drill. Amazing contact time after time. So I got a tape and set it beside the ball to measure just how far in front of the ball I could still hit the farthest tee. Using an eight iron I was still nutting the ball 11 inches out. Changed to a six and was able to still make very solid contact at 12″. It was the best focus and contact I’ve had in a long time. It was a huge confidence boost and totally freed up my swing. Next video analysis I send will include the tee drill with the measuring tape included. Can’t wait for your thoughts on this. Thanks again, I’m truly excited by this break through.

Russell Hogue

I just played my best round of the year basically doing this drill. Every shot I picked a spot about an inch behind the ball and online with the target…every swing my goal was the left hand release through that point toward the target.

Simple, stress free golf. After a few bad weeks it was great to get something back on track.

Russell Hogue

Btw – I was actually picturing my first tee about an inch behind the ball because then the ball was just in the way. For me personally that felt better than ball/reach second tee. WhenI see the ball as first target, I get a bit of the hit instinct and I also tend to lose my target. When I have the first tee as a blade of grass, I can almost forget about the ball and I liked this approach as a shallowing way to strike it.


The 2-tee drill appears to be focusing on sticking the ball on target side of ball. The “cut the dandelion stem” appears to focus on striking the backside of ball. Are they the same? Is there a difference between the 2 drills? Please explain.


Hi Shawn, is there a drill like the two tee drill with a ball on a tee?


Are the 2 tees imaginary? Confused.


Hi Shawn…..this might be off topic but quick question. I noticed all three of you seem to get your hands high at the top of your backswing almost above your head. Mine tend to stay about shoulder height and maybe that is ok. Is there a video you can point me to that explains the high hands? Kent


Hi Shawn, my swing tracks well, arms levitate, and i can feel the weight when doing the perpetual motion drill, However, when i start my backswing at address, even if i try to feel i’m in motion, it’s not the same as doing the perpetual motion drill. I feel like i dont get enough levitation in the arms, i might not clear enough and i use more my arms to take the club back, or by trying to clear i might take the club too inside. Do you have any tips on what i can do for my backswing to feel free and easy like the perpetual motion drill?


The axe drill
has helped a lot with keeping me centered. It’s still a lot easier to keep it on plane when carrying it two handed and tossing it back. When i’m over the ball i seem to take the club inside while trying to do the axe drill. Can you also explain how i would use the axe drill for the two tees drill?


Hi Shawn. Really having much better consistency visualizing the 2 tee drill before my shots. Hitting farther and straighter long irons than ever. Thinking more down and through the ball throwing club to edge of IP to target has enabled me to really start compressing the ball like never before. Coupled with really clamping down on the club with heavy grip pressure has enabled me to not leak and transfer so much more energy through the ball. Not that I have a way to measure for myself and by no means will I think about numbers while trying to swing but just curious what you have found to be the optimal downward Angle of Attack for best carry? Is there a number range that you would like to see on your shots? Any studies done using super slow-mo cameras and principles of physics that point to what might be the optimal?

Dave Pike


That would be great! Would love to know some rules of thumb with associated tasks for best adjusting the AOA in the swing to suit the situation.

Thanks Shawn!


How crazy is this? I just got home from my morning workout where I wanted to confirm that what I am doing with the two T drill is transferring. Here is his I did it. I placed a flat ball where I would place the golf ball and another in front where I expect the club to start cutting grass. I used perpetual motion next to the ball to confirm the point at which I cut grass is where the second flat ball is located. Immediately afterwards I placed a Birdie ball on the turf, used perpetual motion next to the ball and after two swings where I cut grass in front of the ball, I moved in an boom executed the shot. I come home and see that what I developed instinctively is the video of the week. Thank for the confirmation.

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