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Shawn Clement, one of the top 20 youtube teachers and the only one recognized for teaching without body part or positions, drives the ball over 300 yards both right-handed and left-handed and breaks par from either side, and is also the only one who ever qualified and played world-ranked events with 1/2 left and 1/2 right-handed clubs in the same bag! He is the ultimate expert on golf instruction!

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Hi Shawn,
Feeling a little Defeated and need some guidance. Using all of WIG processes and ball is coming if the face amazingly. My only problem is even when hit perfectly (height, shot shape, etc) my distance is an abysmal 235. Cant get away with that distance playing from back tees!

Wondering if it’s just my speed or anything I can do??
I use a ping driver that’s 4-5 years old but not sure if that’s the issue. Any pointers??

Shawn Clement

Hey Ryan! Yes, driver from 4 to 5 years ago can definitely be improved on; the last 3 years have been huge in developing low spin drivers. For 100 MPH driver speed like Savy, you should be getting 245 to 250 carry, 2000 >RPM spin with a upward angle of attack of 5 degrees and max 9.5 degrees of loft. Between a performing regular flex to light stiff flex works great. Try Taylor made, Callaway, Ping, Titleist, Cobra, Mizuno, and Srixon drivers at Either Club Champion or I hear PGA tour superstore now fits for free!

Your right on the money Shawn. I just went today to check new product. Unfortunately Was very similar to what I’m producing currently. Like you said Savvy is at a 100 mph and carries 245/250. With Good swing I max out at around 92/93 swing speed. 2100 rpm’s or so. Anyways suggestions/ ways to pick up mph?

Now I do 😉 last thing, I use a 9 degree driver and my ball has nice height… would recommend trying out lower degrees like 7.5 or 8 loft?

Working on the braced tilt along with the bolted and centered… so the idea of standing on the rails is spot on for me. When you talk about starting the swing… I like to think of grabbing the ground and almost turned of the lid of a big jar to force my hips to make the turn and allow the club to react to that. Does this make sense?

Hi Shawn, my driving not being consistent. My main problem is the push, or push slice. I do not stand open. I feel the problem is either my hands are leading the club face, which means to me, open, or my club face is open when striking the ball. When I close the club face a little at address it seems to help, but your videos do not show a closed driver club face at address. Do you lead with your hands ? Thanks

I’m having the exact issue, I have a natural tendency to draw the ball but with this new swing when I miss it’s a hard push right. Definitely feel my hands in front of the club. I do close the face a touch at address.

Hi Shawn and a belated happy New Year!

I am raising this question here as can only see one video on club fitting but this pertains specifically to the Driver.

I know that you will have tested umpteen different shaft flexes and weights from different manufacturers, so would welcome your thoughts as to whether in general a lighter shaft or a heavier shaft promotes a better feeling of the weight of the arm club. I realise that flex also enters the equation but was more interested in the weight aspect and if this has been a significant factor in your own decision making.

If you have already discussed this somewhere then please point me in the right direction. Much appreciated.

Very best wishes. Steve

Shawn I am new to your site. I have not seen any info as far as where the butt of the club should be. Does it change from the short irons to the Driver. I was used to always position the butt of the club in the middle of my body or sternum. When I see you hitting the driver it looks like its pointing to your lead shoulder.

I’ve watched so many of your videos that I can’t remember where precisely you talked about visualizing driving the battering ram (but of the club) through the door as a way to get more of a delayed release. My symptom/problem is that I am losing lag too early on the downswing even when I try to fell I am throwing the club to my distant target; so I tried doing this battering ram thing but doing that the ball goes anywhere but where I want it to. How do your students implement the battering ram concept & how long does it them to adapt? Is there an alternative way to get the right release?


I’ve been hitting the ball to high as well which decreases distance in comparison to my fellow routine playing partners. Any thoughts on how to improve shot trajetory to gain distance/roll out?

Sounds good Shawn. Thanks for the quick response!

Hi Shawn,
at address position you place the head of the driver about 3-4″ behind the tee but the handle stays on the medial side of your femur. Is it just a part of the prediction or for a specific reason?
Thanks a lot

Ah got you.
But in your video with Savannah Meyer-Clement (unboxing the new Driver ) you “correct” her address position a little in the face on view though just she may know her dynamic state of mind to be ready to deliver her task.
I just want to follow a few rules that help me out with my Driver troubles😉: hitting a little more down than up on the ball and more toewards than in the middle of the clubhead…..
Pretty frustrating since years though I tried a lot.
By the way: when do you start over with videos in Quebec?

John I

Hi Shawn,

I’ve been hitting the driver well but the height is just far to high if I want to play a fade. I’m hitting everything solid slightly on the way up to an even level of attack, but the thing is going into the stratosphere. I want to hit it lower without hitting down on it sharply.
I’ve got 8.5 degrees of loft and an xstiff 70g shaft. I can’t get the loft any lower. Would I just need a heavier shaft with lower loft to bring the flight down?

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