Driver Fine-Tuning – Part 2

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Shawn Clement, one of the top 20 youtube teachers and the only one recognized for teaching without body part or positions, drives the ball over 300 yards both right-handed and left-handed and breaks par from either side, and is also the only one who ever qualified and played world-ranked events with 1/2 left and 1/2 right-handed clubs in the same bag! He is the ultimate expert on golf instruction!

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Watching the video part on hitting higher and lower shots…. it appears that the higher shot adjustment is done by moving the ball slightly forward in the stance with slightly more axis tilt. Is that correct?

Shawn, which video addresses hitting fades and draws with a teed ball (driver) and how this strategies differ from balls hit from the ground? Thanks, Otto

Hi Shawn…first let me say that I am learning a lot about the human anatomy in relation to the golf swing through your instruction. You have a great way of communicating and I really enjoy your teaching style.
Shawn, I am hitting my irons better than my driver. The driver is erratic and I think in my quest for more distance, I am forgetting about staying centered on the ball and swinging through the ball. I tend to over-think my technique and put too much pressure on the tee shot, consequently, my center-face contact is very erratic. I notice when I watch your swing, you are still looking for the “blur” well past contact, as your right hand rolls over your left…how can I get past this thought of having to kill the ball, in order to get more quality driver shots? Thanks for all your help and your sense of humor!

Is there a difference in your swing or grip when hitting driver off a tee compared to 3 wood off the ground? Is it just ball position difference and that is all?

That is good to know.

Hi Shawn,
Would you please share the placement of the logo for different ball flights? What is the best launch angle for maximum distance?

Dario D'Andrea

Hi Shawn, hope you are well!

On the topic of the lovely anatomical snuff boxes, is it a wrong move if I consciously hinge my wrists early in the takeaway instead of letting the club weight hinge them at the top? I have been having issues feeling the wrist hinge with a wide takeaway specifically with my driver and woods, and to some degree with my irons.

When I hinge them consciously, I still feel a pretty wide takeaway and feel like I can whip through the tip of the tee and go to my target, but when I try to go as wide as possible along the ground before the club lifts upwards, I tend to top the ball or severely hit it off extreme toe and get an extreme slice. I am trying to work that expansiveness into my swing so I can get that extra carry with my drives but it seems like I have too much tension in my grip and forearms that might be preventing the hinge of my wrists naturally… What are your thoughts about an early wrist set? I remember you making a video on this topic but I can’t seem to find it. Thanks as always!

Dario D'Andrea

Turns out my grip was the short circuit. After conducting the fantastic grip acid test, I realized I had slipped up on the grip and allowed the handle to slightly get diagonal through my palm of my lead hand. I just thought of “clamping” my hand onto the grip and once I straightened out my grip, I started feeling the beautiful hinge again! I love Wisdom in Golf! 😀 Thank you for all you do Shawn!

Mike Bird

Hi Shawn
What height are you setting the respective tees for high/low trajectory.
I am using the castle type tees pink/grey
Thanks am really enjoying my new membership here’s hoping for an improvement this season.
Kind regards

It turns out that I haven’t been looking at the ball when I drive, nor have I been initiating the swing from the ground. Doing these two things gave me my best Skytrak session; 6 out 6 in bounds, avg 231 yards carry, 255 total and dispersion was -13 to + 15 yards (average 0). I suspect I have more power to gain from fine-tuning the sequence – but if I could deliver those numbers on the course I’d probably drop six shots because they’re longer and straighter than anything I’ve hit before.

Hi Shawn,
second day here as a member. Now I’m cutting dandelion stems with a nice effortless majestic whipping swing with a centered center of gravity behind the ball and do not lose my task by cutting bamboo stems on the right edge.
I’m really honest: I love the words you choose and try to stay in the picture.
But I still got 2 questions:
First: The set up for the driver shows the clubhead way behind the tee/ball. Please be so kind to tell me the reason why and how much should the distance be. Is it because we do hit the ball in the upping arc?
Second: you never seem to regrip though you are hitting fades or a draw shot. I imagine its the same way you recommend it for the irons?
By the way sorry for my unorthodox english. I’m from Germany😉

Randy Crowe

Snowin in Indiana. Went out in barn with driver and Skytrak. Confused tho. If I try to keep wrist flat at the top I get 101mph and 150 ball speed for 265 carry..If I let left wrist cup I get 110mph with 160 ball speed and 284 carry? Love Wisdom In Golf! Merry Christmas Shawn!

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