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Shawn, I’ve been watching your videos on and off for some time and I’ll admit that throwing to the target hadn’t done much for me – until now. Today on the course, things just clicked. I figured out how the club needed to be oriented to get to the target, and just like that, a ton of athleticism was unleashed on the golf couorse. I wasn’t perfect by any means, but I was having oodles of fun.

Now, to my question. Above you use the visualization of squeezing the ball against a wooden block, which is great for the irons. How does that change for the driver? Can you use a similar, though adjusted task that will help me visualize what I’m trying to accomplish with the club that is the bane of my existence?

Shawn, thank you for this video in particular. I am new to WIG and have been going thru the videos and this finally got the door frame analogy through my skull. Makes perfect sense. Looking forward to it all.

jean jacques LUGAND

hi Shawn.Each video help us to built and feel the right swing…finally to .throw the club head to the target(in the mind) is the goldilocks of the goldilocks…it’s so easy to forget that and to swing to the ball..thank you Shawn there has been swing before …and with you ….with so great pleasure with .dr jjl

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