Kinetic Chain Engagement

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Hello Shawn. would videos talk discuss how the pelvis moves in backswing or the right hip moves so there is no sway?

This is a critical focus for me at the moment. I seem to have the grip, posture, gathering, and collecting while gripping the ground piece working (for the most part). However, getting the glutes and quads engaged through the swing seems to want to pull my head and upper body forward a bit too much resulting in a pull to the left. Any ideas or drills to work on this? By the way….. great insights and love the kinetic chain videos. This really fixed a lot of parts in my game. Thanks.

Hi Shawn, right handed golfer here. Is it fair to say that I should be stepping in the direction I want to start the ball and keeping my body aligned there? Example, for a draw the feel is I step towards the right of the intermediate point and release there without opening up my body.

Shawn, thanks for the clarification. I was headed down a dark road haha! Shifted gears towards thinking of my club head as the jai alai basket. All I think now is where I’m slinging that ball after I collect it in the “basket”. World of difference and don’t have to think anything of shift, step, hips, etc…Thanks much!

Played In first tournament since going to this method. Any help with the transition. I really struggled with the kinetic action on the downswing. Never really got into a rhythm where my lower body was initiating the downswing. Lots of good shots hit, but very inconsistent. Any suggestions welcomed. Thanks

Just wanted to update. Took above advice and practiced hard. Played in four ball tourney this past weekend. I did follow my plan for over half my shots. Those turned out as “predicted”. Just have to keep working on letting go of control. One question I have in regards to working the ball. Had some pretty sharp doglegs this weekend. When needing more cut or draw do you recommend opening and closing face more or using more angle with path? Thanks for the great instruction. I’m excited about golf. Love to compete and golf gives us that opportunity as we age. Thanks again!!

Shawn–the classic step drill indeed has helped me tremendously. During the downswing, I feel my left lat leading my gravity-falling left arm. And, I feel the clubhead (the sword) on my right side. My question- I still need help in keeping the right arm bent so the sword can get through cut. Can you give me a swing thought for turning my right hip or body help the right arm stay bent? I do struggle with early extension.



Jon R

Fred Couples just said on Feherty that when he played his best, he always hit into a complete picture of the shot. It was like your words in his voice. Couples was never mechanical at all. Another confirmation of your system in prime time. And it not only applies to beginners but also at the elite level.

Speaking of kinetic chain, I was swinging the speed stick and noticed something. If I swing it using a backward slash motion I can make it click at a much higher level than my regular swing. This was true no matter how much force I put into my normal swing. The backward slash seems to foster a slightly different orientation of my body on the backswing. That is not a coincidence is it?

Jon R

True that on the PMD and sorry for the confusion. I was actually picturing a ‘backward slash of the sword’ through the hitting zone on the down swing. Meaning that the left elbow points to the target and leads the ACU through the ball area. This also forces the right arm to default to the ‘football delivery position’. That post impact thought created much more club head speed and a ‘click’ that occurred past the ball. Seemingly desirable results. I found all this out accidentally.
The next step is to translate this to a swing with an actual club. My analytical side is finding it hard to believe (trust) that the club face will square on time. I hope I am not headed to shank city trying to get more speed. Thoughts? Stick with it?

Hey Shawn. Nice video. I am a right handed golfer and only right handed. I do not fling a Frisbee with my left hand. Should I feel that my left is controlling the swing towards the target or pushing from my right? Thanks Peter

Thanks Shawn 😀👍

I took a broom and cut it to the length of a driver put several wraps of tape on the end of the handle and applied grip tap. I did the perpetual motion drill and the only way I could swing faster on the down swing was to push off the ground with my left leg (right hand golfer) and it felt like a natural move nothing forced. This was a wow moment for me.

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