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Shawn Clement, one of the top 20 youtube teachers and the only one recognized for teaching without body part or positions, drives the ball over 300 yards both right-handed and left-handed and breaks par from either side, and is also the only one who ever qualified and played world-ranked events with 1/2 left and 1/2 right-handed clubs in the same bag! He is the ultimate expert on golf instruction!

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Flip Gentry

There seem to be as much lag in the backswing as in the forward swing in the perpetual motion portion of this drill. Would this indicate the use of a lagging clubhead take away from a normal set up? Bill Mehlhorn said “the last thing to move in the take away is the club head.” I think this would be “float loading”. What are your thoughts on this technique?

Ron Dziuk

Hi Shawn, is there a reason why video from behind is taken on an angle as opposed to halfway between the ball and your feet? My preference would be the latter so that I could more clearly see things like the path of the club and body.
Thanks so much. This helped me immensely. I
was getting too hung up on trying to hit positions.
Keep up the greatness!

Shawn Clement

Hi Ron! Definitely an anomaly; have a look at the “pumping up the volume”video which will have a good view of the backswing and the same flavour as this one! Also see “feet together back to feet apart” video

hi shawn, you say in this lesson backswing levitation””’falling is not enough””’ and savannah adds some words which are very important but i cannot hear it or understand it. What is she saying ( 5 min 15 seconds). regards ernst from holland

I am absolutely lost with regards to arms falling and getting that feel.

Sav has her hands above her head at the end of her backswing. Your hands are also fairly high. Is that the goal of the backswing levitation – high hands?

Shawn Clement

Wide arc means high hands; see “purpose of the backswing” and “the backswing series” which takes a nice dive into that with Doc Moody. Lovely series! The key is feeling that you have access to throwing the club in the direction you want to start the ball. See also “grass whip training” series.

When I practice,I start backswing a foot or so in front of ball hitting irons
I make a complete backswing making better contact
does anyone play like this or should I work on a knee bump to initiate swing pmd

The pelvic tilt at the top of Savys swing is very prominent. Could this be a result of her trail hip rising from that trail leg straightening and that lead knee breaking inward ? It seems to me that this would add to the sensation of the club levitating during the backswing. Been working on this all day along with my perpetual motion drill.

I have been focusing on the levitation and rhythm at the top of the backswing, while making sure I have a full shoulder turn. My question here is with the trailing leg. Is it ok to allow it to straighten. Sav appears to be straight at the top. Also, is the lead leg/foot engaged in helping the backswing and getting to the top of the backswing?

Hello Shawn,

I was trying to find the right video to ask about my over swing (think John Daly across the plane). I can see my club sometimes out of the corner of my eye for not only driver but longer irons. My left wrist is definitely cupping. With the over swing, on the down swing I come in steep and over the top sometimes. Any videos to help with the overswing specifically?



Hi Shawn – Spent some time at the range working on this (levitation) with the various clubs. The question I have is on the takeaway and getting to the top… in another video (older one)… I noticed that you stepped with the right foot and applies ground pressure to take the club to the top. In some of the other videos, it appears that the feet are quiet, and you are using the core to get to the top. Can you clarify this or point out a video to clear this up. Thanks in advance for your help.

Flip Gentry

In the book “Golf Secrets Explained”, Mehlhorn says “on the backswing, the club head is the last thing to move”. Is he advocating a lagging club head take away? If not, what does he mean? The quote is page 235..

John Carroll

Shawn and Savy that was super. I know this will help alot of students to really understand the levitation that can happen naturally instead od pulling the arms up the ribcage or just lifting the arms. Great explanation.

Jeremy Moody

Another great video. Love the slow mo showing the “double pendulum” and release foreword. It amazes me, watching Savy and your swings, how for most golfers the brain sabotages this process with a ball strike mentality. It feels so great when that sequence is created and so incredibly frustrating when the chain is broken. One of my first lessons with you was the elephant walk later becoming the grass whip- cut. This is now a pre shot routine for me to focus on the feel of the correct sequence. My 5 year old granddaughter knows all about cutting dandelions . OMG….en francais…OMD…..n’est ce pas? Thanks.J.

I have fought the club for years trying to control it, throwing from the top with my hands & shoulders. I was hitting into the nets after my chiro appointment this morning and I was using what another instructor calls the heave to get the club to the top of the back swing. I guess that would be your levitation. After the initial heave the club felt like it coasted to the top, floated there for a second, then started falling. As my arms and the club fell back down I turned my body accelerating the arm club unit through the ball. I have never been able to feel this. My wedge & 9 iron were solid, the 6 iron was a little harder to hit consistently and the 5 wood and driver were bad until as you pointed out in this video the swing on a flatter plane.
I can’t wait till spring to play!

Is the trail leg getting straight on the backswing and the led leg straightens at posting up?

When you take the club back on the backswing , are the arms moving like a door opening or like a dog door . Hope that makes sense!. Cause I feel like I can do both!

Understand , seen those . But is the initial move like the door opening , other words moving to the right for a right handed and then the arms elevate in front of chest. My shoulders are moving the club to the right of me and elevating.

Sometimes I just want to elevate only and come down at impact like a hammer!

Sorry for all the questions, I’m trying to break this 5 handicap for the last 2 years. So verifying these issues is very helpful. I just get tired of shooting 78 one day and then 70 the next.

I have always loved the pause at the top of my backswing as a checkpoint to ensure that I am still with my initial intermediate point come time for the down swing.

Been having some difficulty with my 30-60 yard pitch shots…
How would this drill be applied to pitching of the golf ball because on occasion there is little to a very small amount of wrist hinge needed for these shots.

Jukka Kymalainen

Exellent👍 I noticed when i was trying to do “double pendulum short stop throw” my grip was much lighter. When i was doing “revolving door slinging, collect release throw” my grip was much more tighter. So maybe the task can also effect your plane? I mean the task gives you automaticly right grip pressure and plane? Does this make any sense?

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