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What is Wisdom in Golf

Shawn Clement, one of the top 20 youtube teachers and the only one recognized for teaching without body part or positions, drives the ball over 300 yards both right-handed and left-handed and breaks par from either side, and is also the only one who ever qualified and played world-ranked events with 1/2 left and 1/2 right-handed clubs in the same bag! He is the ultimate expert on golf instruction!

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pat rourke

Shawn, as related to grip pressure and proper release what is your opinion of the Jumbo Max grips as used by Bryson DeChambeau?

One thing I noticed recently is when I have been in a situation where I have missed the fairway and felt the need to grip it very hard in order get through the grass and to be able to hit a proper shot, I have hit fantastic shots with both power and very accurate. So yes for me I definitely need to work on securing my grip. 🙂

Update on grip pressure: now I’m about a 6-7 out of 10 and trail hand pad pressuring my lead thumb on club. Showing about 3 knuckles on lead hand. Laying the club on my lead hand on my last life line , then having thumb slightly to more on the right side of the club. V pointing to right shoulder and right ear. To my amaze my driver has pick up swing speed and ball speed. Maybe not being too loose on trail hand of a 1 grip pressure is keeping me more connected and not being too loosely of swing.

Only problem I’m having is making sure I do the secondary tilt and keeping upper body not so tight . I tend to make my body tension the same as grip tension.

I came back today and reviewed these grip videos. I played Saturday and was really in the zone. My drives with the unstoppable momentum, arc, blur were all firing. I had actually increased my grip pressure which was helping. Then all of a sudden I hooked a 5 iron on a three par. I think I might have relaxed my grip – I felt the wrist snap come through early, and hooked it 20 yards left of the green. Is that consistent with what you are talking about? Also, I find that I’m getting good contact off the tee, even with my irons, but often in the fairway, my approach shots are thin. It’s like I’m afraid to take a divot – cut the dandelion stem. Any suggestions?

Thank you shawn for this video. I know you’ve always tried to find creative and unique ways to “communicate” truth to your audience. It is encouraging to see that you recognize that it can still improve and that we all need a reminder to take what you teach and “apply” it to our own situation. To try and understand the intention of what your teaching and not the literality of it. I wanted to encourage you to continue to challenge yourself to further clarify “pitfalls” or potential “areas” of misinterpretation that you see come up over and over. Perhaps even a series that reflects on the all the nuggets you’ve shared and the areas where you’ve felt the most people “miss” the intention

In my own adventures, I’ve realized that grip pressure actually kind of varies by hand. I play right handed, and for me my left hand or “lead” hand, has to have a grip that is on the firmer side. My trail hand can actually be a little lighter, a little more “supporting” as long as my lead hand is secure. I would say if I grip to a 10, it’s too much, for me a 7-8 in left and a 5-6 in right seems to be the ticket (especially when chipping).

Ultimately, I just wanted to thank you again for all the time you spend. I appreciate that your always putting in effort to try and “get across” your point, and I hope you never lose that passion…

Sumit Aggarwal

Hi Shawn – it’s been a while since I’ve been on the channel. Great to see you and sav together. Last year, we had strengthened my grip pressure. I find that my left hand is always holding the grip with less pressure and my right hand is the one I tighten. I’m keen to see what happens if I tightened my left hand d grip pressure. My forehand in tennis is better but I always find easier to hit the center of my racket in my backhand. So sounds like I real should be holding stronger with my left hand . Makes sense?

Hey Shawn, I’ve been away from your fantastic channel for a couple of months and I’m doing a bit of catching up.
Congratulations for your thoroughly deserved Golf Channel Academy Award and I’m just loving seeing The Shawn and Sav Collaboration – truly inspirational.
Thank you dearly for this video, great food for thought once again. I’ll experiment with my grip pressure tomorrow when I go out for a practice round.
I’d just like to share that a little while ago, my putting really improved when I felt the weight of the ACU as you’ve suggested. To do that I had to loosen my grip pressure, or else I pushed it right in trying to manipulate the putter instead of letting the weight of the putter fall. But then one day my putting went awry for a few holes and my golf mate commented that my grip was too loose. He was right, my putter was too wobbly, I’d gone a bit too loosey goosey, too far mumma bear (I’m probably not allowed to say that anymore haha). So with a slightly firmer grip, but still feeling the weight of my putter, my putts were back on the intended line. Recently, though, I’m missing too many 3 footers due to too much grip pressure because I want to make them drop too much, trust issues I suspect hahaha.
Best wishes, Mike G


That part for me needs some more work and adjustment. I had a session experimenting with the grip pressure and ended up with my left forearm muscles aching. I also have some trouble separating the tension I put in the grip from the one I put in the rest of my body. In short while squeezing hard on the club I have issues swinging smoothly. I will see if dialing back the pressure a little bit helps.

Hi ShaWn,
I have a question about the golf grip. It is not brought up in your grip videos or in the grip chapter by Brandel Chamble. When taking the grip should the V’s be in line with each other or can they be off-set. Thanks!

My lead hand is about a 6 and trail hand is about a 1 at set up. Very common for Phil. VJ, And many more

Yes, the grip pressure slightly increase through impact . When I tried very tight grip pressure my swing got slower , more heel impact, less than 100 mph in swing speed. Keeping at 6 and 1, swing speed can go back up 10 125mph with a better release. Your body has to move away from the direction of where club is going.

sometimes I experiment with holding tight with only the middle fingers; seems that way it’s a tight grip without tight forearms.

Glenn Zankey

CONGRATULATIONS on getting into the Golf Channel Academy !! It’s about time.


Great content! Super high-quality! Keep it up! 🙂

This clarification is appreciated. As remote students we have to understand that each nugget you present may or may not be an adjustment we need. I tried a stronger grip pressure and found I did lose that snap you and Savanna were discussing. Thanks to watching many of your wonderful videos, I realized grip pressure was not something in my swing that needed to change. On the other hand, many of your nuggets have helped my game and I use them every time I play!!!

Shawn, it wasn’t an overstatement that right hand dominate players should “squeeze the blood out” with your grip. It was perhaps the best single golf tip that I have ever received. At 86 years old, I am literally bombing my drives and have contributed to a 10+ improvement in my golf score.

Shawn, I can’t seem to open any Videos, I can access the website but when I click on your videos can’t open, a message about player.vimeo??

I had this problem for a long time and finally figured out that I had a content blocker that was stopping the videos.

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