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Shawn Clement, one of the top 20 youtube teachers and the only one recognized for teaching without body part or positions, drives the ball over 300 yards both right-handed and left-handed and breaks par from either side, and is also the only one who ever qualified and played world-ranked events with 1/2 left and 1/2 right-handed clubs in the same bag! He is the ultimate expert on golf instruction!

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Sébastien EBALARD

Hi Shawn,
For this drill would that be better to have a heavy clubhead? with my golf clubs i can’t feel the weight of the head at the top of the backswing.
thanks 🙂

The axe drill is one of the best. I can relate to that like throwing a sledge hammer against a wall of concrete in my work. The best thing I got from this drill is the bent knees or squat to get ready to heave the unit. Puts me in perfect position on plane everytime and I can even get my interlock grip on the way done.

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Shawn Clement

YES SIR!!!👌💪😀👍


Lawrence Smith

Hey Shawn,

So, an ax and a sledgehammer have a short shaft, like an iron. I’ve had some success getting my irons on plane in the backswing by thinking of them as axes and “heaving” them to the top of the backswing. I’ve had less success with the hybrids and woods due to the longer shaft. The ax analogy doesn’t seem to work as well and I whip the backswing too far inside because the longer shaft seems to want to be swung more “around” as opposed to heaved “up.” Any thoughts on the difference between irons and longer clubs as it relates to this drill?

Working through this axe drill again. The grass whip and PMD have really helped me with the downswing. But getting to the top is a bit off. I have used a slower backswing and “placing” the club at the top. But using the axe drill, it seems as if we should be tossing or heaving to the top of the backswing. Thoughts on this, while keeping my focus on the target?

Thanks for the reply… So…. back to my original question, which is it? Slow to the top of the backswing, or, heave it to the top?

Ok sounds good….. do you happen to know any videos that would be good for this?

Shawn one thing I’m not getting… when you say robust the weight of the arm/club unit, do you just let them fall or are you ‘making’ them fall with some effort?

Loving your content as always and I think you should add a ‘contribution’ option to your website

Thank you (and Sav of course)

I have watched those videos ( I’ve watched them all 😊)… so I literally just let my arms ‘fall’ under their own weight toward the target?

Tip jar will be used from now on!!!!

Hi Shawn, this is my first comment/question. While watching this weight shift video with you and Savy, I picked up something new for me. I’ve always had trouble with Perpetual M. drill.. always seemed awkward.
This time I stayed centered and the weight shift was completely natural. The foot plant comes with out thinking. Hope to confirm this at the range tomorrow. Thanks!

Shawn– if the weight of the arm club unit is increased, would that not make you feel like that total weight is carrying you through the swing without you exerting any force. ” Give up control to gain control” as Knudson said. Isn’t it easier to let gravity work with a heavier club. Just set it in motion and let it happen.. I don’t you can do it with todays light clubs

Thank you for the above response. When I let the axe fall and my body is getting out of the way….When do I add the leg pumping force???? I saw your video on Rory. Pretty awesome!!

Great drill. You may want to consider getting a blade guard for that axe, your insurance premiums might go down!

I really liked this feeling of tossing an axe. It felt good. It took me a while but I realized that when I went back to using the club without the split grip I was not waiting for the axe to finish the toss if that makes sense. It happened by mistake that I noticed a ‘settling’ of the toss almost like a pause then I was able to throw the club toward my target line much more easily and boom the ball just flew. No strain it just went.

Otherwise I was still pulling the ball left badly. So I tried to recapture and replicate the feeling but it kind of came and went. The settled feeling definitely resulted in straighter shots with less effort. I tried switching between the split hand axe technique then regular swing but it was still intermittent. I think I need to know how to lock in this settled feeling at the finish of my back swing. Any ideas?

That was your best video ever about the down part of the swing!! Hits home for me. Now I have great success with the step drill even when I step forward and perform the backswing at the same time. I feel the separation of the upper and lower body and how it starts from the ground up. My question: In your expert opinion. When I blend these 2 feelings should I start DOWN or FORWARD first? If I do the step drill I’m obviously starting forward. So then should I leg pump from there? Probably a stupid question but I have to ask.

John Carroll

Great work you two.

Great video! However I can’t get “weight of the ax” to dovetail with kinetic chain/leg pumping in my head.

Do the legs initiate the kinetic chain:
 A) Faster than gravity, causing the arm club unit to fall faster than a weighted ax? or
B) At exactly the speed of gravity, causing the arm club unit to fall the same speed of a weighted ax (not rushing the downswing).
When I really dig into the ground with my legs, I can hit the ball much farther, however, I lose that wonderful “gravity” feeling.
BONUS paradox question: I was having great results yesterday with “Pulling in the downswing” However, that seems to contradict today’s “Weigh of the ax” video. Thanks!

I’m very interested to hear Shawn’s answer. I kind of have the same question which I will post below. I’m pretty sure he will say that BLENDING any of these analogies is a good thing as we travel further down the rabbit hole.

Hi guys (right handed golfer),

For me the feelings of a golf swing (learning from Shawn) are UP, DOWN, UP using rotation. The axe drill is amazing for putting you on plane and getting your body out the way and importantly, your right hip UP, HEAVING your arms UP into a nice THROWING position with your full turn and butt eventually facing the target.

When you stay on your target and transfer your weight to the inside of your left foot (ULTRA IMPORTANT and transfer from the back) then you start your DOWNswing into the ground but VERY IMPORTANTLY, you are going TOWARDS YOUR TARGET. When you’re coming DOWN you can squat as much or as little as you want and delay the throwing of the clubhead if you were THROWING/TOSSING A CLUB TOWARDS YOUR TARGET.

For me, this last bit is definitely UP but TOWARDS YOUR TARGET and you can even feel the PERPETUAL MOTION bounce of the body (use Shawn’s batter a door down drill to feel this well). I think Shawn has also described this as a reversed spike in volleyball (spiking upwards). You can feel this more if you leave your trail foot anchored for longer as then you pop UP more on your right toe before it turns. I think this last bit comes with time and more practise.

THESE ARE JUST MY FEELINGS but they may help…I certainly don’t think about any of this when I’m on the course, I keep it very simple:

Heave my axe/club on plane (plane comes from your target, either staying left or right of your intermediate point, IE fade or draw) and then whip that clubhead through to your target.


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