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amarjot Bedi

This one is PURE GOLD!
For me, I was going to ask about what I see when I am ready to go.
I am almost afraid to Look up and see my target once I have my IP “cause everything looks way off” , feels I am going so-right.
At 5.45 you addressed it, as if you were telling me. So I did perform the arc blur over the ball but I have stopped looking up once I am set, specially on the uncomfortable shots, is that a good thing or will I eventually get used to seeing the right when I look up?

Also go-pro over the top my driver looks way more closed, yours looked almost open, was it the camera angle?

Shawn Clement

Good! Stay with it! The side vision will always be this way; we cannot undo 100’s of Thousands of years of evolution! 👍😝 You cannot compare what our Drivers look like at address; very different for everyone!

Krista Nabb

I’m with you amarjot. I sometimes just have the picture in my head but with practice I’ve been able to look up before swinging.

mark sobel

shawn,should my belt buckle face target on finish

Shawn Clement

Not a fan of that one; it is too incomplete; see the “width of stance and finish position” video as well as the “stick your finish despite the ball series”

Gerald Prowse

Hey Shawn! Been working alot on my game and feeling im striking the ball alot better, but just cant seem to get rid of my outside/in swing path. Not sure where to turn or what drills would best help me fix this! Thanks!

Gerald Prowse

Typical shot with a 7 iron is usually pretty high and sweeps from left to right. There tends to be a lot of side spin. Divots show that im coming over the top on it. Thanks for the help!

Gerald Prowse

Amazing! Thank you! I will work on this tomorrow! Love the videos!

Steve Strickland

Great drill!

Greg Schwenk

Ok just went the range and tried this drill because yesterday I struggled big time with my driver and three wood on the course. Over the top swing not focusing on the swoosh but didn’t realize I focusing on the wrong target. Got amazing results. I had to two people come up to me at the range and tell me how good my drives were and that I was hitting it so consistent! Thanks for also discussing the mental side of the swing and game. I tend to get to careful rather then just letting it go!

Last edited 2 years ago by Greg Schwenk
Shawn Clement

That is beautiful Greg! Great on you man! 👍😀💪


When I try to swing unintentionally hard my arms extend slightly in the last part of the downswing and my brain seems to know and forces me to turn enough to contact the ball. This gives me a pull. If the swing is even harder my pec and left arm tension up and I block it to the right. I know it is wrong and I do not have that intension. I can swing with ease and complete the task but the ball only goes 3/4 the distance. So next time my brain says I guess I have to swing harder. Bad brain.

Shawn Clement

when you want to go farther, whip the dandelion stem farther! See “kinetic chain engagement part 6” and the latest “task update” where we focus on sending the damdelion stem into the wind!


Thanks I went back to the range and got back to getting on the lead leg to start the down swing and the swing started taking care of itself. A heavy throw was what was needed to get rid of the tension. To finish off, cutting the grass was perfect for ball grass contact. When I use heavy throw to target as the main task it is not as accurate for control of the bottom of my swing. Cutting grass just fits me well. It is a more relaxing task than trying to make the ball do something like on TV.

Shawn Clement

You nailed it when you said “a more relaxing task”
BINGO!! That is a keeper!!👍😀💪👌

Tristan Bexton

The gopro angle at the end was very helpful in understanding how far out to the right the swing needs to feel! Surprisingly easy to see the blur as well.

Shawn Clement

Glad you enjoyed that! It was a lot of fun to do! 👍😀

Sandy Chan

Interesting comment by Savannah – about playing defensive (I have to score well, I have to make sure, etc) is SO TRUE. The second you do that – it almost guarantees a bad score!

The challenge is really to keep on swinging freely – stick to the task/control your strain level – and the ball will go where the ball will go.

“Any attacking swing, will still be better than any defensive swing” – gold nugget right here.

Shawn Clement

Boom! Light bulb! 👍😀


Great video. I find is easy to “think” about swinging towards the target, but find it overwhelmingly difficult not to “hit” the ball. And keep defaulting to the ball.


Thank you.


Great video, the camera view at the end was helpful. It would have been useful to have an overview of the hole at the beginning so I could visualise your flight plan.

Shawn Clement

Great Idea! Someone actually google mapped the hole; #6 Quebec Course at Royal Quebec; see it on google, it is a great representation!


Hi Shawn,

Great video

In terms of tracking the blur

I know you often advise to keep eyes between leading edge on grass or at the tee for a driver; however, I just find if I’m looking anywhere near the ball I blackout and lose sense of my direction.

As long as I’ve predicted contact and feel it in my bones, do you see any issue with a student keeping their eyes on the left or right side of the intermediate point (depending on the shot) and sticking with the throw from there during the whole swing?

Shawn Clement

Good comment, no issues as long as the intermediate point is very close by and inside 6 inches so that you don’t hinder the range of motion in the backswing. Very well said!


Thanks for this! I showed it to my son because he was way over the top in his last tournament. He loved seeing the blur and was hitting his normal ball path again! Teaching your own kid is the best with help from you!

Shawn Clement

Love it! And it was not that difficult huh!?😀👍


For the first time I noticed that you set up with the clubhead at 8 to 10 inches behind the ball (like Moe Norman). Do you set up with the clubhead in the same position in your stance for all shots and vary the ball position to match the planned flight of the ball? .

Shawn Clement

See “draw fine tuning” and “fade fine tuning” for ball positions with each one. Then see “driver” part 1-2-3
close to what Moe did; like a hybrid between him and conventional as we deal with purpose vs human anatomy.

Jeremy Moody

Super video Shawn. For me key1 is intermediate point. Binocular setup then forgedaboutit…I know my distance already and have the line. After that the blur gives me the confirmation feeling of the correct direction of release into the flight plan. Key 2 is to allow the brain to stay out of the rest of it. My most horrible, and I mean horrible, shots came when defensive control took over. WIG best teaching. Golf….what a sport….JM.

Shawn Clement

See how close we are getting!? 😀👍


Sorry if I’ve missed the point Shawn, but should you see the blur of the club passing over the right/left of the intermediate point? Wouldn’t the club naturally just arc once it’s passed the ball? Does this mean you’re ‘directing’ the club in the direction you want the ball to go? I hope that makes sense! Thanks for brilliant education from a very happy customer in Newcastle upon Tyne, England.

Shawn Clement

The key here is to maintain awareness that the swing is staying in the direction through the intermediate point. If you leave the shot before that, the brain will default to the ball, you will get in front of it, then come across to the left where the arc will get cut short and exit left too soon! See “target confirmation series” video on premium.

mike mccracken

Blur of the club series is one of your best. I noticed that I was setting up correctly to the IP, but when I would look sideways I was not on the same far away target to throw the club as should be if I followed the line from IP to the far away target. Sometimes half or more to the final target. This was very helpful.

Shawn Clement

Super deluxe!!


Hy Shawn , très belle vidéo. Mon anglais étant so so. Si je vise à droite du point intermédiaire sans déplacer ma balle légèrement vers mon pied droit comme pour un draw est-ce que la balle balle aura tendance à rester vers la droite?Ou si je libère vers ma cible elle aura quand même un effet comme lorsqu’on botte un ballon de soccer.

Shawn Clement

Vois le vidéo “draw fine tuning” et “diagonal stance series”


I agree – the GoPro view, with your commentary, was helpful. I haven’t had a problem seeing your blur in the other views, but what the GoPro showed was that your club position was at even more of an angle to square than it appears in the other videos. That reinforces the idea of sticking with the flight plan, even if it “doesn’t look right” to the side vision.



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Shawn Clement

Now we really see more clearly why so many golfers struggle with their bearings! They are so easy to distort!

Jamie Jones

Shawn, That GoPro view is invaluable. I often talk myself out of my initial setup based on what you said…binocular vision and change position and end up fading or push slice, etc….the blurb works but you have to trust it. That’s the big thing for me is trusting the arc and pre shot routine…thanks and please keep the GoPro view on all future videos…great job as usual.

Shawn Clement

You bet! Already in the plans for all shots!!

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