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What is Wisdom in Golf

Shawn Clement, one of the top 20 youtube teachers and the only one recognized for teaching without body part or positions, drives the ball over 300 yards both right-handed and left-handed and breaks par from either side, and is also the only one who ever qualified and played world-ranked events with 1/2 left and 1/2 right-handed clubs in the same bag! He is the ultimate expert on golf instruction!

He and his team will show you how to play to your full potential with our Online Golf Lessons Academy...

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Joseph Pavlik

Great video. The pumping action and timing. Its all about feel, like being on a swing. Playing my second round today in Michigan. 69 deg. and 20 mph winds. I’m excited.

Shawn Clement

Good stuff! Send some of that heat our way!!

Eckhart Diestel

by chance I found a helpful tip to develop and ingrain the correct feeling and visualisation of this motion; some of you may find this helpful:

I do this drill with closed eyes and it gives me a good feel, but I can’t see if the motion is done correctly or rather: does it even match what I think that I am doing ?

thus: have a lamp lit behind you so that your shadow is cast against a wall; then perform the drill and watch your shadow. You will get an instant and exact feedback about how well you swivel your lower body.

Surprisingly, you will likely see that your swivel motion is already perfect !



Shawn Clement

Shadow boxing!! Very very sound way to get feedback! Well done Eckhart, I am in!!

Jerome (Pat) MacMullin

Hey Shawn, this will be my second season hitting the links and I just subscribed to your premium channel. Your content has certainly helped leaps and bounds. I never imagined I could work the ball with my irons like I’ve been seeing lately, fades and draws into targets… I struggle with my driver though! I use a FS mevo and can generate some alright speed avg. 108 – 110 with 245 – 255 carry, but above that I feel like I’m swinging out of my shoes, I feel as though I’m releasing at the ball, all attempts to move the hands faster ahead of the club create some nasty pop flies, like a really long lob wedge. What instruction in your library I should focus on? Thank you

Shawn Clement

Hi Jerome; immediately see my Driver video down the list of videos by date or just search the word Driver in the search box; then see the “arc-blur unstoppable momentum” series which has a nice driver in it; and then see “kinetic chain series” to understand the awesome power you have when the timing of this machine is good. Never strain for power, always use momentum and throwing actions through specific directions.

Shawn Clement

Oh, and yes, speaking of which, see the “throwing series” which shows throwing the different lengths of clubs!

Jerome (Pat) MacMullin

Thank You Sir, and will do.

Seeing this feet together drill again along with the one leg drill your weight shift seems to be all on the front leg once your backswing turn is done. Am I missing something? It sounds like your an advocate for less trail side weight shift and leaning more towards keeping your weight on the lead side.

Shawn Clement

No, there is a very defined weight shift in the swing; you can get a head’s up with “weight shift with Savy” and “the walking drill” and then see the original “kinetic chain series”

Neal Ward

Good video. You should touch more on how to squat properly. For the longest time I was doing it wrong. I would squat start to turn and end up jumping when my hips were facing the the ball. Then I started to play around with swinging the club while walking and realized how the squatting works. More of a squat, turn and momentum does the rest. Kind of automatic.

Shawn Clement

Great post Neal, awesome really! You describe it very well and no worries, we will be elaborating on exactly that!

Eckhart Diestel

Thank you Shawn,

this is is an absolutely essential video. If you don’t mind, I will describe how I translate this into my own thoughts:

  • there is a vertical component – that is a vertical jump using the leading leg,

think of the vertical move of a prima ballerina in a pirouette

  • there is a horizontal component – in front of you, it is your club; behind you it is your ‘behind’ – it counterbalances the club. The club moves back in the backswing, the behind moves toward target; club moves forward through to finish, the behind moves in the opposite direction, away from the target.

think of a dock crane rotating

Both these components work together, but each of them is also a power source just on its own.

I practice this drill with closed eyes and start to control the swing with the weight shift (swivel). Thus, I let my legs/behind control the entire motion – backswing through follow through.

There is another power element hidden in this drill – while you are still travelling to the very top of the backswing, your lower body can already reverse the direction of the swivel ( look at a Bubba Watson drive online, you can see what I mean ) – and from that position you let the club travel freely on a full arc and just think, generously: ‘throw’ – the result is incredible.

You probably have more concise words to describe this move, Shawn. I just want to share my enthusiasm about this kinetic chain element. Without the swivel of the ‘behind’ it is not possible.

The next power source is your snap release. I find its timing a bit difficult while ‘swivelling’.



Shawn Clement

The whole post is brilliant Eckhart and I share your enthusiasm because it is obvious that you have understood from the inside out what the action-chain of a human machine is all about. Sincere congratulations! 😀👍👌💪

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