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Shawn Clement, one of the top 20 youtube teachers and the only one recognized for teaching without body part or positions, drives the ball over 300 yards both right handed and left handed and breaks par from either side and is also the only one who ever qualified and played world ranked events with 1/2 left and 1/2 right handed clubs in the same bag! He is the ultimate expert on golf instruction!

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Glad to hear you all enjoyed WP9! Great little muni course here in Orlando.


Great content! Super high-quality! Keep it up! 🙂


Hi Shawn,’

How do you reconcile an ability to RELEASE the club with an ultra-firm grip pressure?
Doesn’t that tension RESTRICT the release of your hands?
(I know it doesn’t for YOU)

dude abides

I have been fighting a week fade for a couple weeks with my new irons. Frustrating. Watched this video tightened the grip, more athletic stance and OMG there’s is a draw with super solid impact. Maybe I have found something. Thanks Shawn and Savvy

Neal Ward

How do you proceed to take your strong grip? Do you set the club down with the face perpendicular to your body and then take your grip? I don’t think you have actually every explained that.


mike mccracken

Shawn, I was of that hold bird in grip school until your videos. Sharing this as it might help others. Experimented with a more firm grip, very secure. Club head speed was up. Then I tried with my old grip pressure, kind of back to bad habit by accident and noticed a noticeable drop in club head speed on my radar. You mentioned losing the grip triggers the mind as one possible outcome. Also wondering if when you start down since the club was loose that the club head starts to release at the top and there is no way to stop it once the chain is engaged and with the firm grip it stays intact to deliver the whipping? Not sure of the science but the firm grip definitely works! Thank you again, you are the best!

Good morning…as a new member just wanted to say thanks for the grip pressure video. Seems to be an eternal question. Tathata instruction would say you never would try to cut thru something with a sword without a lot of grip pressure. And since a golf club is not as balanced as a sword then pressure required to keep stable. And then supposedly Bill Mehlhorn gripped so lightly the club would turn in his hand or so I have read. Yikes confusing…will try both with the grasswhip I just received. That is as soon as it dries out here in NE Georgia. No real question just wanted to say thanks for all the information. Cheers

How are your divots? Behind, at or within 4 inches in front of the ball. Did your angle of attack change? I’m going test it , on my flight scope!

I would like to see a very close up of the hand grips for both hands. I always look for 2 knuckles on lead hand and trail pointing toward shoulder!

You and Adam Young should do some stuff together!

Hit some into the nets today using the info from the last couple videos. Fairly decent feeling shots. I will rent some time on the simulator in a week or two to verify.
My question is, does the firm grip also carry over to the putter? How about little chip shots?

Hi Shawn ; I like your comment on grip pressure. I am having trouble with the whip concept . I’m using the overlap grip right hand and found I could grip securely with it. Trouble was I found I was squeezing so hard my left index was bearing down on the knuckle of the right hand . I t caused my club head to be open on follow through when club was parallel and the whip action was a wishful thought. When i moved my left index finger off the knuckle and onto the area above the right knuckle ( phalange ) the club was cosing slightly and I actually started to feel a slight whip . Was I doing a common mistake, and am I now on the right path . Med

I started to grip tighter as you suggest. My only concern is that the tension in my forearms will migrate into the arms where I will try to swing with the upper body (using my back instead of the legs). Further, the tighter grip cuts down on wrist hinge as it seems to lock the wrists up more. Any suggestions?

Great stuff, Thanks Shawn. After convincing myself that I should grip the club so lightly that it almost falls out of my hands, this makes much more sense. Can’t wait to try this on the course tomorrow ( weather permitting ) 🙂

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