Hammer Drill

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Eckhart Diestel

Hi Shawn,
do you have an alternate image with the same effect as the ‘dandelion stem’ ? I’d love to use it; so far my mind is looking for it, just does not “see” it. I just seem to not perceive the sole of the club as being a gras cutting tool, my mind rather perceives the entire club face in motion. At times I can perceive the ball as ‘floating’ above the playing surface, but not consistently. I go with ‘carrot peel’ and ‘sending two tees towards the target’ as well as ‘fixed lowest point of the swing’. In all these my mind does not perceive the leading edge of the club as being in motion, but as stated, the entire clubface. For ‘unstoppable momentum’ I ideally would like to have, next to goldilocks, suitable imagery for the feel through the bottom of the arc, – finetuning. What do you suggest – do I have to wait for the dandelions to grow 🙂 ?
Best regards

Eckhart Diestel

Thank you,
indeed, I successfully use your goldilocks guidance with the sole of the woods; it is very helpful. I will try to mentally ‘widen’ the sole of my irons and play them more like woods.

In one video you mention that you see the bottom of the club hitting the ball hitting the gras catching the soil etc., suggesting that you ‘feel’ and predict the divot. That feeling and prediction has eluded me so far as well.

Ryan Bell

I just tried this drill/task and it really produced for me. Seemed like I was able to hit the ball as far as throwing the club, but with less effort.

I was surprised in the video when you said you hit a fade. The set-up for this drill really resembles the set-up for hitting a draw, with how you seem to turn to get behind the ball.

Shawn Clement

Great stuff! And regardless of fade or draw, you are behind the hit. Remember that the shoulder alignment has nothing to do with the path of the arm swing.


hi shawn, i struggle with this drill because it brings my arms into action whereas i understood from you not to use them, but only the legs and butt swivel, which has brought me a lot of progress. As a result i loose my straight effortless swing if i implement the drill into play..never the less i understand the importance of the drill . could you give me a tool to use the drill and not to activate my arms ? i might not have understood in the course that there is always a part of arm-action, if so let me know please? the only arm action i use now is to carry the structure of the top of the backswing position down to impact.thx


Shawn – you gave me this as one of five videos to work on. Should this be incorporated into setup with every club!

Shawn Clement

Yes; from the wedge through to the fairway woods; Driver can be the same as the fairway woods but if you want more out of it, it will be nailing 5 degrees up instead of 1 degree down. Can you picture that? Also, realize that the ball position will be a bit more forward with the hybrids and fairway woods.


Yes, understand / heard you compliment Sav on achieving 5 degrees in this week’s video. Guess I am thinking too hard but so far the mechanics of getting behind the ball is beyond my skill set. Heading to the range tomorrow morning. Thank you.


Shawn – I am getting the feeling of getting behind the ball finally. Is the getting behind the ball tip the same as your pre-turn tip (set up for a draw video)? When I get behind the ball I feel like I am pre-turning as I rotate my hands into the strong grip position that squares up the club face. It also feels like the clubhead is moving back in my stance – also similar to the pre-turn tip for a draw. In the pre-turn tip you show the clubhead in front of the ball and then pre-turn which puts the clubhead behind the ball. I am trying to make sure of how this new tilt (getting behind the ball) should feel by trying to describe how it looks and feels to me. Thanks!


Thanks. I will review these before returning to the range. Our courses are very tight in the Myrtle Beach, SC area and I have to finally be able to hit straighter shots. Need to hit the beautiful straight draw you show us so often!!


This drill has helped me eliminate excess movement in my swing. I developed a “flip” at the beginning of my transition, which killed club head speed and consistency. While I “envisioned” throwing the hammer, actually throwing and comparing the feeling of that task also eliminated turning too far inside and being “stuck.” This drill should be part of the consistency and beginners series IMO. Much thanks


This is the one that has done it for me .Putting my head in the right position and my backswing on the correct path which also allowing me to drop the club in the slot without manipulation.My drives are 40-50 yards longer and go where generally where I want them to.When I blackout and default to the ball I usually shank them.I spent past 3 years in a bad place wondering why I was wasting my time.I now have the confidence that I can return to good golf with intent.
Thanks for your unique perspective on the game .


Shawn, this is my go to swing thought that really help sync my swing.
I look at my target, get my flight plan. Then I walk into my shot, align to intermediate for the shot shape. Take a deep breath and then the last thing I think of is what does it feel like to hammer in that direction.
Oh Yeah, like that!
(As you can see I have started repeating your phrases)

Or do you like cut grass better than hammer?


Hi Shawn,

In doing the drill should the hammer be swung with one our two hands.



Love this one but for some reason I have a really hard time getting my weight on to my left side when do the braced tilt. Feels like I’m starting so much on my right side that I can’t get over to my left.


I can’t wait to have the snow melt to get out there and put this video to use.

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