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"OH NO! ARE YOU SERIOUS? Don't tell me that you are not subscribed and that you are going to miss out on this amazing video that will show you how to drive the ball long and straight!?

Shawn Clement, one of the top 20 youtube teachers and the only one recognized for teaching without body part or positions, drives the ball over 300 yards both right handed and left handed and breaks par from either side and is also the only one who ever qualified and played world ranked events with 1/2 left and 1/2 right handed clubs in the same bag! He is the ultimate expert on golf instruction!

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Gregory Sipe

HI Shawn…how come I can’t view this video. It says I’m not subscribed. ??

Gregory Sipe

Lol. Thanks. I guess thats what the Eagle Session means in the title. I’ll upgrade. Just turning 49 and been playing golf since I was 10. I’ve read 100’s of golf books on playing and history and love the game. Followed all the great golf instructors over the years and overloaded my brain with position golf. I used to play great golf in grade school and high school because I didn’t think about positions, I thought about throwing my golf club down the fairway at my target. That was my only thought and I was a 6 handicap going into college. Well to keep a moderately long golfing career story short, I pretty much messed up my game for the past 30 years and struggled to get back to even a 15 handicap. These last two weeks I’ve spent with you, Sav and Moo(Not sure how to spell his short name) have brought me back to high school and my old game. You’re a brilliant golf instructor, coach and communicator and I’m not exactly sure how you evaded my radar. Your explanations of the game and your integration of anatomy and physics are perfect. This game isn’t that hard, you’re right, we just need to do what we are already wired to do. Look forward to one day having the opportunity to get some in person time with you and “nut” some golf balls. Keep being you and thanks for everything so far. Best………….Greg. PS: Pass on my thanks to Sav and Moo as well!


Hi Shawn,

At a recent fitting with a 7 iron the distance was relatively short with tremendous spin and height on the ball. The launch angle was consistently above 24. I placed the ball back in my stance and saw a small reduction in spin and launch angle. I guessed that the two tee drill would help however in this video it seems to have to do with the wrist angle and timing of the release. How does one at home determine if the angle on attack is downward and how does one improve it?



Hi Shawn, I have thrown clubs, hammers, hockey sticks, hammers duck-taped to clubs literally by the hundreds and my swing is definitely better. However, keeping the correct lag still is elusive when hitting a shot. I found a eureka aid that gives me instantaneous feedback . Its called the SG Lagtastik and is demonstrated by Stewart Smith on Youtube. I have been it using for 5 months and it. has been great. Since it attaches to ones own club while making actual shots, its easy to transition into on course play. I would like to know if you’ve experimented with it with your students and get your feedback on its utility.
Thank you

Mark Cohn

Hey Savannah,
Are you using a 7 iron?
Where are you positioning the ball relative to center? Hard to tell exactly from the video. Looks like it’s at least a ball behind center.
I struggle with feeling like I’m not going to make contact with the ball when it’s in the center or behind center of my stance and I’m trying to go deep in my swing before release. Do you ever feel that way and if so how do you overcome it?


Yes I throw clubs quite a bit, even made the 2 tennis balls with the shaft your friend sent you so I could throw something safer in my front yard. I guess my mental focus is short circuiting when the ball gets in front of me and I am still subconsciously trying to control the swing. I just watched a senior swing analysis skype session you had and it resonated with me. I think I would like to set up a Skype lesson, work on what you identify in the lesson, and then one to Quebec for 2 days and work in person. I took lessons in person in Texas 2 years ago, but now that I am more fully immersed in your instruction I think it will be even more beneficial


So I find myself struggling with releasing my lag early and hitting at the ball also, But my legs don’t get me bye as Savannah’s do, in fact, as I watched myself on slow motion They are my problem. Despite practicing backswing and PMD drills I am still sliding. I watched some older videos ” tilted swirl” and ” Hogans power move ” and they, along with the feeling of snapping a punch with my left hand have finally cemented in my mind the correct feeling. The transfer of weight to the front foot so I can ” release into a snap ” is not mastered yet. I seem to stall out and the left hip does not turn enough and get out of the way.And yes “Obi-Shawn” this is despite my having a task to perform. Thank you in advance for your reply .


I find that my drives are starting to gain some length. My irons lack distance and Ifeel this video provides the very thing I need to work on. Would it also be the same release for the woods but on the way?

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