Distance to Ball – Part 2

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Craig Hofer

On a sunny yesterday with winds gusting 15-30 MPH I shot my 2nd 77 in a row – 1 each on the 2 courses at my club here in Memphis. Had not broken 80 since Dec 2020 so this is amazing. Your teaching is the reason and this video helped me to understand that there is more than 1 way to “default to the ball”. In my case, I didn’t come over the top but I did throw both my hands (handle first) directly at the ball with elbows very close together. Sometimes it worked and I’d have a decent round if my misses didn’t get in too much trouble. Now, I think of “battering ram” from the top with lead arm feeling like it is passing slightly over the ball and trail elbow in front of my body. Just have to trust that the kinetic chain will happen through the impact and I won’t miss the ball completely. This is where the magic happens and I’m nutting the ball a lot and my misses (thins, fats, left, right) aren’t getting me in much trouble. Your chipping and pitching take care of those (still hard to putt in 15-30 MPH wind though). Thank you and hope this helps someone else.

Shawn Clement

nice post Craig; way to place your faith in the human machine and next steps is to connect the battering ram to the target or direction you want to start the ball, if you have not done so already! 😀👍 it should feel like the ball has no choice but to go to the target.

Craig Hofer

Forgot to tell you. Bought a tru-temper grass whip to train with. Easter Sunday went to my amazing 84-yr-old father-in-laws to help him with chores that are too hard for him. He has about an acre of land that he plants each year with vegetables. I was supposed to weed eat everything (very hilly – lots of tall weeds) but took the whip instead. He had never seen one. I perpetual motioned everything for about an hour and wasn’t tired but learned why you want a firm grip on your instrument. Some nice blisters from letting the bird free too much.

Shawn Clement

Awesome! There will be some movement depending on how off centre some of the weeds get cut; so put a nice tennis wrap grip around it and 2 golf gloves.😀👍

Craig Hofer

Had a wonderful day of golf yesterday due to your clear instruction Shawn. After 1 under on the front nine I started trying to manipulate and shot 6 over on the back with 2 penalty strokes. I now trust your chipping and pitching and since neither requires much in the way of effort they work very well. Once I start “adding” strain to the full swing – bad things happen. That is partly 50 years of unlearning happening in real time. Looking forward to improving now that I have your good information. Had to watch chipping and pitching videos at least 15 times each and practice chipping a lot before it sunk in for me to trust it. Been watching Posture Part 2 now for maybe the 5th time and pick up a nuance each time. Thanks and Happy Easter!

Craig Hofer

Distance from the ball part 2 should be renamed to mystery of how a golf swing works – solved. The clear explanation of how the arms work through the downswing and follow through was golf-life changing. You have a gift.


Great video! Realizing now I’ve been too far from the ball the last few years because it felt like that’s what I needed to do to give myself enough room to swing the arms. But now that I understand it better, I’ve learned being a bit closer helps deliver a much more power blow with more consistent impact because it’s much easier to “cut the grass” in front of the ball.

Lot’s of fun at the range yesterday working on shaping shots. Lots of work to do yet, but these concepts are helping enormously!

Shawn Clement

Right on! The day you go from “at the ball” to “through the ball” is a very transformational day! 👍😀


I got an incredible insight. I have to admit; I never thought I had any hang ups about my set up to the ball. My problem? Consistency. Hmmmm. In my swing set up, my shoulders/upper back were highly rounded, like an old man with a cane. Why? It is not comfortable. I stand straight up. Could it be…wait for it….that I am defaulting to the ball? B-I-N-G-O. Enter: ball on a swing and battering ram lessons!!

Thank you.


How do I reconcile the idea of right arm crashing into chest causing a collapse or being far enough from the ball in the football drill video vs. the right arm ‘connected’ to body as described in this video?


Wow, this was an absolutely great video. Lots of nuggets explained in a crystal clear way. Thanks!


Hi Shawn, I still having trouble understanding what the feeling of compressing the ball. I tried the drill with the volleyball but I’m not sure what I should be feeling.


Would the Izzo figure 8 arm connection band help in training this feeling, especially clearing the arms like Hogan’s arms are wrapped in the Five Lessons book?

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