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Such a good video. My weakness is an outside – in swing path. I lose so much leverage. So then I started to take the club on the inside on my backswing, thinking that this promoted an inside – out downswing. But in reality, I was making it worse. Now the problem I am having is that I must be very conscious of my backswing “positions” at the mile markers; (i.e. “Don’t take it back inside”) Will that just go away on its own with repetition? If not, what do I replace that thought with. For example, my brain thinks that I can cut grass, regardless of bringing the club inside. Any ideas? Many thanks!

Shawn Clement

Yes, the “how to match backswing to target” for the backswing; and then “throwing the club” video to deliver to the target with the “predict contact” and “the goldie locks series” videos combo. Then go to “blur of club” and “arc-blur unstoppable momentum” series.

Ah ha! Thank you. You have given me an excuse to avoid some of my weekend projects. I have some golf training to do!!!


awesome video thanks

Jon R

Great drill to take away manipulation and set the kinetic chain. You answered my next question before I could ask it! Looking forward to seeing the 2nd half of the drill to incorporate into a fluid motion. One does not want to end up like Charles Barkley. You know what? You should take him on. It is all in the brain with that guy – right in your wheelhouse. That would be an amazing series to watch. 😀

Always enjoy watching all three of you perform the task! The view of you at the end really helped me see the way your arms almost look parallel to target line on the backswing. As opposed to the example you showed of coming inside too much and getting bunched up. I tried to visualize how your arms would look during that “too inside” backswing. The contrast between the two will help me as I tend to swing around myself rather than up and through – which usually produces a hook instead of a draw.

Jeremy Moody

Working with Donna on tempo and transitional pause allowing the momentum to accelerate beyond the ball. Lead shoulder feels naturally moving up and don’t have to think consciously about what the right elbow is doing. Effort level drops dramatically and accuracy and distance come along for the ride. So nice when a plan comes together.

So cool that that last shot you hit was DIRECTLY over the tee/“carrot peel” that you had hit just before. This is such a fun way to play golf Shawn, thank you so much!

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