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Randy LeFever

Hi Shawn.
Occasionally I’ll shank a pitch shot. Very frustrating. Any idea what may be causing this?

Shawn Clement

Yes! I see this with a few golfers from time to time and it’s the difference with the swing plane that needs to be more upright because it is a shorter club. All my wedges are the same length as my 9 iron btw. Do the PMD cutting grass in both directions and let that arm wedge unit levitate up so it can come down and not out towards the ball. See “short stop throw” in the throwing series and “football drill series”

This is a very good video. I am about the same size as Moo so was nice to see him moving. He does look a little stiff but for 2 plus years, his swing and body control is looking really good. I will practice this as the pitching is where I need the practice the most.

P.s. your advice to look at the Ping Hybrid was great!! I bought it after trying it and man oh man what a club. It is now my “go to tee off” choice for narrow fairways. Can get about 240 out of it. Thanks for the advice!! fantastic

p.s.s It is great to see you making subtle changes to the site. I like your attitude of not sitting still while continuing to improve. Keep up the good work!!

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Do you toss the ball with both legs at the same time

I’m watching that video for the fun, because Wisdom in Golf solved my chipping month ago. My confidence around the green was restored and never went away.

On a side note. Something felt odd watching Mu chipping/pitching action, something feeling contrived. And I think he’s unconsciously trying to keep his legs from moving by keeping his feet pointing almost inward, a bit like Matsuyama when he’s putting (horrible putting stance). He doesn’t do that on a full swing, so I think flaring his feet just a hair would help him having a more fluid motion.

Watched this a couple of times, so much good information!

Hi Shawn, great video as always. Do you recommend to use a particular club when we need to chip, are within 10 yards of the green and have no obstacles between the ball and the green? Does it depend on whether the pin is close or far? I’ve often heard to aim to get the ball rolling as quickly as possible but I’m doubting all these kinds of recommendations since I’ve decided to become “wiser”.

Shawn Clement

Wiser! There it is!! Genius!!
Yes, see on course strategies with short game; I have a few videos in here on that! 1/3 onto green and 2/3 roll. Pick the club that will perform that with the situation at hand.

I’ve encountered the dreaded mid-season slump. Every time I think WIG is pushing me to the next level, I have a set back.

I’m in a rut. Set up to hit a draw = block it left (left handed player)
Set up to hit a fade = pulled shot

I have 4 hours dedicated to practice later today. Any drills, thoughts, tasks or anything that will get me out of this mess is appreciated.

Shawn Clement

Close the face more so you can stay with the direction you want ro start on!! See « Blur or club » and « unstoppable momentum blur arc » videos
Stay with your arc in the direction you want to start the ball. If you don’t, the head moves forward and the shots end up EXACTLY how you described them!

Tom Britt

Thanks Shawn. Had been decelerating again but your timely reminder was a lifesaver. No decel when I use my legs.. Every chip today was pin high and holed 2 from beyond 25 feet!

Is there still some leg movement in the very short chip where it is like a putt?

Jeremy Moody

As per usual the video message is superbly repetitive and physiologically sound. Using the ground really frees up the kinetic chain. Thanks.


Wish I had sen this early this morning. Was ” guiding ” my chip and especially my pitches. Cost me at LEAST 5 – 7 strokes !! Watched the video and nailed almost ALL of them by using my legs. GREAT JOB !!!

kinetic chain, beautifully illustrated, like poetry in motion. Thanks Shawn, seeing Mo doing it is a super visual. Now I can focus my practice to further build my myelin.

Linda Soulages

For me to feel the weight of the sledge hammer I do it with my eyes closed and then with the club. It really registered is the feeling with the brain

andy vasily

OK, I’m loving the idea of the sledge hammer swinging back and forth and am understanding the concept of having to shift the weight naturally to clear out of the way. Seeing as the club is a much lighter object, is the job here to feel the club head swing back and through to get a real sense of feeling the club head path. I know that the blur of the club head will give you a general path that the the club is traveling but where does the feel and touch come into it? Not trying to over analyze, but just make more sense of this process. By the way Shawn, I’ve had some recent breakthroughs with my swing that I’m looking forward to telling you about next time we speak. Talk soon my man!

andy vasily

Never thought about it that way, thanks man.

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