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shawn, good series–I see the point of elevating in the back swing and waiting for the arm/club to start tracking down. I also see the point of having the battering ram go through the door frame. There is one thing I do not see and that is the direction of the path of the battering ram through the door frame. is the Butt end pointing to the target, the ball or somewhat left or right of the ball?

Shawn Clement

Neither-none of the above! You are using the butt of the club with weight of arms to bust through the door frame in the direction you want the ball to start. It’s a feel of “unstoppable momentum” busting through with heft.

I think I am understanding. I do feel the weight of arms and club busting through but still not sure if I am the butt through at the intermediate point where the club will go through or some point inside the intermediary point in the same direction. this is confusing to me and would like you to clarify. Perhaps you can explain on a video or diagram to help me. Because the butt is inside the arc of the club face is there an inside point to shoot for? I have tried your battering ram approach without much success because I am aiming too far inside or outside so anything you can add would help. When I do hit a good shot it works but I am having trouble making it repeatable.

meant to say not sure if I aim the butt


I live in the metropolitan Washington, DC area and winter is upon us. What can I do through the winter months to prepare for the golf season once the weather warms up? I always feel like I’m starting over at the beginning of every golf season.

Hi Shawn, can you clarify something for me? What should be my focus when i set up to the ball? Should it be the feel of the release of a certain task that i pick to the intermediate point? How can i focus on mile markers in the backswing and still be focused on the feel of the release through the intermediate point?

G’day Shawn. Can you clarify a point I continue to hear on WIG and that’s to do with the release.
I’ve think I’ve heard you say, release into your target, release in the direction you want the ball to go and release in the direction you want the ball to start. I’ve had problems pulling the ball and I’m starting to think I should be releasing in the direction I want the ball to start not at the target. Cheers….

I enjoyed your section number five. I would suggest to improve our learning you do a better close-up to show what you are teaching the student. You did a great job with instruction concerning the grip and the fingers but we did not Learn as much because it was too distant Ross to see Well.


Correction: Part4.


Part5: 9:00 min mark:
For fade, are we talking about changing our swing to hit a fade ?


Thank you Shawn.

I am sorry, I missed your response 9 days ago. Setting up notifications when you reply to your members is critical – email alert. Like Youtube.

Fade is given me issues like many. Open stance for fade and diagonal or natural stance for draw (I love Diagonal stance).

Please give us some pointers on how you line to the target.

DRAW: So I line up with the flag, GET BEHIND THE BALL and release the club somewhere right. Ball is drawing, I don’t know what is normal draw versus hook. 2 yards – 10 yards draw also how wind affect my draw.

I can fade or even slice if I open my club just a touch or even keep it square.

Will be sending you a video for your analysis – Cant wait to hear your thoughts.

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