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Shawn Clement, one of the top 20 youtube teachers and the only one recognized for teaching without body part or positions, drives the ball over 300 yards both right-handed and left-handed and breaks par from either side, and is also the only one who ever qualified and played world-ranked events with 1/2 left and 1/2 right-handed clubs in the same bag! He is the ultimate expert on golf instruction!

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Nate Iikubo

Hi Shawn, with this drill is your spine pre-tilted as you walk and swing, and if so it seems much harder to maintaine the angle.. Or there’s no pre tilt or turn for this drill and if so are they entirely necessary for actually hitting/swinging a ball? Thanks for clarifying my confusion!

Shawn Clement

Hi Nate! First see “tilt mile markers” and then See a great update to this in the “kinetic chain facilitation series” #6 which is my favourite and you will get to see drone views as a nice bonus.

Nate Iikubo

Thank you Shawn. I really appreciate the response timeliness! This is a great forum to access the wealth of knowledge you possess and I love your passion for sharing and passing on your knowledge and explaining it in ways that make sense!

Shawn Clement

Thank you Nate! I love the community we have and continue to build! 😀👍

John Wall

Hey Shawn , as We swing the motion is still battering ram ?

Shawn Clement

Battering ram is same as “shawn’s Favourite drill” which is the same as “throwing the club” which is the same as “whip cutting through the dandelion stem” etc…the key is to stick to a task that resonates with you and become an expert at that task.

John Wall

In the battering ram drill when Shawn uses the club to bust through a door frame and explains how gravity will get you to release was an Great AHA ! Moment for Me . Thank You for such a quick response

Sébastien EBALARD

Hey Shawn,
I’ve been training my walking drill last saturday. Results are encouraging! All of my drive where on the fairway. contacts are much better and some of my shots where really great :). I can really see the swing arc with this drill and it’s changing completely the way I swing. Things difficult I have also observed during the game : I top the ball to much with my irons, my drive are not very powerfull (220 yards= 200m total). When i drive, the ball tend to go a bit high wich may cause loss of distance, I think my ball takes backspin that doesn’t help to get more distance.
In addition I felt that i was hitting my balls using more the first pendulum and a second pendulum that was incomplete.
Question: As the swing is in both way with this walking drill that is a perpetual motion, do you have in your mind to take two targets and two trajectories in both way and to switch your visualization durung the motion?

Thanks sebastien

Last edited 2 years ago by Sébastien EBALARD
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