Practice Tee to First Tee

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Played on a public course and was joined by a nice older asian man who did not speak english fluently. He had a crazy swing but managed to get the ball going pretty good, though he took a few mulligans. He calls me over and says, “Just yoking – swing is like wife, second one always more beautiful”. LOL.

Interesting how practicing the wrong ‘feel’ – will allow the brain to make corrections (your own scramble format) on the actual swing. But isn’t practicing the correct swing during the actual practice swing achieve the same result?

Will do. Thanks Shawn.

I have always had trouble hitting good shots on the course, while I have no trouble hitting solid shots on the range. Your video “Practice Tee To First Tee” makes so much sense. It causes so much aggravation not being able to take the good shots that I have hit at the range, to the course, with the help of this video I now feel confident I can do this, MANY THANKS.

Martin Chadwick.

Can you explain further what you mean by “contact always relates to how I’m delivering to my target”. I understand we are supposed to be target focused on the course (the target of course being the green or the fairway) – but how can we NOT focus on the ball when solid contact is an absolute necessity when it comes to hitting quality golf shots?

Thanks Shawn.

Hi Shawn I totally get the approach and agree that fine tuning swing rehearsals definitely improves the quality of the end result. However what’s your view / advice about the practicality of taking this to the course. I have 2 concerns which I’m assuming you have lready overcome;
1. Slow play is frowned on at our course and I felt very self conscious taking 3 practice swings (one too soft, one too hard and one just right) before taking the live shot. If you add into this potential variations for fades and draws etc then if everyone did this it could take a while.
2. Don’t you have to be careful about swinging over the line of the ball (eg to appreciate the blur) as potentially this could be misconstrued as an air shot or attempting to alter the lie.

I appreciate that in the scheme of things, these points might be considered minor and negative, which certainly isn’t the intention but if we want to get the whole Wisdom of Golf philosophy out there we want to ensure that we can properly deal with potential detractors and possible adverse reaction.

PS and most importantly when is your book likely to be finished / published ?

Thanks for replying Shawn. Im sure I will speed things up in play as I become more confident. I must admit I find the over the ball rehearsal the most beneficial for chipping, significantly improving my direction dispersal.

Glad to hear the book is coming along and I’ll be asking Santa for the e_book. All the best and kind regards Steve

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