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Just wanted to say i am insanely jealous . Nice work

Yep, this content to me is most informative. Its amazing how similar we are in that we need to move past trying to be perfect and perform the task ! I see this regularly also as a instrumental teacher. Often telling myself to take my own advice on the range

Staying on task has been the most helpful concept for me Shawn. Having the visualized shot in mind and having to release the club over the intermediate point to the target is much easier than a plethora of information going through the brain as I swing.

Having said that, I have gained a wealth of clarity on many concepts I have learned from other You Tube instructors by watching your videos. I have finally worked out my grip, stance distance to the ball, how to slow down my back swing and why, fade/draw method, reliable chipping.

I have struggled with driving accuracy, but after listening to you I will tee off with the 3 wood until I am warmed up. I was hooking my 5 Hybrid: now sorted. My only problematic club is my lob wedge ( hit it thin often), which I think might be too short in the shaft length. I bought it separately from my other irons. My neighbour is a club fitter, so I have asked him to check my clubs. Now if I could only get all my clubs to perform on the one day, I should be able to break 90 ( best score to date 91, though I hit 88 while practising).

The concept of a good miss is useful and encouraging for beginners. Some of the comments and hints you have passed on to your students in these videos would make a informative video for beginners; having realistic expectations that not every shot will work 100% even for skilled players is encouraging.

My lawn has never looked so good. It is a Dandelion free zone!



Thanks to all your students Shawn. I am seeing issues that I have and some ideas on how to overcome them. How I wish I had the same supple swing that your daughter displayed! Too old , too broken to ever emulate that swing though.

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