How to Start the Swing

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Hey Shawn, Savannah
Well I still am having a rough time with the Driver, lost all confidence, so started using my 5 Wood and 80% in the fairway with that and I cant seem to figure out the Driver. 5 Wood going about 185-200 m off the tee. Keeps me in play so not sure what to do with the Driver…so frustrating..anyway hope you both are well and will check in again soon..thanks for all you do. I really enjoy watching all the videos..hopefully soon It will play out ..ciao

Shawn – I agree that we need to set our brain to thinking about the task (cutting the dandelion). However, before we get to automatic…. it would seem that we need to start from some point of understanding to get to the top of the backswing, to maintain balance while making a full turn. It seems that… If I don’t focus on my feet action and ground forces to start the swing…. I miss a full turn and the machine falls apart. What might I be missing?

Ah. I have not done that. I’ll start working through that series now. Thanks.

Shawn about 2 out of 10 swings I hit the ground before the ball what is causing this ? Thanks

Hi Shawn I work on out of the way as a thought in my takeaway/backswing but I don’t crash Or get out of the way as you teach by swiveling my hips unfortunately i simply lift up to give my arms room resulting in a flat inside swing what can I do task wise or thought wise to move the legs to give the arms room as opposed to lifting up out of posture to give the arms room thanks

Where is the hammer the nail nail out through the back of the ball video, that I believe that I saw on you tube. Is it here on the premimum channel?

Shawn– My dad was European so I grew up in the U.S. playing soccer not baseball. However, I saw a video where you talk about a baseball batter only raising the bat when he sees a pitch he likes. I am getting my best results acting like “the baseball batter that I never was”– I pause slightly at the top then unweight the arms and let the sword do the work. Thanks to you, I can play good golf knowing that I can completely finish the backswing and even pause at the top which is NOT what “everybody else” says about starting the downswing before finishing the backswing (that does not work for me because in a real game situation, I won’t even finish the backswing or if I do, I will then manipulate the club on the way down instead of using gravity and the sword). Hence the importance of my slight pause at the top like a baseball batter who sees a pitch he or she likes. Actually the slight pause is my trigger to unweight the arms and let gravity and the sword do their things. Where is that baseball batter video? (note: historically, in my 5 years playing golf, my tendency was never to finish the backswing. Thx, Paul

Tristan Chung

Hi Shawn, how are you?

I want to revisit the drill of how you “toss up” the club when you start your backswing … I found that drill is extremely helpful and allows me to find my own tempo. When I get to the golf course, I often lose my tempo and revert back to my bad rushing habits. Can you point me to the right video(s) so that I can play back that particular drill again?


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