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Choya Clussman

Hi Shawn. What video would you recommend next to build off of this one? Thanks.

Hi Shawn,

I would like to add something my first question.
I feel I make some confusion between release and wrist unhinge..
Could you help me on these 2 points..

Shawn Clement

Hi Christian! The un-hinging of the wrists are before the release; the snap that occurs when the wrists have full un-hinged and then have rotated and re-hinged on the other side of the rotation is the release.

Hi Shawn,
I think I have understood the anti manipulation concept.
We have to let the club do his job thanks to the momentum we have initiated. Right ?
Nevertheless I would like to have your point of view about what perception of the club do we have ?
Do we have the perception of the ” whole club” as an entity or the perception of only the clubhead ?

When I am” clubhead speed or blur oriented ” I feel that drive me to hands or wrist manipulations..

I need some advises from you…


Shawn Clement

See the “lead hand release” then “trail hand release” and then the “release fine tuning” and finally my favourite, “release polish” and you will see that it is the weight of the club that controls and releases your anatomy. Keep going, the answers will come! 😀👍

Hey Shawn,

I completely understand the concept and my practice swings feel great with good speed. When I get over the ball, my brain malfunctions, I default to the ball, and my upper body (arms) takes over. I’m unable to let my arms fall. I’m losing all the speed and follow-through extension I get in my practice swings. I also feel like I’m swaying more that squatting, which I’m guessing is opening up my hips too early. Are there specific drills or swing thoughts you can point me towards?


I think LPGA players are excellent at this at allowing the arms to swin through naturally.

Great video! How much tension is in each arm? You look totally relaxed. If you have mentioned it before I apologize for not catching it. Maybe a little more in the lead arm and hand? Thanks again for all your hard work and videos. Mike H.

Another great concept Shawn. Should the arms hang and almost feel like they are ‘dead weight’ and just there for the ride? Ive always struggled getting my arms higher but clearing the body should help this alot!

1. I need your best video on using the atomical snuff boxes and how to get the top of the backswing.
2. When I try to lead with my elbow, it tends towards manipulation and loss of distance. Help.
3. I need to learn about the “second pendulum” [the release], namely, when does this release begin with the weight of the club head that will bring me to the finish? I missed some greens to the right because the club was open at impact. Do you have a slo-mo on the second pendulum? Overall, happy, Paul B.

Rob Scrivener

Excellent instruction Shawn, as always. Deceptively powerful yet simple in what it conveys (whilst also being a great introduction to chipping as well in this one). Overcoming the hit impulse and/or trying to manipulate the club with the arms and upper shoulders has been a bit of a challenge for me, so I have found these drills effective in breaking these somewhat instinctive habits. A great swing should be elegant and efficient, not a gross act of violence on the golf ball. The more I learn, the more I really appreciate your tuition and great sense of humour.
Great stuff!!

Hi Shawn,

I have found this video very helpful with my body/arm swing. This video helps me understand better that the shoulders “rock” a little. I have struggled with a very flat shoulder turn which was causing me take away issues. When I feel my left shoulder go down a little as opposed to around, I get a much better chipping, pitching, and full swing motion.

Thank you!


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