Shawn’s Journey into Golf

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Awesome. Thanks for sharing this.

Dan Williams

Hi Shawn, this audio file is a fascinating insight in to how you have developed your wisdom over the years, is the next chapter coming out soon? looking forward to hearing the next part!

On a side note, how is the book coming along? I’m really looking forward to that release!


John Carroll

Audo player worked great. Shawn you made the right choice and all of us wiggers are so glad!!

Yes sir, I can listen to the entire story now. Thanks! Please fix the others as well, they were just getting good when it cutoff 🙂

Great beginning to your story but all of these Eagle audio bits seem to cut off right in the middle. Are they located somewhere else as the entire file?


Might be an issue with how the file is being downloaded to your device. We’ve just added an audio player, see if you can listen to the clip directly on this page. Let us know how it works!

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