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HELP!!!!!! Earlier in the year I battled toe contact. All of a sudden the last two days I’m making contact towards the heel. You can’t play that way.

I’m not sure what changed all of a sudden. I was working on trying to get the driver to draw more 2 nights ago.

I’ve tried all of the things that I thought it could be:
distance to ball
ball position
I still feel like I’m focused on the target and not the ball.

I take some toe contact immediately!!!!

I’ve been working on this perpetual swing with the various clubs. Sometimes, when I gather at the top and grab the ground, my push to follow through misses the timing and hands come down before my body is coming up to the finish. Would you suggest working on isolating the lower body motion as a drill to the movement correct?

Mohanjit Singh

Hi Shawn
What is the fine tuning needed so that the club brushes ahead of the ball towards the target and behind the ball away from the target.

Hey Sensei!

I dare you to bring out the Little Slammer for old times sake! Would be about a 7 hybrid??

Pretty cool stuff.

Hi Shawn…… Trying to get my head around the idea of sand shot “spanking” the sand and fairway woods deflecting off the turf.
Same shot? Can you elaborate?
Awesome stuff you’re putting out.

Great video….I really need to add some hybrids to my bag so this is timely as well. Would a piece of plexiglass be sufficient to replicate the feedback you get from the deflection board shown here?

Great video and very helpful. So, a question of club choice. I hit my long irons well, and usually opt for a 19 degree hybrid, when I need a bit more distance (or less distance off the tee than the driver). The hybrid is my only non-iron club in my bag (other than the driver). I was looking to replace my hybrid, and did not even consider a fairway wood. Would that make sense to go with the fairway wood, since I can be the added distance beyond what a 4 iron will give me?

Right. Think it’s time to upgrade my woods.

Sumit Aggarwal

Great vid! I noticed the trail arm was a bit more connected to the body than it feels/looks in the prior single arm trail arm video. That video has been just phenomenal by the way. I realized that I still had the bad habit from years ago of being told to do the towel under arm drill.

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