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Joseph Breen

So, for someone who is starting out with the site, and is looking to increase the driver from 85 mph, where do I start?

I hope the man, the myth, the legend who is Mr Shawn Clement is having a great day. Quick question for you. I got myself a grass whip over here in the UK, and when I swing with the grass whip and do the perpetual motion drill with my driver I have the most perfect on plane swing which feels great and not my horrible inside and off plane backswing…but as soon as I get behind the ball I’m back to my inside and off plane backswing and poor ball striking…could you please advise me on drills to change this…I’ve been swinging the whip a few minutes each day and also been doing the perpetual motion swings when I take a break from work but so far it has not stopped me from going back to that dreaded inside takeaway and the super flat backswing, almost a baseball swing, any help would be greatly appreciated?

I have not done that exact move but I am on it now, thank you good sir! 🙂

I’ve noticed that you and your students in the Driver training video’s have the Driver about 4-6″ behind the ball at address, is there a reason for this? Does it help you maintain your tilt. I usually hold my Driver just behind the ball at address. However, it does feel like I am reaching forward and I’m most likely not centered…

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Actually, I just read some of the comments below and they had same question and you’ve already answered the question…

I get the perpetual motion as a drill with the driver and have no issues doing it correctly and getting super results When I am on the tee actually playing where you can’t practice the swing by hitting the tee. Should my practice swing focus on where the club bottoms out or where it passes the ball. With my irons I have no issues doing a perpetual motion and then hitting the shot which by the way is rock solid now.

I also notice that your club is started on the ground back some distance from the ball. In the past I have hovered the club at the ball but am more comfortable with the club starting on the ground. I assume there is no right answer to that one. Another great video.

So Rory McIIroy uses 3 deg and 7 deg loft?

Big Big tip from the top. Very helpful cant wait to get to the range. will watch again then head straight there to get the feel and visual will bring the phone for refresher . Thanks

This video beautifully shows the different task when using the driver. I also find when I maintain the tilt using my cap as a guide, it is impossible to rush the through swing,

Do you come to Florida and if you do, when

I am having trouble hitting my 4 iron flush. I try follow all the steps but still not successful

I hit it fat and on the toe

I using about a 7 in effort. Sometimes I hit it fat and sometimes on the toe.

I don’t know what I am doing wrong. Everything seems to be chug. It gets frustrating.

I will send a video. I can FaceTime also.

Great video but the platinum nugget is at 6:30 about the cap. (Worked better than the water in the ear idea.) I would love to see a side by side before and after the cap tip because to my naked eye, it looked like he stayed back a bit longer probably allowing him to keep focus on target line to stay with his shot or something???

Both my daughter and I tried this tonight and it straightened out both our drivers significantly. Hoping it works on other clubs as well. We both tend to pull the ball and this seemed to cure that at least for the driver. Thanks.

I use only my irons when i play. I have come to the realize that My brain malfunctions when I get a driver in my hand. After seeing this video I can visualize the arc is part of a full circle. if that makes any sense but i will give it a shot.

Nice camera work 👌

Hmmm…. Any idea why I may be breaking tees? It doesn’t seem like you are even pulling the tees from the ground. Mine appear to end up in the next zip code. Shrug. Thoughts on what the issue may be?

love this! hit my driver over 250 carry on simulator. before i was lucky over 200 carry . So I cant tell my golf buddies about you because its my secret!😉

after the next round ill tell them about you!

Holey moley Sensei – that was a fine shot to finish the show!!

Great video! I was just working on this piece with the driver in the backyard. Question on the heel coming off the ground. I noticed that it helps to get the weight shift forward when I pull with the front part of the lead foot, while pushing with the ground on the trailing foot. Does this sound right? Also… It appears that you are saying to either lift the lead heal, or use the squat. Is there any reason why you wouldn’t do both and use the lead foot to help the weight shift?

So, is it always necessary to think about the task, rather than which muscles are required to complete that task?

Got it. Thanks for keeping me on the path. Old habits die hard, I guess. 🤔

I am having trouble slightly hooking the driven even when I am throwing to the target. Any suggestions. Thanks. Molly

Good morning Shawn I’ll be 75 this week 11 hcp low 80s driver swing speed. I’m a bit lost in a sea of video instruction Could you please suggest a sequence of 4-6 of your videos. In addition do u review a videotape of my swing with subsequent suggestions? If so where would I send. Thanks Karl

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