One Leg Drill

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Hi Sean, so this drill promotes staying on your left leg throughout the swing, but in other videos you mention while in a normal stance you need to feel your weight on your right heel at the top of the backswing, then sink into your left side as you squat, obviously these are 2 very different feels for a full swing, so which is correct for a normal swing?

Shawn Clement

Haha! Very good question! The DOWNSWING feel is LIKE THE ONE LEG SWING. But the golf swing is a dual kinetic chain machine and the next videos you want to watch are the “weight shift with Savy”, “feet together back to feet apart”, and “the walking drill”. Then go to “the kinetic chain series” and the “Kinetic chain engagement series” which we are unveiling part 4 of today!

Greg Schwenk

One of the best drills ever. I was hitting draws and fades further and more consistently on one leg than on two. I did the drill with my driver and my driver club head speed was faster. I gained 5mph swinging on one leg! Crazy!

Shawn Clement

Right on Greg! Just like we see with many! This is why we are including it in the off season training series 2 weeks from now! 😀👍

Yesterday, I used the Orange Peel training aid. It forced me to experience a full rotation. I observed greater club speed and a low effort high velocity swing. In addition, you can practice uphill, downhill, below the feet and above the feet shots. The device is large and not really portable so i begin to think of how I can accomplish the same feeling with what you teach. I thought of the feet together drill and one leg drill. In my experience, I get greater rotation and swing speed with the one leg drill. Is the Orange Peel a worthy investment?

Shawn Clement

It’s a solid product; the best product they have actually! 😀👍

I hit the 7 iron 50 yards further this morning with the one leg drill. It was amazing getting through the ball. I will add this drill for now . The orange peel will be a good add on to practice in different positions.

Shawn Clement

One leg power baby!! Ernest Jones would be proud!!

Charlie Zahari

Question Shawn…does this make sense to error on the side of a narrow stance in general? I feel like times in an effort to be careful I widen my stance…this drill makes me think that that is about the worst thing I can do. The wider I get the less my pendulum works. As a general rule should I error on the side of narrow with all clubs?

Hi Shawn. I just recently found your videos online, and I love the style to your teaching. It hits home to me a lot more than some of the other very technical instructors online. I have been playing consistently (roughly 20 rounds a year) for a little over 3 years now, and currently sit around a 20 handicap. I am very much interested in more consistent contact and in increasing my distance. I’ve gone through all your introductory beginner videos, and I just came to the drills section. This morning, I was working on the feet together and the one leg drill. I am 47yrs old, 6’00, 195lbs, and fairly athletic. No matter how hard I tried, I could not hit the ball further than 156 yards with my 7 iron. And, that was hit center of the face, with as much velocity as I could muster. I’m obviously not doing something fundamentally right. With my driver, I struggle to hit the ball over 230 yards. Granted, with the driver I very much struggle to hit center of the clubface a lot, but still … there must be something with my swing that lacks that “whipping” action at contact. Are there any drills you can point me to that will help me create more clubhead speed? Thanks very much for any input you may have!

Thanks very much! I will definitely work through those videos on the range and get back to you. It’s amazing how much distance you and your students get without ( what looks like ) much effort at all! Meanwhile, I’m using everything I got, with inconsistent and weak results!

Hi Shawn, I am struggling with a consistent driver so I started Feet Together and One Legged training yesterday. Feet Together straightened out my issues and One Legged felt really effortless with excellent shot shape (slight draw) and distance. So that is all good. I tried normal stance afterwards but still found issues tugging and pulling shots left. I feel like I should take the one legged stance to the course for consistency and solid distance. I might look a little strange to my buddies but the results should hopefully be worth it. Should I continue to try and go to normal stance ? Or is staying with an effortless one legged drive ok.

P.S. I’ve had similar results with the 3 wood, hybrids and long irons. One Legged is king for me at the moment.

I,m with Lynn. I can hit the ball great on one leg, but adding the other leg makes for weaker shots and more inconsistency. Do we have the feeling that Our weight is staying on the inside of the left foot?

Lynn Wingate

Hello Shawn. First I want to thank you for your generosity. By that I mean that after my first year with you I was surprised to find that the Wisdom in Golf 1.0 series had been added to my account. The series has helped me a lot. Thank you.

So, I have struggled greatly with the driver, really struggled. Awesome fades. When I was younger I swear my driver shots would go 200 yards down range and 200 yards into the woods. I did a lot heavy weights back then. 🙂 Seriously though. With your system I have gotten rid of the slice for the most part. Recently, I purchased a new driver and have been pleasantly surprised that I am hitting many very good shots with the driver that carry 250 yards with a good roll out. So to me 10 to 20 yards roll out puts me in very good shape as long as it is in on the short grass. Anyway, what does this have to do with the one-leg-drill? Today I hit a bucket of balls. I hit several nice 7 irons and then switched off to the driver (it was yelling at me) and after 6 or 8 good drives I went back to the 7 iron and proceeded to hit fat shots. Now at my age (almost 64) that is not a pleasant experience when you hit one after the other (the earth don’t move so good). OK. The one-leg-drill – when I hit balls from the one-leg-drill, I hit beautiful golf shots that go a really long ways and look so good in the air and most of the time have a slight draw. Then when I go back to two legs, I hit fat. Question – how do I transition from the on-leg to the two-leg and hit that same lovely draw with lots of distance? Sorry it took so long to get to it.:)

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