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Zyman marzuki

Hi Shawn,

I seem to have the opposite experience to other WIGers,

My feet together swing contact is really poor and my distance is 20-30 yds less for 7 iron. When I go back to feet apart there’s a noticeable improvement

Has this happened to any of your other students too? Curious as to why this is the case

Zyman marzuki

I’m thinking maybe because
1. it’s not my normal stance hence I lose focus

2. My normal task is to hammer the door frame, and I don’t know anyone who does that feet together lol

Would love to hear your thoughts

Shawn Clement

It does happen! And the reason is often that the student is still trying to hit the ball; if you find that there is effort in the action from arms, then the stance is definitely too narrow to support the discombobulated timing. Remember that when you simply let the arms fall past you and towards the target, the return of your butt on the other side of the “revolving body” will catapult the arms towards the target and pull the club head through while keeping you in perfect balance.

Shawn Clement

The hammer through the doorframe is excellent feet together because of the revolving nature of the action by the way…😀👍

Zyman marzuki

Perhaps this drill is ringing an alarm bell and alerting me to a flaw in how I use my body/arms! I will work on it

Thanks Shawn

Shawn Clement



Hi Shawn,

I practice this drill as often as I could.
I took videos of myself doing it. Without a ball and using the perpetual motion (cutting some grass), the swing plane is quite nice. When I put a ball, it’a different image with the hands trailing the club at the beginning of the backswing and a very flat swing plane. At the downswing, the club is in plane with the ball.
These different pictures question me.
Is there a way to «forget» that the ball is here ? (quite funny to ask this since the game is all about throwing a ball to the target). For me, It’s easier to cut some grass using the club without stopping when there is nothing on the way of the club. It’s a different thing to have a ball in front of you. I imagine there is something to do with the mental picture of the movement.
Thanks for your help.


Hi !
I don’t know. Let me have a try.


How much practice using this kind of drill do you find it takes to rewire the brain for an inside out swing? Right now my practice swings are all inside out but the actual swing with a ball goes outside in 🙁 I’ve tried this practice but my brain still hinders me.


With the feet together drill, should club face be closed,? It appears to be square or open in video. Thanks!


After watching and learning from all your videos, it appears that PGA instructors have made golf learning more complicated, way too complex, teaching swing styles, all 50 plus positions they want you to be in and golfers don’t get any better . I been stuck at a 5 handicap way too long. I cannot be I was hitting 185 yard draws yesterday on demand.



This drill is really helping me with my hip slide/lateral move in my downswing.

I’ll be honest, I have a hard time feeling the catapult concept. I just feel like I’m making an “armsy” swing, but on video, my hips are actually rotating nicely.

My biggest issue is that I just keep shanking it! I hit tons of shots out of the heel, and about 5% shanks. Even when I hit a good one with this drill, I’ll hook a 7 iron 30-40 yards left of target.

I’m not sure if I’m trying to hit the ball, rather than swinging to the target or what, but I could use some help!



Hello Shawn,

I just started learning your techniques and I seem to make very good contact with the feet together drill. I say seem because I spent 5 hours hitting into a net this afternoon. My reference is the pattern on the club face and feel through the hands. However, when I take a normal stance I begin spraying again. Do you have any thoughts on transitioning from feet together into a normal stance. I started the feet together drill with a 6lb sledgehammer 😁




This drill saved my sanity. I intend to do this at the start of every practice. Thanks Shawn!

Philip Johnson

Looking for confirmation of a feeling . When the butt swivels to counter balance the arms in the backswing I feel my right heel (right handed golfer)put pressure into the ground to move my right hip towards the target and it feels like my left knee is pulling my left hip away from target . When I put the feet apart for a regular golf swing I get the same sensation , my knee comes to the ball or behind it and my back gets turned to the target. After that the arms levitate and the club sets the wrist , would all these sensation and feels be accurate on achieving a complete backswing ?

Philip Johnson

Yes the suction stays on the arch of the right foot and feel that the braced tilt helps achieve that .


I have seen many of your videos on YouTube and joined your web site. here is my question since I am new to your site. Since you have SO Many videos, is there an order to watching them in order to learn your method. In so many of your videos, you refer back to anther video that you have done and I feel like I am not watching your videos in a proper order, so that I can learn your process from beginning to end. I want to learn your method, but am thoroughly confused as to how to go about it. Your recommendation would be most helpful.. I have been playing for many years, but I do believe you can teach an old dog new tricks and your method is one that I would like to adopt. I would say, I am more of ball picker, not much of a divot taker because I have not learned how to get my hands to go ahead of the ball. I openly admit, I do try to hit the ball and have been doing it so long, that it is a very hard habit to break. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!


Sorry, but I find this as an incomplete answer. What is 1.0? Is this in lessons? Please be more precise.

Robert Zgorski

“Get out of the way. Get out of the way.” Sean, this feet together drill has really helped me rotate my hips, clear my chest and let my arms clear my body. Helped me feel the sensation of the “Core of WIG” – the body turn rather than the arm swing. Thanks.

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