2018 RQ On-Course Vlog

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Jeremy Moody

Lying in bed early am. Cold and damp. Nice vlog. Enjoyed the thought process especially Shawn always working off an intermediate point with a flight plan and the obvious effortless kinetic chain. Nice process of putt reading and stroke production. Just seems to slow everything down for smooth action in all phases of the game. Good attitude and high skill helps also.

Neal Ward

I cancelled my membership. Seems like all the teaching is done on youtube. I don’t really get anything from just watching two people play golf together. Let me know when you start teaching again.


Shawn , don’t you have any on course video with weather we can relate to up here in Da Frozen Tundra??? ;>)



Erik Pottorf

Happy Gilmore drill for lead hand dominant players? Is there going to be a video? 🙂

Erik Pottorf

I was referring to the practice swing with the left handed 8 iron in the beginning of part 3. You said something about engaging the Kinect chain.

Jon R

It sounds crazy but I could watch on-course videos all day. Especially when the weather is not so nice here. Shawn, that was another amazing bunker shot. Your head moved forward on that last putt. Watch the dot on your cap. That is why you pushed it.
Your pace of play is still brisk despite lugging the camera and verbally describing your thought process. I would bet that in real time on your own your whole decision process is done within 2-3 seconds of walking up to a ball. Good stuff.

Neal Ward

Shawn, the email you sent out for this new video (2018 RQ Vlog – Part 2) does not work. You get a 404 error. I had to search your site for it.

Lynn Wingate

Beautiful Course. Great Bunker shot! Just one question. I live in Georgia, USA. How is that you have a few gulls on your course and I have 30 or more Canada Geese that leave little gifts on the greens? Just sayin. Seems backwards. 🙂


When you cannot locate an intermediate point . It was interesting to hear your observation on having difficulty finding a clear , easy to keep track of IP . You went to a Plan B , using your logo . I am assuming you try to orient your ball logo to the direction you want to be swinging the club , just as if it were your in the turf IP .

Thomas Parisi

Shawn – the shot out of the bunker was sooooooo nice!!!!

Wade Williams

Nice! Can’t wait to get up there and play a round with you and Savvy. Maybe in the spring 🙂

Jon R

That was some sand shot. Both guys can smack the ball but Shawn’s swing seems to be so much more in balance. Seemed connected to the ground. Lots of power with little effort.

Jeremy Moody

Nice to hear the thoughts around building a sight picture and flight plan and see the execution both good and flawed from 2 very fine golfers. Thanks.


Thanks Shawn and Matt. I got a lot from this. Golf is more than just slogging a ball as far as you can at the range. The finesse, the mental attitude and the calmness required to approach each shot as a unique task is so important to improving your score; which is the essence of the game. Confidence in what you want achieve with each shot (into that picture) will grow the more your prediction process is affirmed. Can’t wait to see more of these. Cheers guys.

Lawrence Lybarger

What were we supposed to learn from this?

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