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What is Wisdom in Golf

Shawn Clement, one of the top 20 youtube teachers and the only one recognized for teaching without body part or positions, drives the ball over 300 yards both right-handed and left-handed and breaks par from either side, and is also the only one who ever qualified and played world-ranked events with 1/2 left and 1/2 right-handed clubs in the same bag! He is the ultimate expert on golf instruction!

He and his team will show you how to play to your full potential with our Online Golf Lessons Academy...

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Eckhart Diestel

Hello Shawn,
thank you, great ‘inklings’ of golf from you.
Just at the beginning of the takeaway your daughter lifts the handle a bit. What effect does that have, if any ?
Best regards

Shawn Clement

Hi Eckhart! Nancy Lopez did exactly the same thing in her backswing and then some; something that is completely subconscious and part of her CNS getting into a flow.

“Throw club to the target” is the key changer for me. Thank you so much Savvy!

Before I tried to throwing club at the moment of starting down swing, that was hard to lock at the down swing moment. Now I will prepare for throwing club when preparing for the swing, with prediction of club passing the ball. I feel much more confident now.

My next milestone would be always “let momentum does the work”. Now I can swing with low effort with irons but keep pushing hard on dirver downswing.

Thank you.

It looks like before you start your backswing that you are braced off the front leg. Am i seeing that wrong?

Yes. I remember a drill where you start the club above the ball swinging a bit forward first then back swing and thru the ball. Help get you off being static. With my ADD i need to do something to kerp my mind from swing thoughts. This will help me alot.

Hello Shawn, Throwing the club is a fantastic method to learn and to play. After one year of practising i use it a lot but i missed one key to perform a good swing, to drive straight and have a good finish position. The key for me now is that i add a motion to the throw. When i am at the top of the BS i perform the motion by visualizing the arc of the swing. Practically my right shoulder goes down . I see in your learning sessions that you do this too. My question is: is this added motion somewhere in your program or do i make a mistake in the throwing of the club?

Mohanjit Singh

I tend to get defensive. The chipping tip you gave in there should help.

Shawn Clement

We are putting a whole series together on this; it will be EPIC!! Amazing how things just evolve and come to the surface! This will help so many!!!

Played a great 15 holes today, the other 3 holes I would like to forget. The issue I ran into is when I use the legs to squat and throw the club, I slam the club into the ground about 2 or 3 inches behind the ball. Is this just a timing issue of pushing off the ground and the release?


Shawn Clement

The key IS NOT TO THINK ABOUT THE LEGS or try to make sure to use the legs. For so many, we have to talk about them because they have been brain washed into “keeping them still or steady or quiet”. We start by waking them up by tossing hammers, and then throwing clubs and giving ourselves A TASK that will engage them naturally.

Then you allow them to evolve into our swing by focusing on exactly what we talk about here with Savy. A nice base of momentum that gathers into a nice throw through the predicted arc-blur Into the direction we want to start the ball. THEN AFTER, as an observation, we can determine if the kinetic chain was engaged or not and then find the ball and do it again.

To think about the legs and try to make them work is a manipulation and therefore a sabotage to the machine.

Dario D'Andrea

Hey Shawn,
I’ve been really playing well lately but I had an awful front nine today. Now I have been using the task to throw with the legs with the kinetic chain combo as we worked on, and it has worked brilliantly, but today I found myself distracted from the target and focusing on using the legs to start the swing and the downswing. On the back 9 I just allowed my front heel to come up and was aware of it as I was gathering the throw, and I was able to play my intended shots without having to think about the legs. I did not hit a poor shot on the back 9 and my distance was still spot on with all clubs. I would have loved to get myself on video, and I plan on doing so soon, but is this a sign that perhaps I have ingrained the proper use of the ground and no longer need to be concerned with it while performing the swing? I know we never want to be aware of body parts in the swing, but I feel that tying my legs to the throwing task had me overdoing it today. Maybe it was just a bad 9 holes, but would love to get your thoughts on this and how to stay on the target when the task involves throwing with the legs. Sometimes I think I am way too aware of my body lol, a gift and a curse depending on the day! 😀

Shawn Clement

what you want to do is just feel a nice throw using momentum in the direction you want to start the ball; the legs will be used naturally when you are attacking and not being defensive. Then just be aware after the fact if the legs felt engaged or not.

Dario D'Andrea

This makes so much sense. I was aware that the kinetic chain was not being engaged on a couple of swings and I went into manipulation mode. The fun and empowering thing is that when I was struggling, I knew and could feel that I was not focused on the task, but on the legs. Once I reeled myself in and got back to task focus, I was able to salvage my round. It was another great learning experience for me. Can’t wait to get out there again! Thanks as always 🙂

Shawn Clement

Boom! Deeper we go!💪🤛👌🔥👍

You are right I am trying to fix things that are not broken. Thanks for reminding me. I am sure you must get tired of telling us the same thing over and over. I applaud your patience

My 2=goals for the year were to qualify for the championship flight at my club(accomplished!) and to shoot in the sixties once(not yet). My first round of match play I really tightened up playing against a very good player and got closed out on the 15th hole.. It was mostly with my driver and 3 wood I really seem to be hitting at the ball and getting erratic. My hands even hurt from hitting down at the ball.Kind of out of character for me so I figured I would take a week off as I have played a lot of golf with time off from COVID. Played today and kind of the same thing. Just got done watching anti manipulation, any other advice. Thank you

Dudley Monks

try a little vicks vapor on the inside of nose to keep that grass allege at bay when you are out in the grass see if this helps you cheers

Sandy Chan

A couple of questions come to mind:

1) The preshot 2 swing blur observation’s goal is to see if the blurs are PARALLEL to the line of the ball and intermediate point? And this more or less is done when we swing to 2 o’clock (for righties)?

2) When you say ‘attacking’ mode – this means we start playing with confidence right? There are some holes in my home course that a conservative approach is still best 8/10 times.

I once read somewhere: “plan conservative, swing aggressive” – is this in line with what the mental approach should be?

Sandy Chan

LOVE the content of this video. The blur and staying with the blur is great – but more than this, the mindset you should have in playing tournament golf is where the nugget is.

The explanation of Shawn for the chip shot (goldilocks, that’s where i want to land, look, shoot) – this is gold.

Jeremy Moody

To me it just goes to show that a real commitment to an assertive swing with good fundamentals can be undone by anxiety. Trying not to have the blowup hole(s) by being cautious kills the tempo, clearing properly and swing balance. I like the 2 blurr practice swings and after that I don’t want to rush but I already have my yardage and flight plan and intermediate point so a little bounce and slight press and off we go….

Thursday morning here in Japan and I imagine all our NA friends are glued to the NHL so I’ll be the first to comment: I started swinging lefty about 3 months ago after getting pain in my left hip swinging right and luckily found Shawn, Sav and Mu, about the same time. I, like Sav and Shawn, am right handed so hitting “backhand” from the left side, or throwing a frisbee has also been a great analogy. Anyway, on the course i default to the ball a lot and top it, shank it and pull it, so it has been very nice to know I’m not the only one by watching Mu do some of the same. So now as I have built the basic “Clement” swing I will go back to focusing more on throwing to the target and let the rest take care of itself. I still haven’t broken a hundred (as there is always a blow out there somewhere) but I have shot in the 40s a few times. PS Sorry to hear about your grass allergies guys!

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