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Shawn Clement, one of the top 20 youtube teachers and the only one recognized for teaching without body part or positions, drives the ball over 300 yards both right-handed and left-handed and breaks par from either side, and is also the only one who ever qualified and played world-ranked events with 1/2 left and 1/2 right-handed clubs in the same bag! He is the ultimate expert on golf instruction!

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Alan Nasypany

That why tiger says that when he wants to bomb a drive, he drops the back foot back. Fun video. Thanks.

Shawn Clement

How about that huh!? 😀👍

Sandy Chan

Hi Shawn,

This is very interesting – as with the driver – I usually have episodes where I’m standing over the ball w the feeling of “this DOES NOT FIT”.

But I noticed that when I:

1) face the club head (which is a good 8 in behind the ball)
2) close my stance a little

My brain suddenly sees a clear picture (like one of those 3D posters where a picture will just suddenly emerge) of how to swing.

Question: when we close the stance – do we also close the shoulders? Or just pull the right leg back?


Shawn Clement

Depends on fade or draw! Just make it fit the picture like in the “goldie locks series”

Hey Shawn – I am not 100% sure where to post this so here goes.I have recently changed drivers – same brand but slightly different model. The new one is much more central for me – I can finally work the ball either way. I have been a drawer of the ball my whole golfing life and I am lost as to how to transition to playing it both ways or a fade on the course.

What is happening is some double crosses, that do not work out so well. This past weekend I hit about 50 drivers pre-round (I hit so many because I was fascinated with how it went). I was hitting any shot I wanted to with the driver.

Then on the course I got bound up in my head and topped the first driver and while playing 36 holes I was less than stellar off the tee when the range session would have suggested otherwise.

The question is – how do I take the driver shot shaping to the course? How do I get that confidence. Is the answer the obvious one – that I just have to jump in the pool and I will get used to the temperature? 🙂

THe reason I want to do this is that the fade is a very easy shot for me to hit and control.



Shawn Clement

Hey Andy! Just like Dustin, when his drives don’t do well, it is because he sends it left for the fade and it stays straight. See “open the machine on the golf course” video! 😀👍

This left foot forward idea is huge. Because I find that , on a regular stance, when you hit the ball on the way up the club face also starts facing left and slightly away from the ball. than I have to correct by reaching out further and opening my club face. This sometimes resulting In a slice. Does that make sense to you?

Hi Shawn, in your working the ball vid, you talk about placing the ball forward and open stance for fade and a bit back for a draw and adjust club as needed. Now in this vid with driver the ball stays a bit forward (traditional driver ball position) and you open and close your stance for draws and fades? Why not just do this with all clubs and their particular ball positions? Why just driver? What about 3 wood? Great vid……..

Tried this at the range,i really like the feel of it. Really felt like the ball was compressed . However the only way i didnt pull hook the ball was to open the club face. i would say that in normal driver stance(WIG set up) my face is 5 to the hour. When i used this stance, which i like my club face was on the hour.
Is this the a reaction you would expect from such adjustment?
loving the premium by the way. should have signed up to it years ago.

thank you

This is massively helpful! As one who has fought a slice for several decades 🙂 and, following your instructional videos am finally hitting a draw much of the time, it seems this may explain why I feel like I’m set up square with the driver, yet still get anything from a fade to a hard slice, depending on the club face at impact. Would you think that could be the cause (that is, I need to be sure the face is closed enough, plus close my stance a bit more)?

As to the clubface, is there a rule of thumb for how closed it should be to hit a draw? I use a strong grip (at least 3 knuckles showing, and sometimes 4 – much like your recent YouTube videos with Savy).

Thanks Shawn!

I don’t know how to create a draw so I have problems trying to understand what was going on And that video. Dog away I am enjoying the videos

Awesome. The one area which stands out for me at the moment which needs attention is my driving. I just can’t hit a draw. I can work hard and hit a straight-ish shot (tiny fade) when I line up square and can hit a bigger fade when I open up my stance. I feel that I’m fighting and manipulating whenever I try the draw. I tend to push it whenever I release to the right of my intermediate point with the driver. I think this nugget is something that will help with that. I’ll definitely give it a good go and let you know!

Come to think of it now, a fade comes more naturally with the longer irons for me. So I’ll definitely to try it with the long (3,4) irons too.

Shawn, Please clarify a few things for me about the alignment and setup: Are your shoulders parallel to your feet line? Do you plan your swing path to match your shoulder line or feet line? Do you ever set up with the clubface square to the swing path? Thank you in advance for your reply.

Shawn, Why do you always curve the ball? Moe hit every shot straight. I studied and played Moe’ s swing for ten years. I quit his method because it ruined my short game and would blade my wedges. Guess, Moe did not need a short game. I returned to a low hands swing about 5 years ago. I think you are a great resource for golf instruction.

John Jackson

With this particular video and your diagonal stance series videos…
are you changing your teaching philosophy? Or just providing options to your past alignment and ball position videos? Thx in advance for your reply.

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