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Shawn Clement, one of the top 20 youtube teachers and the only one recognized for teaching without body part or positions, drives the ball over 300 yards both right handed and left handed and breaks par from either side and is also the only one who ever qualified and played world ranked events with 1/2 left and 1/2 right handed clubs in the same bag! He is the ultimate expert on golf instruction!

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Joseph Pavlik

Great video. Love the angle.

Casey Dyson

Hello Shawn. I’m a new member here but have been watching your YouTube videos since 2007ish or so. Watching this video, I noticed something in your driver setup and I see alot of tour pros do the same. At address, your left arm and shaft of the club are in a straight line together…club just looks like an extension of your left arm. This seems like it makes the right shoulder lower at address b/c to put your right hand on the club, it naturally lowers your right shoulder. I’ve never thought about this before…then I thought about my driver setup and my arm club unit…my left arm and club are not like that at address…and my right shoulder is not near as low because of it…however, I feel like I drive the ball well…always play a draw…its just more natural to me..so wondering how much this left arm club shaft straight line at address matters? Should I purposely set up like this? I have a nice penetrating ball flight with a 9.5 driver….never done a simulator thing so don’t have numbers for launch angle or spin rate…but on course, I know I’m getting it to the 300 range with roll…most of my drives curve left…some more than others…most are a slight push then draw…guess my question is, what benefits do you think I’d get setting up like that at address? Looks like it would be easier to hit it higher…I pick my int. point, set up, put my left hand on first, then put my right hand…but don’t have that straight line between arm and club shaft…thoughts? thanks!

Casey Dyson

Thanks for the reply Shawn 🙂 I understand completely what you mean about not fixing what is not broken. I didn’t know if it was hurting my ability to hit fades off the tee. Fades are very hard for me where as draws/hooks are very easy. I probably watched every video of yours multiple times 🙂 My distance and consistency with my driver are fine…but some times the wind is right to left and that right to left ball flight can easily get away from me in that wind…that is when I want to hit a fade that basically just counteracts the wind and stays straight. I feel great club whipping and power with my draw swing but with the fade swing, it feels very weak and slappy…didn’t know if I’m my draw swing is being saved with my hands at the last split sec…feels like I have lot more time in the downswing in my draw swing compared to my fade…in my fade swing, I don’t feel loaded up near like I do with my draw swing…when I get some time, I’m going to upload a video to the site for you to analyze…thanks for all you do!

Shawn Clement

See “fade fine tuning” and the next 2 training sessions we are going to do a special “waggle” training series overseeing the “Sangjae Im” backswing and the “justin Thomas” Waggle; draw will be the first and fade the second week. Stay tuned!

Ken Cheung

Hi Shawn, great video series. I have just recently subscribed but not watched all of your videos. I was wondering if you could enlighten me about what I need to do with the club face.

For a draw (right hander)I would aim right of an intermediate point, stance pointing right, ball slightly back. But where am I supposed to aim the club face?
I know that to achieve a draw, I need the club face slightly closed to path. Am I supposed to close the club face at address, pointing at the target line (where I want the ball to land, which for this instance could be left edge of the intermediate point) and want the blur to be right of the IP?

Sorry, I hope I am making sense.

Shawn Clement

No worries, this is a question I get very often! Because of the DYNAMIC NATURE of the golf swing, the face at impact will never look like the one at address, if will always be a bit more open because the hands always come through first WHEN SWINGING THROUGH TO THE TARGET. See our “predict contact”, “goldie locks series”, draw fine tuning” and “fade fine tuning” videos to help with that! Enjoy! Shawn


Hi Shawn what should be the width in your stance for driver ?


What is your weight distribution at set up and during the swing? It appears to me you are favoring the front foot.


Hi Shawn,
2 important questions I’m a little confused about;

1. You mentioned keeping your elbows in front in a couple of your videos and I understand that it’s about being able to throw the club basically but what are you referring to/what are you keeping them in front of?

2. The take away is one piece and then the elbow folds and then the wrists hinge, that’s the end of your backswing. That’s great but not how you do it in your swing. What confuses me about that is the UP and weightlessness as I feel like I’m coming up first and then once the wrists hinge I can’t go up any more?

Thank you,


Hi Shawn,

Just an additional query. I have always struggled with golf on the course, I can honestly hit it better with feet together and at the range I can hit it as well as anyone. I never hit the ball well on the course (it’s rare that I do) so good job I have my short game is tidy.

Today I went out and played on one leg using the trail foot on the big toe as I have done it before and it seemed to work ok. However, I hit a few at the range afterwards with the proper diagonal stance but it only works for me if I leave the trail foot down at impact. It’s almost like I’m bouncing on the toe of my back foot at impact due to perpetual motion.

Is this ok to do, my ball striking was excellent?

I can’t believe how closed that clubface needs to be on the driver…


Actually LOL, just rewatched the video and you’re anchoring too at one point! I have to anchor that back foot otherwise my hips don’t get out of the way and prone to shanking (even when I’m trying to swing to target I can shank for fun or just hit terrible shots). Anchoring with diagonal stance seems to get me out of the way.


Hi Shawn,

Can you clarify what you do in terms of how closed or open you move the face of your driver when you take your grip from your draw to your fade? I am struggling with getting the right amount dialed in. How many degrees different is your clubface Angle on the driver from say your power fade to your normal draw? I also think I might have how far right or left of the intermediate point I should be throwing my club to get the result I’m looking for. Any advice on that specific issue as well would be great. I am really liking the diagonal stance. I was constantly pulling the ball left and this cured that problem for sure.

Thanks Shawn,



This afternoon was the first time I tried the diagonal stance. My friend tried to tell me I was lined up wrong – way right, but when I hit this perfect draw around the lake edge down the right side of the fairway, he was impressed. It felt so good. On the next hole, I hit a fade to fit the dog-leg right of the fairway. It worked nicely, but I don’t seem to get as much distance when I fade my shot. I strained (pulled with my arms) on one fairway shot, and I sliced the ball. Is that because gravity isn’t letting the club face, the second pendulum close properly? I like what I’m seeing. I had two birdies in nine holes tonight.


Bonjour Shawn,
Est il possible d’avoir la sensation tout au long du mouvement d’avoir majoritairement le “poids” sur le pied droit (pour un droitier) de la position à l’adresse au baskswing et jusqu’à l’impact ? Et ensuite de se retrouver en appuis équilibré voire légèrement à gauche seulement au finish?
Encore merci de nous transmettre ta passion du golf et ta vision du swing et de son enseignement.
Jean Pascal


Tried this today and got very good results. Fastest swing speed I’ve had in a long time. Consistently hitting the sweet spot on the club face too. I had to set my driver down to 7.5* and it was still going quite high. I’m not really using the ground to the optimum and not making a very big hip turn yet but the results are consistently down the middle so it’s a step in the right direction. Thanks Shawn.


Hi Shawn. I mentioned before hat I use this stance already for my drives. Just one observation / question as to whether you have the same experience.

In terms of my straight draws, these seem to go slightly further than a more conventional stance draw but the fades are noticeably shorter from a diagonal stance than my fades from a conventional stance.

I think this could be to do with the fact that in order to ensure I can maintain left edge of the intermediate point my swing seems to be more out to in and consequently a bit shorter, hence the reduced distance achieved. I have attempted a more rounded and fuller swing but this feels contrived and unnatural from the diagonal stance.

Is this something you have noticed and any suggestions as ideally I would prefer to have only one stock stance for the driver.

Many thanks and best wishes Steve


Thanks for replying Shawn but you didnt really address my concern. I will rephrase to hopefully make it clearer.

From the tests you have carried out are your own driver fades using a diagonal stance as long as those from a conventional stance ?

I ask this because when fading with the diagonal stance I’m not hitting the ball as far with my driver as a fade with a conventional stance. I think this is because my backswing shortens naturally in order for my brain to maintain left edge of intermediate point focus. I have attempted a fuller backswing turn but the diagonal stance seems to encourage me to swing across the line and also lose connection to the left edge of my intermediate point. Thanks for anything you can add in this respect. Steve


Many Thanks for the additional words of Wisdom on this Shawn. I shall keep experimenting and Goldie locksing to see where this goes. I quite like the idea of having a power fade stance which I know won’t go left and a diagonal stance for the draw which pretty much always ends up middle to left side. BTW the accuracy of my full wedges has improved considerably thanks to using a diagonal stance, possibly because of an increased focus on releasing through the right edge of the intermediate point. I hope the e book is coming along nicely. All the best Steve

Jukka Kymalainen

I like this! It is easier to get better backswing. Bolted and centered, yes but how to get that wider release. I watched already those different throwing styles. If “javelin, football and hammerthrow is wider. Is wider also like “horse shoes” or tennis backhand? Less arm rotation and “snap”?

Jukka Kymalainen

I watched those videos and and go play 9 holes. After that to range. I strugle at first but then i was able give more control to gravity. Arms just falling and body move (frisbee) slings them to target 👍🙂 Though need still more practice to get it on cource. Thank you Shawn❗

Eric Beaulieu

I Shawn. A few questions.
1- I tend to pull my irons a bit when setting up for a fade or straight fade. I tried to open the club face a bit but my brain doesn’t like the feel of it and I end up re-gripping it. How do you go past that?

2- I would like your thoughts on the following. My drives always tend to be on the low side so I was considering changing my loft to 10.5 instead of 9.5. Also, I was starting to consider offsetting it to draw since I have a big tendency to do push fades.

Thank you for your time and videos. I definitely feel like my swing is a lot more supported with that diagonal stance. Everything falls into place a lot more easier. It also made me realize that I was fighting that natural tendency before by setting up per industry standard; both feet parallel.

Eric Beaulieu

I have to say that I’ve been hitting hit longer for the last week at 10.5. Managed to hit a few drives at around 300-315 yds (won longest drive at my last tournament 😁)


Thx Shawn.
What about the offset? I’m a bit relunctant on doing that. I’m afraid it will stop me from being able to work the ball once I get there. I see it those offset as a way to compensate for a bad swing or am I wrong in my assumption?

Eric Beaulieu

Thx Shawn
What about the offset? I didn’t tried it yet. I’m not a big fan of it because I see it as a “band aid” kind on fix to a bad swing. Am I wrong?

Eric Beaulieu

Thx for confirming my assumption.


Hi Eric,

Just thought I’d add my $0.02 to this even though Shawn has already commented. I just finished experimenting with the draw setting on my driver (as I too have a lower ball flight and tend to push/fade on misses) and thought exactly the same thing as you. I went from 9.5 to 10.5 and changed to a draw biased. I found that it actually made the push fade worse. My only conclusion is that my body must be sensing the club face not being aligned as it should and is compensating too far to correct it, therefore either causing a double-cross or on over the top. I find much better success on both fades and draws, leaving the head neutral and only “manually” closing the face. Hope that helps confirm! Glad the 10.5 degree is helping you. It ended up ballooning on me…thanks,


I’ve been using that diagonal stance now and working the power fade instead of the draw I’ve been hitting for years. Yesterday the first 9 holes I was smoking the driver with a hint of a fade. On the back 9 it started fading more and then by the last few holes in turned into a huge slice. What was I doing wrong? All the shots and the setup position felt the same to me.


Hi The “cherry on the cake” is just what I needed to stop me over drawing when using the diagnol stance – bolt and cenre – your are the master!


Hi Shawn. Great stuff . Ive been trying the diagonal stance and I’m hitting it more solidly and with better acurracy but cant quite get the trajectory consistent. Havent really used the stance with my irons yet. Question< do you always hover the driver ? and is that your recommendation with the driver? Cant wait to see you in November!

jean jacques LUGAND

hi Shawn. I feel more and more free in my game and I thank you for that Shawn.it’s so magic to find the right position with the intermediate point and what’s you are planning to do and it’s so delicious when you are in harmony and success. thanks a lot, kind regards jj

Ronald Burkholder

Hi, Shawn. This series has transformed my game greatly. Using the diagonal stance has allowed me to lengthen my back swing giving me more space to gather more momentum and a solid foundation to release that momentum with higher speed and less effort on the down swing. The result so far is more distance with the driver and a full club increase in distance and much better accuracy with all the irons and hybrids. Since our Dallas session last October I was able to reduce my handicap index from 13.6 to 10.4. Once I put the diagonal stance in play my index has dropped to 8.4 in the last three weeks. Thanks for putting this series together!

Ronald Burkholder

Same place in Dallas or a different location this year?

Jeremy Moody

Hi Shawn. Nice video and am enjoying the diagonal stance but I struggle to not stay too safe and centered. I need to get the ground with my lead foot to actuate my swing ‘out there’. Comment?

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