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What is Wisdom in Golf

Shawn Clement, one of the top 20 youtube teachers and the only one recognized for teaching without body part or positions, drives the ball over 300 yards both right-handed and left-handed and breaks par from either side, and is also the only one who ever qualified and played world-ranked events with 1/2 left and 1/2 right-handed clubs in the same bag! He is the ultimate expert on golf instruction!

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Eric Strebel

Hi Shawn,
For a 3w high draw, when you say it feels like “I can get up that high now” when you set up, what is actually happening to deliver more loft to the ball? For the stinger, it makes sense to me that the face can be delofted with a path extending closer to the ground. For the high draw, is the club skipping the turf at impact with maximum loft delivered? It seems only so much loft can be delivered before striking it thin. What is the loft of your 3w? I have mine set to 15.5 and can never get close to the height you’re hitting it!
Thanks!(long time fan, since the days of the tip jar)

Shawn Clement

Hi Eric!
see the “club speed” video and also on premium and youtube, the “best lesson I ever got from Moe Norman” video; it is all about “choosing the height” and then throwing the club into that height with the prediction that the dandelion stem is in the way.

Eric Strebel

Excellent. Thanks. btw, What is the loft of your 3w?


Just started back into long irons. Got a new set of clubs which includes a 4 iron. I missed it. In this video, you appear have more of a closed stance with both iron and fairway wood, rather than your usual…. to the target with the draw and slightly open with the fade. Am I seeing this incorrectly? Also, my draw appears to be more of a low stinger, with little apex. Not more how to correct this.



In this diagonal series and working the ball, what is the position of clubface or does it stay the same, ie do we close the face for a draw?

Horace Mangham

Hi Shawn, I love your videos and have been a premium member for a couple
Years or more. I have watched other teaching methods I hate to say , but always come back to your teachings and will always remain loyal. Wisdom in golf has been the only instructional videos that have helped me improve my game. I do have a hard time staying on task. I think maybe once I get my direction and picture I stand over the ball to long. Which causes me to think too much and default back to the ball. HeHe!! Watching your diagonal stance videos. For the fade do you open your stance with the ball forward of center or is the stance more square and ball forward of center? It Is hard for me to see your diagonal stance for the fade. For the draw I can see your closed stance in the video with ball back of center. Oh, by the way what is the difference in the Eagle and the a premium membership?
Thank you,


Hi Shawn, my medium irons compression and dispersion have improved significantly from focussing on tilt and head turn in conjunction with the diagonal stance but I have been hitting my 3 iron a bit fat. I’m staying with the shot, using intermediate point and looking to cut the dandelion stem. Re ball position I appreciate camera angles can be deceptive but with the 3 iron it seems your ball position is way forward of centre for the fade and a fair bit behind centre for the draw, whereas my ball position is just ahead of centre for the fade and a hair back of centre for the draw. From my brief description and your experience could the fat shots I’m experiencing with my 3 iron be due to over exagerating the tilt and head turn rather than ball position related. I’m all for experimenting and appreciate its dynamic but I don’t like the idea of a complete reset. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Kind regards Steve


Many thanks Shawn. Goldilocksed a few on the range and it seems as though I was overdoing the body tilt with the 3 iron. Got away with it with the medium irons but the longer 3 iron had me sticking it in the dirt and pushing at the ball. I think part of the problem is that the diagonal stance feels so comfortable with the body tilted further back and the weight more over the back foot. Thankfully I’m more centred and bolted now with the 3 iron. Hope the e book is coming along nicely. All the best Steve.


Shawn for all your draw and fade shots here, are you changing your grip at all between weak and strong, or keeping it the same?


Hi Shawn,

I have been able to draw the ball with a slightly open stance with longer irons. Is it a matter of preference and what works?




Hi Shawn, in your “hinge” video IIRC you said that the square or open stance opens the door for the pull/hook. Could you please explain why this is so?


I got to play yesterday for the first time since watching this series. That diagonal stance is the TRUTH!!! I used it on all shots. It makes it so much easier to keep the back swing on the target line and for the hips to turn.

Neal Ward

Hey Shawn do we need to leave a comment here for the contest?


Mr. Clement – What is your opinion of the Victor Hovland “Double Pump” Driver Swing to draw the ball and maximize his distance?



Saw him do this at the Greenbrier yesterday. Announcers were talking about how they’ve seen people do it as a drill but never in a competitive round!


williamCrowe, I have had a similar issue; might I suggest you look at Shawn’s Moe Norman video? Throwing the club up to the target in the clouds has helped me overcome this problem and stay behind the ball.


Can’t wait for next week – I have been drawing the driver using the diagnol stance now for over 2 months – WOW what a difference. Great work Shawn.


That double crossed shot was because you were hitting it so good your brain wanted to hit it a little bit harder.

William Crowe

Been nuttin the ball with square stance and throwing at picture. Im tryin the diagonal stance now. It feels almost like stack n tilt? My body wants to stay over left foot? When I throw towards picture I ultimately come way over the top and my follow through looks like I left my lower body just stay where it was at address? Should I just stay with square stance?


Hi Shawn, heading out to practice this setup today. I’m excited about the diagonal stance. I was very inconsistent off the drive during my golf league this week. I forgot about the diagonal stance.

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