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Followed you for around 6 years finally got wisdom premium

had a break from golf for two years and getting the bug again …

I am staying with the task have the correct grip and club face closure I think.. I’m trying to hit draw staying right of intermediate point .

Shawn I am hitting a few shots straight right with this technique…am I leaving the face open ? Thoughts ?

Shawn Clement

Couple of important things:
1-is the grip club strong enough
2-is the release happening to full potential
3-is the centre of the swing staying in place

acid test 1-
see “draw fine tuning” and see how much closed you need to be in the grip-clubface to get the ball to curve to the left
acid test 2-
when you hit shots feet together, is the result the same?
Important feel to acquire:
see “lead hand release” “trail hand release” “release fine tuning” release polish”
Let me know how you progress!


Progress update !..

Just left the range and after watching your recommendation videos …

This was spot on shawn! I was not releasing and was not staying centered.

I was trying diagonal driver also and there is definitely some magic there!
Was hitting some flush bombs! 💣

I will keep you updated as I go further down the rabbit hole 🐇

Thanks again Shawn for all that you do.

Shawn Clement

How fun is that! The big advantage of this site is that the wisdom in the videos comes from thousands of students of mine through the years and all the great breakthroughs we did together. So collectively, we say YOU ARE SO WELCOME and welcome to the club! Keep us posted!


If ever I make it to the US open, I would want you to be my coach and caddie ! I wish my cousin Kevin Chappell use you instead!


Just to clarify, the intermediate point (IP) is always in line with where you want the ball to land—(the target) right? And How far left or right of the IP to Visualize throwing the club to with a corresponding more closed or less closed club face depends on how much draw or fade you want to use to shape the shot. Correct? Do you ever consciously try to throw the club right over the IP for a straight a shot as possible?


Hi Shawn,

I’ve seen some of your videos where you have a slightly open stance to target when drawing the ball. This contradicts the diagonal set up in this video. Is it a matter of preference and what works to try and draw the ball?




Hi Shawn….Would it be accurate to say”…..”pick your stance that meets the fundamentals of balance in relation to your target, IP and it conforms with how you picture the shot.”


Shawn my wife is struggling with a sway, I searched using your search function but there’s no results; what video would you recommend that covers this fix?

Eric Beaulieu

Hi Shawn. I’m lefty and I can’t fade the ball if my life depended on it. My shots are always pushed left even though my focus stays on my desired shot shape and intermediate point. Either they are straight left (so to the intended final target) or they start left And start turning on top of that. The blur of the club goes over my intermediate point from my perspective. No issues with draws. 1) could the diagonal stance be contributing to that and 2) could it be that I’m overdoing “stay behind the ball”? Closing the face just lowers the ball flight or pulls the shot right.

Thank you


Great visual from behind the ball to see your red to blue or blue to red instruction. Need something similar to better see your right or left of intermediate point instruction. I am a right hand golfer. When I try to move ball back in stance, I push right or fade which seems the opposite result. Also get opposite result when I move the ball forward. That gives me a hook or a pull. So that seems to lead to alignment over intermediate point or the amount of pre closing of my club face. Thanks


Thanks for the suggestions. Got some homework to do. 😀


Watched all the videos you suggested. Immediate improvement when I began to stay centered. I think I finally understand the hammer drill stance is not just to address the ball. It is also what you should look like when you make contact with the ball during you swing!!
I have always had problems with swinging out into the picture. Still working on that side of the shot.
Thanks so much!!


Shawn, you have gratefully resurrected my swing after several abdominal surgeries. After three years I am finally just creaming the ball.

I am a little confused on the Diagonal Stance swing paths for draws and fades. Do we still swing a little across the line at the top for draws and a little more rearward for fades? Thank you.


Thank you, Shawn, for continuing the Diagonal Stance series. Looking forward to continuing this on the range. I want to ensure I have my picture set up correctly.

For Right-handed golfer:

Draw = Aim at target, ball position towards the back, strong grip, throwing the club to the right of the intermediate point.

Fade = Aim left of target, ball position towards front, less strong grip, throwing the club to the left of the intermediate point.

Is that correct?

Thank you!

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