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Flip Gentry

In the transition, is there a feeling of weightlessness just before completion of the swing to the finish?

Ryan Bell

“When you discover the draw you fall in love with it…”

This was me to a T. I used to slice bad and to fix I learned to hit a draw. Now that is all I want to hit. To the point where I struggle to fade and end up double-crossed.

Hi Shawn,
Would you say that both elbows should point towards the body?(not the left pointing a little forward)
I bought this great book and when I keep my left elbow pointing more towards my tummy and keep a wide backswing with passive wrists the club is a little closed at waist high and gives a little steeper plane with ball impact improved

Shawn Clement

It is more for the “anatomically correctness” of it; how it will set up the proper folding and loading of the arm-club unit in the backswing. 😀👍

Flip Gentry

Bill Mehlhorn said “The last thing to move in the take away is the club head”. It is a great way to hit the ball, especially if you have stiff wrists. Good series.

Shawn Clement

If you look at our “perpetual motion drill series” you will see how the hands lead the handle into the backswing most naturally in the “dual kinetic chain” that is a golf swing! Very good Flip! 💪👌😀👍


Please forget what I’ve just said.I get it.I have just watched your backswing levitation video with you and savvy.I just hope I can retain and recall that feeling.Timing is kind of automatic.A feeling that you will make perfect contact with the ball.It’s like a great feeling of confidence.

Shawn Clement

Right on albion! 😀👍


Best ever grip video,has finally relaxed my mind on having a strong grip,thank you for that.But I wanted to mention hopefully with no contradiction with regards to the backswing,I tend to set my wrists earlier during the backswing,so my initial shoulder/body turn is fairly slight.So when my hands get to about hip height my wrist hinge has already taken place,and I have created an angle between arms and club shaft.Then I complete the rotation to the top.I find this allows me to remain more centred,and put into effect the so important Kinetic Chain sequence from the top of the backswing.I think this is slightly different to your initial move in the backswing.To illustrate the position I am describing more clearly.I stand in the normal setup posture,then holding the club,I hinge my wrists directly upward.Then I swivel my body position around,leaving my arms and club where they are.That is roughly my half backswing position I have described above.I obviously make allowances for my strong grip.Does this earlier wrist set contradict or compromise your teaching,or can I incorporate this into my swing and still take advantage of some of the other great nuggets you have to offer,such as the best grip video ever.
By the way the hinge and swivel example is taken from a book written by Beverley Lewis where she describes it as where ideally to should be about half way through the backswing.It’s not my creation or invention. Many Thanks


Regarding ball position, are you saying the center of the heals as a starting point for all clubs? Lob Wedge thru Driver.


I feel like I have and intermediate point and a target but when I am thinking of throwing the club I am hooking the ball too much. Any suggestions.

At the halfway point in the downswing is the right hand palm facing slightly down so the clubface looks about what it was at this stage in the backswing?

Great stuff Shawn I can do the perpetual motion drill but then I freeze over the ball and then lift up in the backswing any more thoughts videos or swing triggers I feel like this is the missing piece for me thanks

Hi Shawn,

I am a fan of how you teach to learn feelings in a golf shot and looking into the bigger picture to allow the human body to design the shot, this for sure is the best way to learn golf. This has significantly improved my game.
However, i do want to request that during your ball position video in which you are teaching about draw and fades if you can highlight with dark prominent colors or logos on your wall about targets, that would be beneficial because currently i cant see where the keep out sign or wet paint or trees are in your target wall.

Looking forward to finish following your entire video training lessons.


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