Working the Ball Strategies

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Brian Wright

Hi Shawn really enjoying the teaching and videos. I’ve always played all my clubs from the same ball position, just inside the left heel. Brought up reading Jack Nicklaus books. I can pick the ball pretty well in this position and really benefit from the club throwing thought you teach, but I can’t fade or draw the ball on demand. It feels really strange to shift the ball position around. Should I work on moving my ball position back?

Shawn have enjoyed the learning process, thank you.

With a strong grip do still close the face of the club 30 percent?
Also do we close the driver, fair woods and hybrids the same amount?


Is their a theory behind “get behind the ball” for draw vs just aligning the feet and path to right for draw. Not debating it works(I hit my 9 iron 150yds with get behind the ball this evening, 3 times so it wasn’t fluke and 9 is usually my 130-135 club) just wondering why it works?

Thanks Shawn! I’ll go over those; hoping Ontario weather holds up for another month or two having big fun on course with some of your tips.

Sandy Chan

Hi Shawn, Interesting to realize that there is a tendency to draw the higher lofted clubs. I do find my misses on the wedges tend to be on the left side of the hole.

Anyway, Is there anything in the premium channel that can help me with working the driver? I have no issues drawing the driver – it is VERY CLEAR in my mind (and my mind’s eye) how the club head should be travelling towards the stem.

For some reason, my brain simply cannot process a fade. I can’t ‘see’ it – and if I can’t see it, i have a hard time executing the shot.

One thing I do, that sometimes works (but I have no idea why), is that for a fade, i tee the ball a bit lower and my clubhead is already near the ball.

For a draw, I tee the ball higher and my clubhead is about 6inches away from the ball.


After alot of time at this swing process…Im finally able to draw n fade..this vid really hits it spot on….

jean jacques LUGAND

Hello 👋
Before you I always play the same swing
Not a nightmare but « banal »
Now with the task the strategy the picture of the golf ball in the air …a tremendous pleasure…not always a success…but always a dream
Thank you 😊 Shawn for that

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