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I discovered that I suddenly had started losing balance and also dragging my back foot , so I visited the older “Finish position” video. Today I tried doing by practice swing “backwards”, i.e. starting off from a nice balanced finish position and then swing back,so that I brush the ground (in order to verify the distance to ball) and end up in the finish position of the backswing. Worked great! Now I just need to get the football drill feel and trust it and I think my distances will improve with 10% 🙂 It is great to have this catalog of videos to revisit whenever something feels off 🙂

I have played for thirty years and tried every method just get to mediocre golf. I watched your videos thoroughly and said why not. First day on the range so so. I was getting the dandelion, I was going after three inches of grass after the dandelion. The second day on the range it clicked. The dandelion and grass was just on the way to the finish. Then it got even better I tried not swinging so hard to try make sure I swung out to the target and the ball started flying further then even my hardest swing. Light bulbs were going off all over the place. I had to hit another bucket so I could play with all the possibilities. The very next game I took ten strokes off. It would have been more but my distances are off now. If you ever come to Calgary I would take a lesson just to shake your hand.

I noticed that you have a very high finish. I seem to play better when my finishes is more around.
When I finish high the club feels out of balance. But when I finish around the club feels lighter and more balanced . And I have more control of it, it seems. What are your thoughts on that.
Thanks Chip
Also what does subscribe for comment mean?

Asad Ali

Hi Shawn, the same Finishing principle applies to Driver as well?


Shawn, do you know the name of those canopys or where to order them? Would love to get one at our club. Thanks

Thanks for the lesson. I have trouble getting through to the finish. I am going to practice the finish as you showed. I have been throwing myself off balance – just like you demonstrated. Question: Do you keep most of the weight on your front foot throughout the swing? Gavin Craig

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