Royal Quebec Vlog – Holes 1-3

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Why were you aiming for the bunker on the left? Did you think the wind would bring it back to fairway? And, then you were sure to hit it low to avoid the wind. I’m unclear on the thought process.

Philip Graves

A great insight into playing the course and taking the concepts you talk about with you. Thanks!

A couple of observations from an old Army guy. I went through the 1.0 and some of the other videos and was amazed at how much sense it makes. My golf buddies would say I am a bit of a “not normal” swing seeker. With your swing system, I am wondering if they are normal. Ha! I have been doing some of the drills for about 4 days or so, I took it to the course for the first time today. Shot an 80 on a course I normally shoot 84-88. Scoring wasn’t an issue as I put myself in a couple of bad spots and paid the price for that. I noticed a couple of things, 1-my back was not sore in the least after 18 holes, where it would normally. 2- the contact was flush on the numbers on about 95% of my swings, compared to my old swing at around 60%. Setting up the right picture was the one area I struggled with and for a few of my poor swings I noticed i reverted back to my old swing. I can’t thank you enough, golf was fun today and I suspect will be fun for the foreseeable future! Thank you a million times over! great Vlog! would have liked to see what you ended up with but 3 holes was great none the less. Cheers from Texas!

Ryan Lockhart

How does Goldielocks work with the side vision? You always say not to trust your side vision, but then getting the right “feel” on putts with it (regular shots as well).

Paul Van Vleet

Did you fill the divots behind the third hole?

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