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Shawn Clement, one of the top 20 youtube teachers and the only one recognized for teaching without body part or positions, drives the ball over 300 yards both right-handed and left-handed and breaks par from either side, and is also the only one who ever qualified and played world-ranked events with 1/2 left and 1/2 right-handed clubs in the same bag! He is the ultimate expert on golf instruction!

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Scott Sepkowicz

Hey Shawn! What’s a common reason for “drop kicking” the driver (often resulting in topped, low duck hooks)? I struggle with this at times and have a hunch that it has to do with trying to hit the ball on the way up, but too much.

I feel it is especially when I’m starting with the center of the club grounded in the middle of my stance as you do, since the low point of the club is touching the ground, it seems there’d be a small margin of error to not actually hit the ground.

I also suspect I may be either over tilting, or trying to see the “blur” as too much of a straight line back and through towards my intermediate point (but upwards), as opposed to an arc, which makes me manipulate too much and results in hitting the ground/drop kicking. Appreciate any insight!

Shawn Clement

Hey Scott! Yes, you are on the right track; what I would do is see the “driver for accuracy” video and start there just like a fairway wood and use the ground as your guide for low point. And ABSOLUTELY USE THE LASSO OR THE HAMMER THROW and let the g-forces make the arc for you and see “hammer throw driver” video but use that technique in tandem with the “driver for accuracy” video. Then build from there!

Frank Zoff

Hey Shawn, I put some white tape on my driver to see the arc blur and it was eye opening. My blur is constantly veering left of the path I want it to go on and I really can’t seem to correct it. This happens with my woods and driver only. I also find I tend to end up on my back heels after the end of the swing too. Just wondering if there are any tips to get the arc blur not to veer left on the longer clubs. Thanks!

Shawn Clement

YES YOU BET!! Please see “important driver nugget” and the “diagonal stance series” which will really open your eyes! Then use the “hammer drill” and the “contact mile markers” to fine tune the ball position with fairway woods and driver.

Frank Zoff

Hey Shawn, just wanted to give an update. I think I had a break through here. I was trying to swing my woods and driver on a more upright arc just like the wedge swings and it kept veering back to the left on the downswing like I was fighting it a bit. It seems that the driver has a much more drastic arc that is more around then up and down. Once i let the driver arc open up more i started getting a consistent arc that I can now direct. The overhead view really helps show that here too just didn’t click until now. Thanks!

amarjot Bedi

This was an amazing experience. Eyes on the tee in front / on the IP just before the execution of the shot has turned out to be bang on.

  1. Tried keeping the tee 8 inches front of the ball.
  2. Tried keeping the tee 4 inches in front of the ball.

Before this with the “Shawn” setup keeping my eyes on the tee head (which one cant see really) I was hitting straight or a fade.

With this method I hit almost every fairway. Tee which was further forward (8 inches) did not give me consistency as I got a few pushes , a hook and very high Trajectory.

With the Tee /IP closer, I did miss and my miss was a hook. I hit 4 hooks out of the 20 balls I hit. Trying to figure out why, One of them I know I tried to hit with all my might, the others – in the setup although aligned to the ball – ip – target, the feeling was I was aiming way too Right. That would result in this hook. The remaining went so straight and long with all of them lying near each other, have never been able to do that before ever.

The hook does worry me, as keeping the eyes on the tee at least eliminated the left side for me.

Shawn Clement

Let this evolve some more Amarjot; you are onto something! See “momentum already there before the swing starts” series

amarjot Bedi

Yes, things are really falling into place. I am realizing the Importance of the Intermediate Point for every single shot played in Golf.

We have a tiny-tiny 9 hole course ( 3 par 5s which are under 400 yards) . Today shot a -5 with no bogeys in 9.

Infact I have some beginner Golfers lined up to get advice. Have started all of them on grass cutting and dandelion stem thought process. Once they realize how easy golf becomes, gonna get everyone to contact you in our little town.

Thanks shawn.

Shawn Clement

See why I never get tired of answering questions? 💪👍👊🫶😀

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