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Shawn Clement, one of the top 20 youtube teachers and the only one recognized for teaching without body part or positions, drives the ball over 300 yards both right-handed and left-handed and breaks par from either side, and is also the only one who ever qualified and played world-ranked events with 1/2 left and 1/2 right-handed clubs in the same bag! He is the ultimate expert on golf instruction!

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amarjot Bedi

This was an amazing experience. Eyes on the tee in front / on the IP just before the execution of the shot has turned out to be bang on.

  1. Tried keeping the tee 8 inches front of the ball.
  2. Tried keeping the tee 4 inches in front of the ball.

Before this with the “Shawn” setup keeping my eyes on the tee head (which one cant see really) I was hitting straight or a fade.

With this method I hit almost every fairway. Tee which was further forward (8 inches) did not give me consistency as I got a few pushes , a hook and very high Trajectory.

With the Tee /IP closer, I did miss and my miss was a hook. I hit 4 hooks out of the 20 balls I hit. Trying to figure out why, One of them I know I tried to hit with all my might, the others – in the setup although aligned to the ball – ip – target, the feeling was I was aiming way too Right. That would result in this hook. The remaining went so straight and long with all of them lying near each other, have never been able to do that before ever.

The hook does worry me, as keeping the eyes on the tee at least eliminated the left side for me.

Shawn Clement

Let this evolve some more Amarjot; you are onto something! See “momentum already there before the swing starts” series

amarjot Bedi

Yes, things are really falling into place. I am realizing the Importance of the Intermediate Point for every single shot played in Golf.

We have a tiny-tiny 9 hole course ( 3 par 5s which are under 400 yards) . Today shot a -5 with no bogeys in 9.

Infact I have some beginner Golfers lined up to get advice. Have started all of them on grass cutting and dandelion stem thought process. Once they realize how easy golf becomes, gonna get everyone to contact you in our little town.

Thanks shawn.

Shawn Clement

See why I never get tired of answering questions? 💪👍👊🫶😀


Hi Shawn,

I’ve been task-hunting for a while now and have never found one in particular that seems to work long term. I have a bad problem of sub-consciously defaulting to the ball. I recently had some good success with the spinning the tees task and parking my eyes a half inch above the ball where the toe of the club would pass and envisioning the toe of my club spinning a wheel (like a globe) as my club passes. This really helped engage my kinetic chain but I found it was hard to stay target focused for some reason. After watching this video I tried parking my eyes in front of the ball and sending the clippings to target and that seemed to really help me hit the ball first with a nice downward angle of attack and a much more consistent strike with my irons. I applied it to chips and my driver and I think I may have a winner. The last piece seemed to fall in place for me as I was hitting balls on the range and a thought just popped into my head and the realization came that when I get a good strike and full release to the target that it feels like my “trigger” finger (I’m right handed) leads the way. So I am now parking my eyes in front of the ball and focusing on sending the clippings to the target with the irons and wedges and sending the white electrical tape blur to the right of the IP on my driver while really feeling the pressure on my trigger finger in the backswing as I load the club and then “throwing my trigger finger” through to a full release to the target. Just thinking this one task has resulted in the same good kinetic chain engagement, much better lag and a very snappy/powerful anchored release. My left hand seems to yield much easier for a quicker release (I must have been fighting against myself for some reason) and I’m really feeling like I’m getting deeply through compressing the ball. For me that feeling of compressing through my trigger finger (knifing the grip) to target while parking my eyes in front of the ball has finally brought everything together. I’m going to keep honing this task but wanted to share because there may be someone out there like me that may benefit from “throwing the trigger finger through” to the direction you want to start the ball. This realization hit me while hitting my driver and made an instant difference. I applied it to my irons and wedges and it works extremely well there too. After one range session, today I hit 71% of fairways and 8 greens in regulation using this task. A huge improvement as I’d been in a mid-season slump after my gamer driver head cracked and I’ve been using a different driver that I haven’t hit that much.

Another thing that recently clicked with me is that I’ve heard of archers who don’t focus just with their eyes on the bullseye but they feel the connection to the target through their heart and let the eyes and brain complete the solution subconsciously. Basically they just become a witness to the perfect solution the brain is capable of coming up with taking in all the external factors (wind, ground, stance, body awareness etc) to hit the bullseye. I thought that sounded kooky but decided to try it with my putting. I just imagine feeling my heart tied to the hole (my heart’s desire is to make the putt) like creating an invisible pathway connection from the heart to the hole providing a highway for the ball to travel. I read the putt and get a starting IP and then let the brain and eyes figure the solution (I look at the back of the hole when I putt) and just focus on that heart-hole connection I’ve created and putt into my hearts connection if that makes sense. Sounds totally weird but man it sure works more often than not. I’ve holed some long putts using his method. I then started doing the same with all my other shots. I think this is exactly what you are explaining with “swinging into the picture” but I could never conceive that fully until I brought the putting/chipping/swinging with the heart tied to the target feeling into it. Once again I share this because maybe that sequence will gel with someone like me who may struggle with other tasks or pictures and needs a different perspective.

Anyway, thanks again for such awesome content. All the best,

Dave Pike


What do you use in place of that Touqoiuse Champagne Tee in front of the golf ball when you are playing in competition ?
I assume it is illegal to put anything in front of the golf ball when playing a match.
What do you look at if there is no Tee in front of the golf ball?
Thanks and This eyes in front of the golf ball series is really good!!!
Larry Greer

Shawn Clement

That is easy! Tee off behind a divot or blemish; you find a ton on tee boxes!


Merci Shawn pour ces vidéos sur le flou du passage de la tête du driver et sur la focalisation du regard en avant de la balle, cela change tout pour moi…
Continuez à nous faire partager votre passion et votre vision du golf.

Shawn Clement

Ceci a vraiment amené mon driver au prochain niveau!


shawn, great session. I am 74 and go at about 90 mph driver. I am having aching groin muscles for months now. Can you or Moo suggest any exercises to improve groin muscle soreness?

Love your method,

Percy Freeman

Shawn Clement

Munashe has replied to your email; feel better!👍😀

Neal Ward

Shawn I went into my account and the name under it is Bobby Foster. I do not know who that is or how it got changed. I need it corrected so that I can update to my new email address.

Neal Ward

Shawn, any update on this? I sent email to support yesterday and have not heard anything.


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