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Hello Shawn! I recently discovered that throwing the club is the absolute best way to get me out of “manipulation” mode. My distance on all clubs has improved tremendously. The only issue I’m having is the direction of the throw as it relates to working the ball. If I simply throw to the target, things go well but I lose the ability to work a draw or fade. If I resort to throwing left or right of the IP, I lose focus on the target and become so consumed with the IP that I feel as though I’m manipulating again. Any recommendations here? Thanks!

Shawn Clement

Good stuff and great question! Use the IP as a stepping stone to the “flight plan” and throw the club into the flight plan until you achieve the proper release; see “target confirmation series” and the “lead hand release” and “trail hand release” and “release fine tuning” and my favourite “snap release polish”
when you throw, and don’t let go of the club, the club head weight releases the anatomy of the arms which is a big event as the club stops going towards the target and snaps back towards us. You throw into the direction you want the ball to start until you feel that change…see also “pre-motor cortex series”

Happy New Year Shawn to you and the Wisdom crew. I think this video tracks well with the next hurdle for me getting that confirmed release feel with the pull in the shoulder sockets you always talk about. When you talk about “looking for the snap” around the 22 minute mark, how do you “look for” that snap feel without manufacturing it?

It seems if you try to create it you will be involved in manipulation. I can throw in a direction without effort but the ball slides off the face and stays right much like you described with Mu from the left. I am quite closed with the club face so it is not that. Ball starts right and fades so my guess is path is good but face feels open and not compressing the ball.

I’ve discovered, when I go for the release it straightens out but I have to think about it happening around my front pocket rather than it happening naturally. It is not consistent so how do I cross over to getting the feeling without manipulation so I can get back to my target without worrying about when the snap happens?

Also any plans to visit the western US in the spring like last year?

Hi Shawn. It appears to my eye that both Mu and Sal are slightly closed in relation to the target. Further, their weight looks more like 65/35 on the front foot with the eye over the ball rather than behind it. Maybe this is due to camera angle but could you please confirm the set up.

Being a cricketer/batsman for over 30 years I struggle long and hard with golf to keep my weight and head/eye behind the ball to encourage a turn (getting out of the way) on impact. Your videos have helped a lot in this regard to help me undertand the dynamics of the golf swing. Perhaps it doesn’t help me to be a right handed person who plays golf left handed – any thoughts on that? Thanks.

Shawn Clement

Yes, we brace into the front side because we are getting ready to swing into the backswing to gather the momentum and get out of the way to throw the club with ease towards the target. See “kinetic chain series” for a better understanding. Then see “arc-blur unstoppable momentum” series for the feel and view of being centred through the shot.

As for the side you should be on, do you bat from the same side in cricket and is your backhand better than your forehand or at least equal in tennis?

Thanks Shawn. I have seen the videos to which you refer so will review again. I try to pick a single focus as a swing thought and have, in the past, selected a physical swing thought (e.g. get out of the way). Very recently I am learning to focus my mind on the direction I would throw the club rather than the direction from where I would hit the ball. I know, I know, you have been saying that for years but it is a great leap of faith and mind game to takes one’s mind away from what one is looking at (the ball) to the target – which in many instances is not a physical spot but a direction in the far distance (e.g a tree). I find it much easier to focus my mind on a target when I can see it (e.g a landing spot on the green). Your goldilocks sequence is great for that.

I bat the same way as golf (i.e. left handed) and my (right handed) backhand (squash) is much the stronger side for me. In batting the top hand on the bat (the right) is very dominant for good stroke play with the bottom hand being mainly for balance and power. Many left handed batsmen are right handed people. I have read that some international batsmen play golf the other way round to avoid messing up their mind (I guess). Not sure what that indicates but I do know that if I relax into a cricket swing mindset it results in a wonderful golf slice.

When Shawn says that we have access to “pretty much his life’s work” it is true! His consistent approach to allowing your brain to guide your body – sending a small object effortlessly and consistently to a target has at times defied the “populist” teachings and now in my opinion leads the way our game is evolving!
If you are on Premium I guess you have already discovered some of the magic – and I hope that by sticking to the plan you feel it every time you swing a club!
Yup – I am biased – and blessed!!!

Shawn Clement

And we are so blessed to have you Marc! Love reading your feedback and looking forward to more stories on the golf courses in Italy! 😀👍

Shawn–loved this off season training series. I can’t wait for you to apply this to the driver. This “mini” series is a great distillation of so many of your key concepts. Thanks for what you do!

Shawn Clement

That was exactly the intent and Driver is next week! Looking forward to bringing that to you! 😀👍 Shawn

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